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2023-07-08 09:15:40

The Perfect Steak Grilled On The Weber Kettle Premium

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I feel like some steak tonight .

Hi , everybody and thanks for stopping by .

Yes .

So have a nice steak .

We're going to be seasoning it in just a second , getting it on the grill , we're gonna sear it , then move it to some indirect heat to finish off .

And we're gonna be doing it over charcoal today on the Weber kettle .

So let's get started .

So this is about a £2 prime top sirloin grass fed beef and I'm gonna be seasoning it with just salt and pepper as simple as you can get .

And we're gonna actually go a little heavy on the salt .

So first we're gonna do nice coating of pepper , then a nice coating of salt and we're gonna kind of press that in .

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Then we're gonna add some more salt , then we'll flip it over , give the other side the same treatment and set it aside while we get our grill going .

So I have the Weber kettle set up for both direct and indirect cooking .

I use the Weber charcoal holders to sort of form a barrier there to create a searing zone and a hot zone .

So that when we put the lid on .

We're going to be able to finish cooking this top sirloin .

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We're probably going to have it on the coals for about three minutes each side and then move it over and we're shooting for about 100 and 25 degrees internal and we'll check it with the instant re thermometer .

Those colds are looking pretty hot , but we're going to let them get a little hotter .

Those coals are screaming hot .

It's time to get this sirloin on there .

We're going to leave that side for three minutes and then we'll turn it and I have just a little piece of hickory that's in there amongst the coals .

I want that just to give it a little extra smoke flavor , especially once we put the cover on when it goes indirect .

Just salt and pepper and good meat over a hot coal fire .

Ok .

We're at three minutes now gonna flip it over .

Give it three minutes on the other side .

Oh , look at that crust .

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Nice hot fire .

Given us that crust in three minutes .

That's a really good looking piece of steak right there .

About a minute and a half more on this side and then we'll go indirect .

Wow , this smells wonderful .

Ok .

We are ready to move this to our indirect side .

It's been three minutes on each side over here .

You do a quick temperature check with the instant read .

Yep .

Still have more to go , which is perfect .

We're going to go indirect , that temperature inside is rising very fast .

We're 600 degrees .

We're going to check this in just under two minutes to see how we're doing on the indirect side .

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Ok .

We're at two minutes here .

I'm gonna turn it and check the temperature again .

Still got a few more minutes to go , gonna check it again in another two minutes .

Don't want to rush this but also don't want to overcook it .

So we're gonna make sure we keep an eye on this temperature just another minute to go .

Ok .

We're at another two minutes here .

Let's check and see how we're doing .

Well , first , let's see how we feel there .

It's feeling good .

That side is starting to feel a little bit more .

Let's see this sites that side is ready .

So it's just a couple of degrees to go .

I'm gonna turn this just slightly .

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So this side is towards the fire more or towards the heat , say two minutes more and it will be done .

All right under a minute left .

We are ready .

Oh , that feels good time to get our steak off .

There is our top sirloin .

It's been resting for about 67 minutes and now it's time to cut into it and see how it turned out .

I'm gonna be using my cleaver to cut into this because it's sharp and I like using my cleaver .

So let's see here .

Let's cut into this side right over here .

Oh , see that's gonna be more done at the end .

That's about a medium , I right at the edge , start getting there into the center and see what happens .

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Uh , there we go .

There's more of our medium rare .

Oh , that's what I'm looking for .

That is what I'm looking for right there .

Look at that piece right there , full of juice .

Just a beautiful , beautiful steak .

Nice piece of meat cooked simply , but now it's time to taste it .

Ok .

Here we go .

Got a nice little piece from that medium rare section , which is how I like my steak cooked .

Not rare , not medium , medium rare .

We'll see .

Mhm .

Mm .

Mm .

Salt pepper .

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A good piece of meat .

That's really it .

I mean , you could put a lot more on this and I've put more on steaks before I even like steak sauce sometimes .

But when you can get this flavor with that simple seasoning over a charcoal fire , it's the best .

Wow .

Such good flavor just in the meat too .

Wow .

That is really good .

I'm gonna go for a third taste .

Hm .

I love good steak .

I love cooking good steak too .

I know .

All you got to do is watch me cook my dinner tonight , but I hope you enjoyed it .

So , thank you all for watching .

I hope you have a great evening and I'll see you again soon .


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