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2023-07-08 09:27:28

Quick Garlic Turmeric Rice Recipe for DINNER TONIGHT

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On this menu .

An easy recipe to learn .

That's a golden opportunity .

A flavor packed garlic turmeric rice .

I'm from cooking dot com .

Welcome to the channel where you can cook with confidence .

This unique rice recipe is definitely one that you'll definitely enjoy and definitely want to try .

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So six or seven pieces of garlic finally chopped half an onion .

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I'm actually using some leftover basmati rice .

You can of course use whatever rice you like .

Now , the purpose of using left over rice is because it's been cooked .

It's been stored in the fridge and it's had some time to sort of dry out some of that moisture .

This way , when you go and stir fry that rice , you're going to get a much better result .

Opposed to having a lot of moisture in that rice , non stick pan , medium low heat , two tablespoons , avocado oil onions and garlic cook for 6 to 7 minutes .

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A pinch of crushed pepper flakes set aside the garlic and onions .

Pan on medium heat with a tablespoon of avocado oil broccolini Red Bell pepper .

So for a couple of minutes , quarter cup , corn , 1.5 cups past me .

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Rice , one , he's been turmeric , generous pinch of salt add back in the onions and garlic .

So take for 2 to 3 minutes plate .

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Sprinkle with crushed pepper flakes .

You can now make this garlic and rice with absolute confidence that not only looks amazing , it's going to taste incredible .

Hm .

Because everything was chopped so small every bite you're gonna get this explosion of flavor .

The rice is completely coated in this beautiful golden color .

And when we initially cooked the garlic and the onions on lower heat in that oil , it basically flavors that oil flavors the pan with that crazy incredible garlic flavor .

You get a little bit of a kick from that crushed pepper but is balanced out by the sweetness from that delicious corn .

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The broccolini just adds kind of a crunchiness and really substantiates this dish .

The red bell pepper gives this pop of color as well as a little bit of sweetness and a slight acidity as well .

It's crazy how there was so much like chopped up in this plate of rice .

But you can hardly even tell by looking at it because it just kind of melts into that delicious rice .

This is one of those dishes that's just incredibly savory , has some deep kind of flavors from the garlic and the onions has a little bit of saltiness , has a little bit of heat has that sweetness and you get a bit of that charred flavor from the rice as well .

And like I always say , I love turning the kitchen into a restaurant by making these simple but humble , yet beautiful and visually stunning dishes right at home .

It's simple , delicious , easy to put together casual dishes like this .

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That gets me really excited about cooking .

Absolutely love it .

And if you love easy and delicious recipes , like I do , then definitely check out the vegan rum cookbook or the cook with confidence cookbook to take a sneak peek inside the book or to order a signed copy .

I'll leave a link in the description box below for you to check that out .

As always remember to subscribe , hit that notification bell .

So I'll see you in the next episode .


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