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2023-07-07 13:47:44

I Tested Viral TikTok PASTA RECIPES To See If They Work - Part 6

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Hey guys , welcome back to my channel today .

I'm hanging out with my friend Justine .

Hello .

You guys know her .

She's amazing .

She's brilliant .

She's one of my favorites .

I put her links down below .

Go check her out , subscribe , show her some love .

And today I have roped you in to helping me try some recipes .

When I saw pasta on the table , I was like , OK , I'm here .

Usually we try kitchen gadgets , but lately I've been taking requests to try Tik Tok recipes pasta tiktok .

I'm so in also go follow Jeti on tiktok and talks more than me .

She's so funny .

I love your tiktok .

Maybe we should make a tiktok today .

I'll think of something for us to do .

Is that brown sugar ?

Yes .

Ok .

So the first one that we're doing , I'm going to pop it here on the screen .

I've never heard of this before .

So I'm really excited to see if this is a win or a fail .

He makes a dessert pasta , dessert and pasta in one .

I've had dessert pizza too .

Never had dessert pasta .

Let's watch .

And we're gonna follow along .

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So he makes his pasta in the microwave of course , why would you do it any other way with these recipes ?

The thing that drives me crazy .

There's no measurements , there's no time .

That's the one thing about Tik Tok recipes .

They won't be giving me the information .

Yeah , we need the info .

There's no info .

I don't have the plastic Tupperware .

He uses to make pasta in the microwave , but I do have a glass bowl .

I have done this before .

So we're just gonna have to do it this way .

Yeah .

Ok .

So we're gonna pour water in here .

Ok .

Just above the pasta itself .

Just above .

Yeah , just keep for , let me take a look .

Let me take a look .

How do you feel ?

Great .

Keep going .

Keep going .

Ok .

Oh , no , not yet .

Not yet .

Yeah , they're not quite covering it .

I think that's pretty good .

Yeah , we're just gonna pop this in the microwave for 15 minutes .

Here we go .

And we're doing it on top of a plate .

So if it bubbles or boils a little over it will catch it quick tip .

If you're making pasta in the microwave versus on the stove , you add three minutes to whatever the instructions are on the back .

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So if you're cooking pasta on the stove , you add an additional three minutes when you put it in the microwave .

Microwave tips .

I start .

Well , we got 15 minutes .

Let's make a Tik Tok .

Oh , we can make 400 pasta chips is trending pasta chips that looks delicious .

He puts them in the air fry .

This is so hot , it's hot , it's fresh out of the microwave .

And now there's only two ingredients we have to add .

It seems really simple .

He adds butter again .

There's no measurement but I'm eyeballing it .

It looked like a lot of butter to pasta ratio .

Threw in some butter .

Oh We got a Sprinkle Sprinkle now while doing this , he said a Sprinkle on the Downtown Brown which is brown sugar .

Justine .

How much do you think this is ?

Uh I don't know , it's hard to say because he his serving size is for one .

Ours is for two .

So I'm trying to , I'm trying to double it .

Just get in there .

When do we stop ?

I mean butter and brown sugar .

Two ingredients to the best chocolate chip cookies in the world and no has flopped .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

No look .

Oh no , I won't .

I won't .

We gotta , we gotta , we're still , we're cooking , we gotta try this together .

All right .

Look real saucy .

Maybe too much butter .

But that's OK .

There wasn't a measurement again and then Justine .

I'm gonna give you a scoop here and let's take a taste test .

Wait , wait , wait , I think we're gonna add to it .

Little little sugar Bay .

Ok .

Someone else please try it .

Someone else has tried .

We're gonna try it .

Here we go dripping with butter .

There's probably 450 calories in tuna .

So it's probably gonna taste delicious .

Yeah , for sure .

It's just , oh God .

No good .

Wow .

It's buttery , brown sugary .

I mean , it's good .

This is not a nutritious meal .

No , by any means I have never had dessert .

Pasta , pasta already to me is such a treat .

It's so many carbs .

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It's so delicious that I just would never even think to do this .

But it almost tastes because of the brown sugar and like a little bit of molasses in the brown sugar .

It almost tastes like maple syrup .

It looks like syrup .

Ok .

I'm gonna do one more bite .

But yeah , me too .

Just one more bite .

Wow .

Just one more bite .

It's so good .

But it can't be good for me .

You know what I mean ?

It's really good for you .

I'm gonna have to run a marathon after this .

There's no other option .

