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2023-07-08 09:14:47

How to Sear a Steak in Cast Iron _ Chuck Eye Steak Recipe

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You , you , you take that piece and you meticulously put it on top of that steak .

Brilliant , brilliant and then walk away , drop the mic and let it be gone .

Hey , thank y'all for stopping by .

My name is Kent Rollins and we do a lot of cowboy cooking .

But what we're doing today is some educational videos and some techniques , tips and tricks , how to do a little cast iron steak .

I'm talking about Sean one where it's good and hot .

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Get that great flavor there , get that great crust on it and then eat it like as always channel , have everything you need to know down there in description listed below and be sure all you new viewers that if you're out there , be sure to share like and subscribe because we don't want you to miss out on anything that we're doing .

Especially today with my good friend Michael Michael .

Thank you so much .

It's so gracious for y'all to let us come into your test kitchen here at Certified Angus Beef and we probably had more pan seared steak for me when I was young than we ever did grilled .

You know , it was just one of them deals that that's the way mama cooked it .

Sometimes you might not have meant to sear it quite so much because she might have something else going on .

But , uh , it is a great way to finish off a piece of meat to , to take it to really a new extreme and it's quick .

It's easy .

It's simple .

And this is a value here too because we're using some great chuck eyes .

So cast iron cooking at its best .

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We're going to use a poor man's rib eye also known as a chuck eye or a chuck rib eye .

So , ask your butcher for those few inches of cut into the chuck that are really the continuation of the rib eye .

And that's what they'll look like .

These are about eight ounces each .

We've got three of them .

We're going to sear those up in a beautiful cast iron .

And if I look to anybody for cast iron cooking , it's this man right here .

So we're bound for greatness .

Oh , we have had a lot of practice cooking in cast iron is there's so many different ways that you could do this .

I've done cast iron , seared steak over an open fire .

We've be out somewhere on a ranch or me and Shan be camping , but I've started them out in the oven , pulled it up and put it on the burner then .

But today we're just going to heat this lodge skillet up with just some heat put us a little oil and a little butter in there and we are going to season them just like they are and they're gonna be some fine dining .

Super simple .

Let's get it done .

Let's get the heat going .

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Well , Michael , my favorite piece of equipment in the kitchen , not the stove , the cast irons kill it .

I think you can do so much with them and they're great to see a piece of meat in because they hold heat so well , they transfer it even and you can heat this thing .

You can see we're on gas today .

We are .

But one thing that I think folks might be misconceived with cast .

I , you don't have to have this up here where the flames are leaking out to see that too much .

I put it all the way up because when you're cooking with cast iron and you've got a flame that's here to get it hot .

Then let's conserve energy , conserve heat because we're holding that in once it's hot , just medium low , you can put it to medium , to hold it to where you get ready .

But we want to make sure that skill is hot .

And the one way that we always make sure that I think it's hot in my house is I touch it .

I don't recommend this to the people who have tender novice thing .

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No , because if it's hot in just an instant here it is hot enough to serve a piece of meat down here in the bottom , but you can still hold your hand over there and you can feel that we're at the perfect temperature we put that in .

I agree .

So now we want to put some kind of oil , we got to have some kind of lubrication and there's something that's going to go .

This is what Canola with some light olive oil .

Not too much .

Not fancy olive oil has a pretty high burn point .

Right .

Right .

So it can handle the high heat that's important .

And so you're gonna swirl that around and then do we want any other fat in there ?

I would put a little more fat in there .

I would , I've got some tallow .

So this is some beef fat .

You can put that in and you can hear that sizzle .

We know things are good and hot .

Do you put butter in when you do it this way you want ?

Take a little , we're going to make this the best steak ever .

I do a little but we swirl that around and then we put our steaks right in .

Yes , sir .

We have got them seasoned , you seasoned them all ago with a little , just salt and pepper mix .

So we got three check eye .

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I just going to kind of separate them , put them evenly around the pan to give them room and we'll put that last one right here .

Make sure they all have room and then yes , don't quit .

Now .

That's right .

Let it go ahead and make this crust .

