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2023-07-08 09:09:01

How to Cook a Cheap Chuck Steak That's Better Than a Ribeye

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All right , here , we are in my home .

Thank you for being here .

We're gonna be inside , we're gonna be outside zipping around today .

Grilling meat in particular grilled chuck steak , the ultimate grilled chuck steak .

So I can take this chuck steak and I can literally transform it into a better eating rib eye with more flavor or cheaper .

It's a win , win , win this right here rib eye steak , right ?

Kinda looks like a little tomahawk right now with the rib bone , but this is your stereotypical rib eye steak .

They're one of the more expensive cuts .

This is a chuck steak which has , you know , multiple mussels that , you know , are stuck together with collagen .

It's a tough cut .

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A lot of folks take these chuck steaks and either grind it for ground beef , really good ground beef , a lot of flavor or they braise it for like a pot roast or something , right ?

What we're gonna do is take this chuck steak which costs about half as much as rib eye we're gonna transform it with .

So , so we're gonna tenderize it and unlock all that juice and all that .

The collagen is gonna turn into gelatin .

It's gonna be super , super tasty and super tender except it's gonna be medium rare .

It won't be like this brown bray thing gonna blow your mind .

It's gonna blow your mind , your friend's mind and it's gonna save you money while you do it .

When I started cooking sous vide , you start to learn that you can transform some foods into things that were previously impossible .

This chuck steak and transforming it into a super tender rare or medium rare .

However , you prefer it perfect steak .

You couldn't do it before sous vide and it's a combination of 24 hour cooking at exactly .

Say 100 and 31 F .

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There's just no other technique that allows you to do that .

So I've got Jewel over here .

You can use any sous vide .

Obviously .

Jewel is the best right now .

Take your phone out of your pocket , download the app .

It's free .

Go in here .

Look basic steak , ultimate steak .

Here we go .

Ultimate grilled chuck steak .

It's right there .

Twink .

So you get to choose exactly how you want your chuck steak to turn out right now .

Check this out visual , done this .

You get to see the results before you even begin cooking .

What are cooking technique promises that I'm gonna do the like rare , medium rare guy .

Wink .

Here's what we're gonna do .

Let me walk through this whole process just quickly .

Ok .

I've got my truck sake .

We're gonna pop it in a Ziploc bag .

Start Jewel .

100 and 31 degrees .

That's a real low temper .

It's like a rare , medium rare temp .

Um , we're gonna cook it 24 hours once it's tender , we're gonna pop it on the grill .

That's it .

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But I'm gonna put a little bit of seasoning on before and I'll probably put a little bit on afterwards too .

It's almost like half and half .

So I'll put maybe half of my salt and I'm just talking about salt here .

You can put a lot of spices and herbs , all that stuff right now .

But when it comes to salt , I'm gonna put a little bit on , pop it in , it'll cure a little bit ham a little bit , but it'll add a lot of flavor .

You know , I always have to measure everything .

But every once in a while when you measure and you check in it just kind of like recalibrate like how you're seasoning things .

So , for example , that's 870 g .

So total with a fatty cut of meat like this you might want by the time you're eating it and you're like , wow , this is really tasty and salty and yummy .

You might want up to 2% salt .

So that's like 16 g of salt on this piece of meat at the end .

But right now I might just put 5 to 6 or 7 g , which is about half a percent of salt for this .

Right so just enough to get a little bit of flavor but not to over ham it .

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And if we really want , we can just , like quickly here .

Look , see , what about , you know , 8 g ?

Looks like that's not crazy .

That's , you know , getting up to 3 g , I'll do a little pepper too .

Why not ?

Water pepper ?

Hm .

Ok .

Maybe another , yeah , another three or so .

That's plenty of salt .

Ok .

Look at this .

It's one of the things I like about having butcher paper around since we're talking about herbs .

I'll put some more fresh stuff in here too .

It's like got a very vanilla , like smash it up .

Mm OK .

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Here's the not so nice .

You just put a little bit in broth .

No joke .

Like this is a very good sweet uh flavor too .

Like I'm cooking oatmeal and you throw a fresh crumbled up bay in there .

It's so good .

Like brown sugar in this and it's gonna a steak .

But yeah , bay leaf look a little bit of rosemary .

A couple of smashed garlics .

That's a easy , you can put olive oil butter too if you want .