I'm gonna have to run three .

So I'll see you later .

Justine hated it .

It's a good recipe .

But whoa , the sugar and butter , I mean , whoa .

So I would consider the last recipe .

The dessert pasta a win .

But I would say also eat sparingly .

It is so sweet .

Yeah .

Oh yeah .

Eat sparingly .

Yeah , I took mine home .

Ok .

So the next one , this is really savory and this is really popular on tiktok because of this recipe .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

It's a feta cheese pasta recipe .

The feta cheese got sold out in Finland because of this recipe blowing up .

I don't know if I believe it .

But like , I mean , I kind of do .

So we are gonna be following this feta cheese pasta video right here and trying a bite .

So to make it , we're gonna add tomatoes , olive oil , olive oil and salt and pepper .

Here we go .

How much olive oil ?

Dang it .

Wait , wait , she's pouring it from a measuring cup but I can't see the measurement .

I can't see it .

I can't see it .

I think this one we're gonna try a third cup .

Oh Yeah .

Yeah .

Yeah .

You gotta move it around .

Looking good .

Do you think we should have a little more ?

Maybe a little bit .

I think a dash because hers fills up the bottom of the pan like just a dash .

OK ?

I'll be salt .

You be pepper .

OK ?

We're starting a band .

I love pepper .

Like I usually put so much on my eggs that I don't even taste the egg and I love salt .

I mean , you can't stop me .

Is that enough ?

She uses her hands but we're gonna be using a spo .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

No , there we go .

There we go .

Get that .

Love it .

Now , this is the part we've all been waiting for .

We're gonna put that nice big block of feta cheese right in the middle .

Let me see how she does it .

She jams it in there .

We're gonna take it .

We're gonna place it right in the middle and she doesn't say it .

But on camera she puts a little bit more pepper , a little bit more salt .

A little bit more olive oil .

We're gonna pop this in the oven at 400 degrees and bake four hm .

Five minutes .

Oh a time .

35 minutes .

I love that .

She gave us a big time and thank you so much , love you appreciate you girl put her in there .

Bye 35 minutes and counting .

Yes .

Yes .

Ok .

While it's baking we're just gonna make some pasta here over on the stove .

Justine .

Can you help me clean up ?

Sure .

This looks so good .

I just took this out of the oven .

It's still sizzling just like in her video and now we're gonna add a little bit of fresh garlic .

OK ?

I wanna dump that in there .

Just a fresh basil again .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

She didn't say measurement .

So we're just guessing I'm trying to eyeball it based on what she did .

Justine .

I'd like you to do the honors .

Here's the spoon .

Mix .

It just mix it .

Yes .

Yeah .

Just mix it up .

Keep the shape of the tomatoes but really break up that feather , work it in , you know .

Oh this looks deli OK .

We pour cooked pasta over the top and continue to mix .

So I got some over here and I'll just jam my spoon here .

00 we didn't even have to do anything .

It right .

Oh no .

To keep mixing it up just oh I'm trying my business .

Oh no .

The burner is still on .

I come to your kitchen and I ruin everything .

I turn you from a professional baker into this .

It smells so good .

It really , this is , I've , I ok .

Too much pasta .

No , never enough .

Wow .

I'm so happy .

I , I didn't know that when I was coming over we were going on an Italian vacation .

Oh , well , let me be your guide .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I'm just gonna , I'm just gonna , I'm just ok .

Yeah .

Let's just find taste our creation here .

Oh It's hot .

It's really hot .

Oh Really hot , really hot , bro .

This is so good .

Oh My gosh .

This is like an Italian cuisine .

Delicious blueberry .

Agree .

Oh This is so good .

It belongs in a restaurant even without measurements .

This one was easy and delicious .

What's next on the menu ?

More pasta ?

Oh I love that answer .

OK .

Now this next recipe is from the pasta queen herself .

Oh Then it's gotta be good .

Literally on tiktok the pasta Queen .

She has a beautiful accent .

I love her .

And apparently this dish is also delicious .

Today .

We're making cashew pipping , cashew , pipping , cashew a pie .

I've been telling you that I can't even say this .

So we're gonna be following this video right here .

The pasta queen looks so good .

It looks incredible .

Here we go .

OK .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Here's step one .

She said it's to die for .

Oh I don't want to die and then she does this great hair flip .

So we need to hold an ingredient and do a hair flip .

She holds her cat but just like holds here we go .

Yeah .

Yeah .

And make it like really cool .

