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2023-07-10 08:50:51

Vegetable Fried Rice Recipe _ EASY Vegetarian Chinese dinner idea!

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On today's menu .

One of my favorite rice dishes that's smoking .

This is my delicious veggie fried rice .

I'm Will Young from young men cooking dot com .

Welcome to the channel where you can cook with confidence .

Now , fried rice or , and Cantonese is one of my absolute favorite dishes of all time .

But the funny thing is I never really make fried rice the exact same way twice .

It really sometimes depends on what you have on hand and that is absolutely OK .

Now this fried rice is absolutely delicious and super easy to put together .

Use a fork to crush about a quarter cup of chickpeas , two pieces of garlic .

Roughly chop .

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Yeah .

Half a red onion diced .

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Once the green onion chopped about a quarter cup of diced carrots , about half a cup of chopped broccolini , two large Carni mushrooms chopped before we start cooking .

This is a homemade chili oil .

I made it in the previous episode .

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That's so incredibly easy to make .

And I'll leave a link in the description box below to show you a step by step exactly how to make this amazing chili oil at home .

Nonstick , pan medium heat , couple of tablespoons , chili oil , red onion , green onion and garlic chickpeas .

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So it for about a minute , carrot and broccolini mushroom saut for about a minute quarter cup , corn , 1.5 cups of overnight rice , two tablespoons of soy sauce .

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So there for another minute or two and you're done plate , we can now make this incredibly delicious fried rice with absolute confidence .

Most of it is really just prep the cook time is hardly anything .

You have this amazing , amazing dish .

It was so delicious .

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I mean , there is really no reason why this is not one of your absolute favorite dishes and something that you just have to make every week .

I can definitely sit down with a big bowl of this and just really enjoy , man .

This is absolutely delicious .

I mean , there's so much flavor because it's just packed with veggies and it's just beautiful to look at all the amazing color and the sweetness from the corn , the crunchiness from the carrots and the broccolini a little bit of from the chickpeas .

That is absolutely absolutely delicious .

Of course , the best part is that literally does not take long to make as long as you have some leftover rice , so simple to put together .

And that is stunning .

What an incredible meal .

By the way , if you're new to the channel , welcome .

I'm glad you're here .

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To help you get started with cooking today .

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