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2023-07-10 08:52:01

Peas Pulav (Matar Pulao) _ Home Cooking - Rice Recipe

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Hello viewers .

Welcome to home cooking with me .

Subramanian .

Today's recipe is a rice .

Any guesses what it might be ?

It's very simple .

Let's take a look at the ingredients .

Got one tablespoon of G and you can take a one tablespoon of oil to this .

Add cinnamon , a few cardamom for 3 to 4 pots , some bay leaves .

Now I have got three medium sized onions here .

I'm gonna use that thinly sliced five green chilies , slit salter , the onions till they get transparent .

Once the onions are transparent , add one whole teaspoon of ginger garlic paste .

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One large cup of peas , you can either use fresh peas or frozen peas all the seasoning .

It's a very simple quick to make .

I've used this cup for the rice .

It's a 500 ml cup .

Use good quality basmati rice .

I've just washed the rice .

I haven't soaked it in water just gently mix it in .

So I'm using this cup measurement for the rice as well as the coconut milk .

I'm gonna add one is to two measurement .

So for one cup of rice , we're gonna add two cups of liquid .

So if you've soaked the rice , then you you , you would want to cut down on the liquid .

Otherwise , it can become very soggy .

But since I haven't soaked the rice , I've just washed it .

I'm adding the one is to two proportion for the rice and the liquid check the seasoning at this point .

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Close it , wait for the steam to come and then place the wait .

So you need to keep the flame on high and cook it for two whistles , Turn off the store and let it rest for a few minutes before you open the pressure cooker .

It's cooked perfectly .

You can see just transfer it into a serving dish .

And so there you have this absolutely delicious and wholesome piece plow .

You can make it in minutes .

If you're having some guests over or someone's coming home on a sudden visit , it will be a great dish to prepare and serve .

Do enjoy , subscribe to your youtube channel and also follow us on Facebook .


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