Ok .

Ok .

Lay 123 .

We're winning .

Toast the peppercorn .

I've never toasted peppercorn .

Like that's fancy .

We check the video like about that much .

Do you like peppercorn ?

I do and I write cheese .

So I think I might love this pasta thing .

I'm Italian .

So I feel like all these things are in my favorite .

I love this .

I'm just a person .

OK .

This is perfect .

Oh We gotta add a little water .

Wait , wait , we have some pasta over here .

It's almost done .

I'm gonna scoop a little bit of water like this is how she does it like that .

OK ?

Get that Tik Tok .

See what she's doing next .

What , what do we do next ?

We got hot water , hot , boiling .

Gotta make her pasta .

She said do it in low water .

So we're gonna get more starchy .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

We're gonna scoop this starchy water into our cheese .

Oh starchy cheese water .

Now she does one scoop .

I think we need two because we have double the amount of pasta it looks like and double with the amount of cheese .

Oh Yeah .

Mix it up , mix it up .

Let's make that cream and then you know what , when you're doing that , I'm going to drain our pasta and then we put it in that pan and Justine .

She uses a whisk .

Oh I'm doing everything incorrect .

No , you're doing it on my belly .

That's hot .

Need it .

Ok , I need my .

Ok .

Sorry .

Just clashing everywhere .

It's a little chunky .

Ok .

Give me some more juice .

This is hot enough .

I think this needs to be hot .

It's ok .

There we go .

Look at some more starchy water here .

I think we good pasta water .

I'm gonna go drink the peppercorns are getting real toasty .

OK .

OK .

Come in .

Get that pasta in there .

Get it in there .

This is a nice heat .

All right now we're gonna take the pasta and we've put it in the pan .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Do I put the cheese in there now ?

Yeah , you put , put on the top of the pasta .

Perfect .

Let me just move this over here .

Oh I don't think I mixed it enough .

It's real chunky , chunky .

I think it'll melt a little more .

Maybe .

OK .

Let's see what she does use the tears , the pasta .

I don't have any of those but it can have my tears cause I'm crying but you are defense .

There's no measurement .

OK ?

But this looks good .

It's hard to mess up pasta .

Um which we might have .

Let's see how she does this .

Wow , that's what I what ?

Wow .

OK .

Jessie , let's try it .

Can you do that little twirl ?

Yeah .

Let me get the ladle .

Here we go .

Yeah .

Get a bunch of it on there .

Wait , do we want more ?

I'm gonna try .

I'm gonna get as much as I can .

I get a big twirl .

I'm gonna get the whole pan in here .

I feel like my spaghetti is way thicker than hers too .

I wonder if she use angel hair ?

Did she use a thin nude ?

And we used a thick nude ?

You know , I like a good nude no matter your size .

Gosh , I think she used an angel nude .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

We've messed this all up .

I'll just leave the fork in there .

Leave it , leave it there .

The Decor .

Oh , no , we're supposed to add extra sauce .

But hers is really creamy and ours is really watery fine .

Just dump it on there .

Ok .

So she , she like , pours the extra sauce on the top .

Maybe some more .

It just gets a lot of pasta .

Oh , yeah , a little bit more pepper .

She does that too .

Just , just subpar gorgeous .

It's gorgeous .

Do I take the middle fork ?

It's gonna mess it all that .

That's fine .

Yeah .

Just grab my middle fork out of there but it's holding it all .

It is .

But you know what ?

Sometimes you need to break walls down to advance further and , oh , it's fine .

Ok , let's try it .

I'm just seeing so many mistakes here .

How do we do ?

Even though we did so many things wrong , it's so good .

The recipe is that good that even if you mess it up , you still win .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I love this recipe and I'm gonna play with it more even like the chunky cheese that we messed up .

Like it's like a little added goodness .

I would suggest angel hair pasta .

I think I would have done Starchier water mixed with the cheese and I really got it creamy and thin and then we would have been perfect here just now .

I we've got to take a sip of coffee waffle .

So we were on our phones looking at tiktok and I saw the pasta chips today was trending the day that we were filming this .

Boom .

Ok .

So what do we do ?

We freaking make the chips .

I was like I got an air fryer boom .

Let's do this .

We're gonna be making these pasta chips with rigatoni but in these videos they make them with all sorts , they make them bow tie , they make rigatoni .

Yeah , like whatever kind of nude you've got like you can do it .

So we're gonna be using this one .

