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2023-07-11 06:52:28

The Great Steak Cook Off (rematch)

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Welcome back to more live fire grilling with Lcoy .

Last week , we had a chicken wing competition between the boss and grandpa .

Despite both competitors great attempts .

It was a draw .

Now they are back for a rematch , but we are changing it up a little bit this week .

Instead of chicken wings , they are going to be competing to see who can make the best sirloin steak .

Let's begin .

Hey , everyone .

Welcome back to our now unfriendly barbecue competition .

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I got word this week that grandpa has been running around town telling everybody that he won the Chicken Wing competition .

I don't know about that .

So we wanted to up the ante a little bit today .

We just went to the grocery store , bought your basic sirloin .

Both steaks weigh exactly the same from the same store and we are going to have the great steak cook off .

Hey , before we get into the video , I wanted to talk to you about our new product that we are very excited about .

It's taken us about six months to figure this out .

Uh Not sure how this is going to go or what people are going to think .

But this will be available for shipping and it will also be available at the log yard for customers and subscribers that come to visit .

So let me show you what's inside the box .

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So we have uh our cookoo .

This happens to be cherry and that's the primary function is the cook wood .

We have our matches , we have our bag of fire starter .

It's just absolutely great stuff .

It only takes a small handful to get the fire going .

And then the bottom of the box is lined with kindling and we happen to be using hickory kindling so that if you want to use it as smoke wood , you can or you can just use it as kindling .

And it comes in a really cool custom made box .

We have a couple of them that we burnished .

It has our logo on it .

This box also has a logo on the side .

We were little eager maybe to , to see how our cool branding iron works .

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But so this is a really cool package .

It's $68 for the custom made box , the Cookoo , the kindling , the fire starter and the matches and we have it set up .

Terry has them set up over here in our shipping boxes and we're able to ship them anywhere in the United States .

It weighs £49 or less .

So , uh you get the custom made box with it .

I understand you've been over there colluding with the enemy .

So uh , he wants to have a cook off and he's upset because I thought I won last week , but I probably did .

But it don't matter .

But this time we're doing a steak .

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I just got done grilling some jalapeno poppers and I think they will probably be a nice addition and then we're gonna have steak .

So , I don't know so much about the competition .

I just know that it's good eating and , uh , we got a supposed to , supposed to have an impartial judge this time , but I don't know , it's his mother .

So , what can I say ?

But we'll , we'll do it .

We'll just keep doing it .

It's fun .

I've got my steak seasoned up ready to throw on here .

So , and we'll have some good Ds here before that .

So we carry on and see what happens at the dinner table .

We are going to be taking this competition a bit more seriously .

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This week , each of us , aside from the competitors will have the chance to taste each steak without knowing who's is who's in the end .

We'll tally up the votes to see who truly wins .

It sounds like they're ready to get those steaks on .

So let's go check it out .

Ok , we're back and ready for the competition to begin .

I've got my coals going on my , my grill out here playing with the fire that I told you I like to do and I've got my steak ready .

I marinated mine first thing this morning , I've got it ready .

So , garlic , salt pepper and a little bit of spicy peppers on top .

So , let's get ready to hear this sizzle .

Oh , yeah .

Listen to that .

Let the competition begin .

I'm going to lower it down there .

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Get a little closer to the coals and then we'll wait for it to come up to about 140 degrees .

That's how we like them and we'll pull it off and we'll see who's king of the competition this time around .

And a lot of boasting and bragging at the other end over there this week .

So we'll just see .

Ok , this is grill off .

Number two .

I got a steak to do today and get some smoke wood down in there and get it cooking hot and along with these , uh , poppers , we ought to be pretty good .

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Um , I gotta let that thing get hot there just a little bit .

I'm gonna throw it on a very , very hot grill and sear it , the market good and it is really hot .

We'll seal in those juices .

Get some pretty marks on it .

And then , uh , and we'll see , I don't know what the judges will say , but we're going to eat well again .

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All right , the competitors are ready to take off their stakes .

Are you pretty confident you're gonna win ?

I won .

It's easy .

I had a little taste .

Right .

Grandpa , the boss has his meat off .

Are you ready to take off yours .

I take mine and put it on a plate because I didn't want it to be overdone .

I mean , number one , you can't do it .

I don't know .

I got this and the poppers and everything is hot and I need hot baths .

So uh Roger that .

So we have two plates .

One is A and one is B and only the competitors know which one is , which right off the bat .

I can already tell that they look very different .

One definitely has a little bit more pink to it where the other one looks a little bit more well done .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I already have my speculations which one I'm going to like more and I haven't even tasted it yet anyways , let's get to tasting on top of the .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

All right , it is time to finally count the votes and my mom is going to be doing that because she's the most trustworthy we think we hope .

Right .

So let's start opening them up and seeing it would appear that everyone has voted , everyone voted for A I take it that with you .

Are , are we taking that ?

Oh my gosh .

Wow .

We go from it being a draw to like you completely blew it out of the park .

Apparently .

Lone Star grill live fire cooking .

Thanks .

Thanks for watching today's video .

Everyone I hope that you enjoyed if you did make sure that you subscribe to the channel , so you don't miss out on any more content .

Other than that I'll see you back here next time .


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