You know , little California .

Probably my favorite California .

Olive oil is so good .

So I'm like drawing out this process and making it look all long and tedious .

But basically the gist is you take the meat , you put it in the bag , you throw it in Jewel , you wait 24 hours , you pop it on the grill .

That's it .

Ok .

Again , no tricks about this .

If you haven't cooked seaweed , the only thing that matters is that it's in the plastic bag , the water is on the outside of the bag and the food's under the water .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

That's all that matters the more , you know , cool .

Ready for this , that guy's cooking , like I said , 24 hours .

This one , same , same cut , same treatment .

We dropped it yesterday .

It's been cooking for 24 hours .

It's tender .

I don't , I don't even wanna push on it too hard because I'm gonna destroy it .

Once I slice into it later , you'll see .

It's that like perfect , medium rare too .

It's all rosy and delicious .

I feel like this could be a perfect opportunity to really drive home or give a little demo if you're watching and you're interested , maybe it'll follow up in the edit of this video or maybe we'll host it on uh chef steps how to turn this like bag juice actually into an insanely flavorful sauce because right now it's just kind of looks like it's a sauce or gravy , but it's really just juice and moisture from the meat , which isn't that flavorful , but there are a couple of tips and tricks that only take a few minutes to turn that into something that is insanely flavorful .

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Should we do it ?

You wanna see it ?

If I had like a control freak , I could do it right here .

But I just , you put it in a pan , you simmer it down and evaporate it till it's all the moisture is gone .

And then the protein in here starts to caramelize .

Then you deglaze it .

That's your sauce .

Here we go .

Right to the grill from here .

Let's do it .

Make sure you got a nice hot grill .

Who it is ?

They made sure of that .

Too hot is better than too cold , that's for sure .

Hm .

Hm .

Easier to control a fire than to start one .

That's for sure too .

Here we go .

Mhm .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

That sound , that's the sound .

You want that light smoke , that's like whisp out or rendering fat .

You can see it dripping out of these grill grapes right here .

Let's flip this guy over .

Mm .

Mama , am I , if I've got two people or three people or four people , I'd rather do one or two big steaks and slice them up rather than a bunch of small ones .

Just easier to manage .

So , now we're talking right me .

Oh , yeah .

Baby .

That is happy stuff .

Fellas .

Mm .

Mm .

Mm .

Oh , yeah .

Well , there you have it .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Dinner served .

Watch us .

You guys listen to this ?

Oh , yeah .

Ok .

So here's our perfect steak and , you know , like a rib eye .

It's got different muscles too .

So , here's a sneak peek .

Where are those muscles ?

Give it a little tender jiggle , you know , maybe I'll separate that out here .

Do , do , do , do separate that guy out here and I can cut these separately , which is all good , baby .

Mm mm mm mm .

This is unlike any cut that exists out there .

Let's just cut right into this big guy here .

This is like almost like a New York .

Mhm The other tip juice , all these muscles are all over the place .

You see how these lines are going this way , just take that into consideration and start cutting against them .

And you see now you see like that , that's more tender .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

If I cut the cut the steak this way , it's gonna be a little bit chewier , which maybe you want , but cut against the grain through that much more tender .

But look at that like you won't get that on a rib eye that , that intramuscular fat and that gelatin in between every little meat strand that's like a short rib .

Chuck type thing .

You know , I'm gonna try this one .

I already know I'm gonna like it took 10 stars carefully assess the flavor flavors .

10 stars also .

Hm .

Oh , dude .

All I wanna do is dip .

They are , they are , they are , they are .

So this is chuck steak , right ?

So it's that chuck cut into a steak .

It's amazing .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Lots of muscles in there .

You can do the same technique with like a boneless short rib .

It'll be insane , medium cook .

So medium rare , hit it on the grill to be unlike anything you could do it with like a buco cut or something .

You know .

It sounds weird to have like a comedian or OCO because we've been raising them for hundreds and hundreds of years .

But OSU is the cross cut shank .

Do it with that , man .

It's gonna be insane .

You can do the same thing , uh , on a cast iron pan on your countertop .

Right .

No problems under the broiler .

Oh , yeah .

The whole point is high heat because it's already cooked .

It's already tender .

It's already perfect .

You're golden .

Hm .

That's our ultimate chuck steak .

Oh , yeah , buddy .

Hm .


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