Let's follow the .

Ok .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So now we're gonna mix a little bit of olive oil , a little bit of Parmesan cheese and a little bit of seasoning .

Just a little bit .

Give me a drizzle just like a little drizzle .

Just a little , just that's good .

Is that enough ?

Ok .

And then we're gonna do a little bit of the cheese .

She does a couple no measurement but I , I bought , I saw and then a little bit of spice .

We got some Italian spice over here .

Here's a big spoon .

Mix that puppy up .

It's almost like we are .

Chef has a salad right now .

Maybe one of us is you're not a bad chef for yourself , you know , I just don't like to do anything .

Ok .

Now we're gonna air fry it .

Air fry .

What are the instructions ?

Let's see , they gave it to us .

Air fry it 400 degrees for 10 minutes .

We gotta put it on 400 degrees .

10 minutes .

Toss halfway through .

Ok .

Now we're gonna load up the pasta , scoop it in here or dump it in .

Yeah .

Oh , yeah .

Get it and like try to spread it down on the bottom to be all even .

Ok , here we go .

410 minutes and we flip at five .

Ok , we got this , sir .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Hello , Siri .

So wait , so what do you say to Siri again ?

He set a timer for five minutes .

They also made a sauce on that Tik Tok .

But like I don't need a sauce .

You want hot marinara ?

Oh , you have that ?

Oh , the timer's done ?

Ok .

I got that .

I got a flip .

Flip them .

Flip them .

0000000 .

Saucy .

Saucy boys smells good though .

I can't tell which ones I flipped and which ones I have it .

That's ok .

No one else they look flipped to me .

There we go .

There we go .

Five more minutes and we feast .

Oh , ok .

Here's the moment .

Put your peppers in there .

Yeah .

OK .

We did it .

This is , oh , did we just decook the pasta ?

I hope this does not taste al dente .

I hope these actually taste like potato chips .

We're just gonna wait a second for these to cool down .

This one's real cooked .

Yeah , that's , that is a crispy critter .

Ok .

I'm gonna try this one .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

That looks nice .

Oh , that has a little cheese on it .

Oh , did you hear that crisp ?

Oh gosh , it's boiling .

Yeah , I would say the baked time is real .

The cooked time .

Great .

Let's do a little experiment for four .

It's a very crispy .

I'm not gonna eat that one now , here we go .

I'm gonna do a little dip .

Oh OK .

Hear me out .

This is like if I were to forget that I left my pasta out like last night for dinner and I'm like , man , I really want some pasta for breakfast and I put it in the microwave .

That's what this is .

Do you think it's because our pasta is so big ?

I just think this might be what it is .

Maybe if we crisp them a little longer , I might give it a second shot too .

Yeah .

Sample .

I do like the seasoning and I like the flavoring .

It's just the text .

It's like this weird chewy .

It's a mix between crunch and then crunch or you need a sauce because it's dry .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

A lot of people on tiktok love these but they're liars .

I'm not in love with them .

I'd rather have pasta or chips .

Not a pasta chip at this point with what we've created it to be , I think , cooked a little longer .

So , maybe even 15 minutes .

I don't know .

Hard to say .

Maybe if we needed a bow tie .

Nude .

Yuck .

All right .

That does it for trying tiktok recipes pasta addition .

A big thank you to my friend Justine for helping me try all these recipes .

Oh , really ?

It was no help at all .

One was your favorite .

Do you have a favorite ?

Definitely the feta one because I feel like something like I feel like I ordered a restaurant and be like , I'm going back there .

The dessert one was good .

I mean you're eating butter and sugar .

So yeah , of course .

It's good .

Pe pepper , corn , Massacre .

Whatever we made cheese pepper was pretty good .

I agree with everything you're saying .

That was my favorite .

A big thank you to you guys for suggesting this video .

This was so much fun .

Please let us know in the comments down below what other types of Tik Tok recipe videos you would like to see us try because these are so I'm loving these .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

It's really we're finding some winners .

Yeah .

And if you guys enjoy these videos , give this video a thumbs go click , subscribe .

It's free and ring the bell to receive notifications every time I post a new video .

All right .

Thanks for watching you guys .

Bye .

Bye .

And if you'd like to watch the other videos , you can click up here or over here .

Go check out our Tik Tok specifically , Justine's tiktok .

We just posted a really great one over there .

We worked really hard on it .

We also filmed a fun video over on Justine's channel .

I'll put a link down below .

Go check it out .


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