You'll be able to see it as you're cooking it .

If you were looking at a time here on some eight ounce steak , Michael , 10 minutes per side is probably what we're looking at because do you want to see that crust reach up there a little bit and then let's flip them .

But do you sear the sides on yours ?

My friend , it's sicker .

I'll hold the tongues .

I kind of take the edge and kind of get it all crusty all around it because we all like it .

That's right .

But be sure when you're starting this with your skillet , once you get good cast iron hot , it holds heat really well .

You can maintain that heat , even turn it down a little to where you're not just scorching , everything , burning that oil .

If you're seeing a lot of smoke come out of here , it's way too hot .

I'm an impatient guy .

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I often want to peek .

Is it ok ?

If I just go ahead and peek on my friend , see that's got a good crust going on there , but that's due to a good hot skillet that we started with and letting it heat the correct amount of time .

And that is when you can just barely touch it or you can hold your hand over here this close from it and still feel that heat penetrating through the .

So I'm really liking the color .

You got these , my friend .

There we go .

And you get this great flavor and aroma that just comes out of there and it just gets you .

This brings back a lot of memories for me when I was a small child and I go in the house and my mama would be searing some meat and I still , it , it might be this thick at our house back then .

But oh , that smell is something you never forget .

Great .

Speaking of aromas , do we want to add anything else to this ?

At this point ?

We can kind of add more butter and kind of start swirling that on top but hit it roll by rolling .

And if you have uh garlic and herbs , that's the time .

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So we took some smashed garlic cloves just took two gloves and uh can't put his to it but special , special gonna throw that in and then throw the herbs in and this can be on the steak around the steak .

OK ?

We're gonna style these .

That means we're gonna make it pretty fancy .

Are you OK with that ?

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Take this little herb ?

Put that on top .

Yeah .

Turn them like this .

Oh , there is a correct .

And then you put them on top .

But that , yeah , I was nervous , Michael .

Take two .

Yes .

Yes .

Oh my gosh .

That's perfect .

Felt so good .

You can keep those .

Those are yours .

I don't , he's like , I don't know what to do with these Well , my friend , I think they look mighty pretty and they smell so good .

You get all that , the , the herbs and the garlic come reaching up out of there .

But when you can sear something in cast iron , you got that butter , you got a little oil , you got that beef fat .

All that flavor just jumps out there and greet you and you think this is a holiday .

This is the best day ever because we just took a piece of cast iron that has been around forever .

Cast iron has and transformed it into making a great dish for us really quick and simple .

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All those herbs came through the garlic .

Hm .

This is when you slick your hair back , Michael .

Give me one of these .

Yes , because what we're doing right now is what you call cool brother because this right here don't get no better than that and the sun never sets on .

Cool .

I don't care if you're in the kitchen or not .

It doesn't get any better .

Is being with you .

My friend .

This has been one heck of a great time from you with cast iron has been a dream .

It's been an honor .

Thank you so much .

Oh , it , it's been our pleasure and we , we want to thank the certified be family , my friend .

This brand right here means a whole lot to me and you standing behind .

It means even more so it is a great deal that you have and you all have going here for us and we're privileged to be a part of it .

We hope you learned something from this .

This is really quick and simple .

The longest time it takes is maybe to preheat the skillet .

You can do this any time you got to go in and we use a little value saving meal here with the chuck deal .

So don't be afraid to ask your butcher for them .

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Again , we tip our hats to all the service men and women and veterans who have kept this old country safe .

Keep that flag flying above camp wherever we at .

We want to thank you for taking time out of your busy day to watch our videos again .

Thank you , Michael and all your family here at Certified Angus Beef and we will see you down the cast iron seared steak trail .

Bye .

We're going right here to the door .

A big thank you to the folks that certified Angus beef .

I tip my hat to you .

I do .

And folks if you're looking for some more recipes and some more tips , be sure and check out their youtube channel because oh , they got you covered .

They do .

And if you're looking for some maybe to save some money on some beef , hey , be sure and check out a video .

We did inexpensive cuts of beef .

It'll save you some money and oh , so tasty .


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