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2023-07-11 06:52:59

Making Fried Rice Faster Than A Restaurant _ But Faster

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We all love a combination of fried rice , but I also love it when it's the fastest .

Welcome back to the series .

We're gonna make the fastest version of your favorite food today being a combination of fried rice .

You shouldn't know that by now someone's gonna call in , go out , get it , bring it back and I have to make it before they get back with all that being said , let's make this .

Shall we combo fried rice ?

10 minutes .

OK .

Thank you .

Recipe on the website , right ?

So four cloves of garlic slice it .

What am I I fucking forgetting something ?

Oh God , the rice .

So whenever you make fried rice , you should be using precooked rice .

Otherwise , if it's fresh cooked , it gets all clumpy and gross and nasty .

It's not good .

Nobody likes that .

I have precooked rice here .

I'm gonna make it anyway .

Just for all the people who are like you had it .

I'm gonna make it anyway .

Garlic that goes in done .

Fresno chili .

I will take the time to see it for all the wee babbies in here .

Me Julian that cut across rough but fine dice .

This is easy .

Poo is trying to scare me .

He's like you're gonna lose this one , Josh .

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No .

Ok .

That's not happening .

That's never happening .

Hey , we winning the day , bro .

I'm going speed limit .

Not hit .

No red light .

That is the goat .

No red light .

Tired of this wise , I can win .

That's done the on and that , and we've got two halves .

I'm gonna take the time to fine dice this bad boy , you could always slice it that doesn't ruin .

And it's just a , it's a textural thing for me .

Cross anyone who works in a restaurant knows exactly how I feel right now .

It's kind of like being in the weeds .

You gotta move fast .

You can still have fun .

I have another thing of garlic here .

This is to be added at the end .

I'm gonna jump back on this rice real quick .

What's your favorite fried rice combo , dog , shrimp , beef , chicken ?

You know , even though I lose sometimes I'm really winning because I get done with the food and the rice .

A little stir little agitation .

Boom , boom .

Rice in .

Got our pressure cooker method , dad , dad .

OK ?

I will measure more water in for those of you who make rice regularly , just double what you normally make and just keep it in the fridge for when you wanna make this .

OK ?

Doubling up on a completely different recipe .

Boom on .

Beautiful .

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If I win , why it got tipping for gas , bro .

Gas hot right now , bro .

The fastest way to find chopped garlic is to smash the shit out of it and , and then run your knife through it once kind of like a slice all the way through and then just do it once more .

About a bing bada boom .

You got finely chopped garlic .

Little techniques will save you egregious amounts of time .

Even if you're moving normally onto the green onions .

These are added a little bit later .

Uh But I'm gonna go ahead and take care of them .

Now , those chicken tenders last night did not sit well , by the way , Vikram , I'll be honest with you green on another red light .

I hope his rice cooker is not working .

Vicker made a note about me pointing something out but I wasn't listening .

So thank you .

Vicker eggs are in combination fried rice is not something that you would think takes all that long .

But then when you include the time that it takes to place the order , go get it and pick it up and bring it back or even delivery , which is gonna be like a 30 to 45 minute process .

You can still move faster and have a better product at the end of the day .

You just don't want to put in the effort .

I think that's what it is , right ?

Can we agree with that ?

Was that , was that ?

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Why is there traffic , bro ?

It's good Friday .

No one should be on right ?

Protein time .

Thank you .

Grandpa .

I will start with the beef .

OK .

Boom .

There's a little bit of flank steak .

First , little slices .

Why am I breathing so heavily ?

Beef done ?

All right .

Shrimp .

I'm gonna cut these in half .

You know , I'm adding an extra step here , but they'll cook a little faster .

You're gonna get more bites of shrimp per fried rice .

Look at this , I'm planning the way that you're gonna eat it while cooking it chicken .

We're gonna cut that into really small pieces .

A little smaller than bite size .

You know , you should be able to fit two of these in your mouth .

Boom .

Chicken's done protein .

That was the wrong way to do that .

Another red light I want it right now .

