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2023-07-08 09:15:04

Cook the perfect steak to your taste with the Tefal GC702 OptiGrill Smart Grill - Appliances Online

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Hi , I'm Kerry from Tea Fowl .

And I'm going to show you how to cook a beautiful steak in the tea fow optic grill .

If you're a person that isn't sure when to look at a steak .

If it's rare , medium or well done , the tea fow optic grill will do that for you .

All we have to do is to turn on the appliance and we have to choose what it is .

We're going to cook , whether it's hamburgers , chicken , toasted sandwiches , sausages , meat or fish , or there is even a manual mode if you like to char grill vegetables or if the product that you're cooking is frozen , you can take it straight out of the freezer into the optic grill and press the frozen button and it will cook it for you as well .

So we're cooking some meat today .

So I'm just going to pop this button here and press ok .

Now , when I do that , you can see that the little lighted area has gone purple .

So it's going to heat up when it's ready to cook .

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It will tell me it will beep and then we put on the meat .

So then if for example , you like yours were raw and I like mine well done .

It will beep when the , it is cooked at raw and I can take out that steak and then I can pop them it down and it will continue cooking to the desired result .

Now , one of the wonderful things that the optic grill also has that it has a little sensor on the side and this little sensor allows the machine to know the thickness of the meat .

So it knows how long to cook for and the correct temperature , it does everything for you .

The optic grill has beat .

So we're ready to pop in the meat .

So , what we're going to do is we're going to do one that is rare .

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One that is medium and one that is well done , pop the lid down and as you'll see in a minute , the color will change , it's gone to blue .

So it's adjusted to the height of the meat .

And now it's started the cooking process and as it cooks and it goes to each section , rare medium and well done , the color of the light will change into a greeny color , yellow , orange and then a deeper orangey red color when it will be well done comes out with a beautiful searing on each side and it smells great .

Smells just like a barbecue .

You don't have to worry about .

Is it cooked yet ?

You don't have to cut the meat to see if it is done to your likeness .

All you have to do is wait for the dial and it will do the work for you .

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So you can make beautiful toasted sandwiches .

Atlantic salmon grilled , maybe even pop in some vegetables .

So , as you can see with that beef , it's telling me it's nearly ready .

As you can see , it's gone to the yellow .

I can see that it's really nice and said on either side and I'll just cut this up so that you can actually see how it is .

And for that person that definitely likes theirs , rare as you can see , this is a steak for you .

The colors changing .

So we're moving on to the next process to be medium and medium .

So as you can see with a dripped tray , any excess fat and the meat is not cooking in the fat , it's dripping out of the tray , making it a really healthy choice .

Ok .

Now our last steak is done .

Well done .

So let's have a look and see the result .

As you can see , a little bit more charring has been done .

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It's still got that lovely moistness .

So one of the wonderful things is that the meat hasn't dried out .

It's still got very nice and juicy and that is how easy it is to cook steak or fish or chicken on the tea fow optic grill .

Hi , I'm Kerry from tea fowl .

And I'd like to show you the tea f fresh express max .

Now , this is ideal to have in any kitchen because it slices grates and diers .

And as you can see , it has on the board storage .

So it fits very nicely in any small cupboard .


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