Sauce whole dark soy , sweet soy .

A little bit of samba , a little bit of sesame oil about a teaspoon .

So the rest of you will be on the website .

A lot of people don't know that you can peel ginger with a spoon .

A it's fast and b what are you gonna do ?

Cut yourself with a spoon ?

Microplate ?

Put that in there .

Stir .

Oh The sauce is done starting to get nervous .

I thought you had ice in your veins , bro .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

The red light is my crib tonight .

Rice is there .

The rice is still cooking but it's gonna be done in like a few minutes .

There you go .

We're ready to jump onto the walk .

So this is gonna be an awkward position .

I don't have a burner here .

We will soon .

But in the meantime , I'm gonna turn around and you'll be able to look at my anus .

So here in the clear time and go get this rice that looks like done rice .

Well , here we are .

We're over here .

Look , Vicks over here his feet .

OK .

Heat is on , we're on high .

Got a little bit of pork fat here , let it melt .

Swirl uh and turn the fan on .

First thing .

Chicken soaked funky .

The cook will come up through the meat .

You can see it starting to go up .

Once that gets to about a little over halfway , then I'll flip it .

Go , get it .

Where's the door ?

Yeah .

A little bit of , oh Jesus Cross Vira is gonna survive this one .

I promise .

Yeah .

Wise man .

You gonna give me gas money today , bro .

Check out a wee bit more oil in there beef in .

Let that sear .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Uh You guess it salt , buddy .

Now the beef Sears is really quick .

So once it gets color , flip it and finish it off , you only need to be flipped once and turning down the heat .

Beef is a little too big .

So I'm gonna cut it .

OK , Steve is done in .

Go , go , go , go , go , go , go .

If we could all go fast , we could all make it green light , green light right now .

It's a dub .

The first green light coming back looking good and no stop signs took a different bro this time .

All right .

Last one .

Shrimp , thankfully , shrimp is really fast .

So oil goes in heat all the way up touches salt .

Vikram's getting nervous stir fry .

These fat boys a little water in with the rest .

Oil in the pan .

I love that .

Get hot .

Yeah .

So egg goes in that fry salt .

Mostly my butt you're looking at , sorry about that .

All right .

Boom .

Egg done .

You could compare yourself to any athlete lebron .

I'm the best .

I'm up there in age but I come in and collect .

All right .

Veg in half green onion , white pepper .

A little bit of MS G .

Can't go wrong with that , right .

Stir fry .

A little bit more oil .

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God , they're so fast .

How far away are they ?

Three minutes out ?

Green light , green light , green light camera man .

Get high .

Now we're gonna add our rice .

Break the rice up a little bit .

All right .

But don't break it too much .

A little bit of pork and pork .

Sure .

Now we're cooking , brother .

I'll tell you what uh this in .

Now your egg that in .

Why is this the one we're having the most trouble with green light , green , light , green , light , green light .

OK .

We're there .

Sauce goes in heat goes down a little bit stir fry that nicely .

All right .

All right .

So God damn this thing , my classic raw garlic add heat off .

Stir it in .

Pulling up victory .

Lap to Yes .

Stir all this together .

We're gonna serve this family style .

You come up and serve your damn self .

There's your serving spoon .

Get your green onion , top it off .

Make it look beautiful .

Done .

So now we gotta wait for them to show up and then we'll taste test .

We're here , baby .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I'm here , bro .

That's right .

You guys did really good .

It's all good , bro .

Hey , come back .

Where are you ?

It's time for the taste test .

I'm gonna go first .

Mm mm Next bit .

This is kind of good .

Bring on the taste test round .

Uh I'm just gonna spoon feed you .

Are you OK with that ?

Do you consent to me ?

Food sp sp food ?

You I don't know what I'm saying .

Jesus .

Did you even chew ?

It's not a pill , right .

Vote is out .

No , not like that .

He's chewing .

Oh OK .

Vote is in mm in .

That was fast .

Number one .

All right .

This is more like a lame side dish that takes longer when you could have something not only better but faster .


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