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2023-07-11 07:19:08

Amazing, easy, Gluten Free Bread that really tastes like a regular, artisan style bread!!

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Hello , everyone .

My name is Evil and welcome to cooking with the .

There are so many people these days that are gluten free .

So today , folks , we are going to make an amazing gluten free bread , artisan style , easy to make fantastic results .

Yes , artisan style , crusty , normal great bread for all the gluten free folks out there .

And if , if you're not gluten free and you want to make regular bread , I've got some great recipes .

I'll put the links in the description for you below .

They're also amazing .

But today folks , we're gonna make an amazing loaf of gluten free bread .

Let's get started right now .

So the key to this recipe is actually this particular flour here from Caputo .

It's called Fior glute .

And this gluten free flour is the key to making fantastic bread .

Other flowers might work .

I don't know .

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But this one I do know is amazing and I highly recommend it if you try this recipe with other flowers and it doesn't work , make sure you get this flour because it'll come out fantastic .

In fact , I also have a recipe for gluten free folks making pizza with this uh flour .

So I'll put a link in that description for you if you haven't seen it yet and you want to check it out because I also make an amazing pizza with this particular flour .

So I have this package opened already .

We need 500 g of the uh the Fiori glute flour , gluten free flour .

So let's measure out 500 g .

In fact , there's might be just 500 in here .

In fact , there are OK , 500 g of the flour .

That's our start .

So to our flour , we are going to add 5 g of yeast .

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Uh This is just your active dry yeast and 5 g is about one and a quarter to 1.5 teaspoons of yeast and then just quite simply mix that in .

All right .

And now to that , we are going to add water .

I have here 400 g of lukewarm water .

And when I say lukewarm , I mean about oh about 80 F .

So you add our water and now it's time to mix .

Now , any time you mix , I , we're gonna get our hands in there for sure .

And for that , I'll take my ring off uh and it's gonna get sticky and messy .

Uh So I'm gonna start off with a spatula but any time you use a spatula with gluten free , you always use uh a preoiled spatula and you oil it with a little bit of extra virgin olive oil .

OK ?

In fact , we're gonna use that on our hands when we mix this .

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So I'll show you in a minute .

But right now let's get this flour mixed up .

These tubs , by the way , are excellent for making uh doughs , breads , pizzas , you name it .

It might be time for me to start using my hand at this point .

So I believe I will , I got a good start going .

So time to get my hands sticky .

So that means that will be a bit of extra virgin olive oil into the hand and start to mix and you can mix using what they call a pincer method .

So if I just turn here , you can see , just grab the dough in your hands and pinch it , pinch , pinch , pinch , OK .

That will ensure that everything gets mixed up properly .

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It's a simple method and it works very well .

And you can see here everything is coming together .

So because it's gluten free , we're not forming any gluten .

So once it's all mixed together , that's as long as you have to do to get it to go .

So right now , I see a little bit of flowers still there that I need to pick up and incorporate .

There we go .

That's done .

OK ?

Once it's all incorporated , you know , you're good at that step .

Now , what you have to do is add your salt .

So I have here um 10 g of salt .

So you can add your salt at this point .

And again .

Oops a little bit left in there .

Just continue to mix that in .

OK .

Use that pincher method and just mix that salt in .

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Now it's time to add the extra virgin olive oil .

So I have here 12 g of extra virgin olive oil .

OK .

So we're gonna add our extra virgin olive oil in there 12 g .

And now we're gonna mix that in .

You can see the beautiful olive oil there .

Extra virgin .

That's what you want .

You want the best flavor you can always get , so always use the best ingredients .

Makes a difference .

OK ?

And continue to work that extra virgin olive oil using that Pincer method until it's all absorbed in this whole process is actually really relatively quick because you're not needing because there's no gluten .

So all you're doing is mixing and incorporating and once that's done you're done .

In fact , that looks really good .

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So that's it .

Our dough is now ready .

It needs to rest for uh 10 minutes .

So I'm just gonna clean my hands off and scrape the edges of this .

And then we're gonna let this rest for 10 minutes .

There we go .

So I'm just gonna scrape the edges and get this together so that it can rest nicely .

Like I said , it's got to rest for 10 minutes .

It's now that my hands are clean .

I can just kind of scrape the , scrap the ball .

There we go .

We're just gonna let this sit nice and patiently for 10 minutes , cover it 10 minutes with our 10 minutes .

Now up , it's time to get ready to proof our bread .

I like to use these proofing baskets .

They're fantastic .

But if you don't have one , just use a regular bowl , it'll be perfectly fine and uh take some , I have some other gluten free flour here .

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Um , that I use uh as opposed to , let's say my , my good baking Caputo flour .

I save that just for pizza and bread and add , basically add some gluten free flour to your bowl .

So it doesn't stick when we put it in there .

OK .

I'll put that aside and let's put just some gluten free flour on our countertop and yes , a little bit of extra virgin olive oil on the hands .

Extra virgin olive oil is your friend when it comes to gluten free bread or pizza for that matter , take the dough out and remember it's not gonna feel like your normal typical bread if you're use or a dough , if you're used to making regular bread .

Uh because there's again , there's no gluten .

So it's gonna have a totally different feel to it .

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All right .

So olive oil , both hands , pick up your dough and basically shape it .

That's all you're gonna do at this stage .

Shape , shape it into a round .

See , there's an open pocket there .

Just kinda see if we can .

It's a little bit dry with the flour .

We'll just flatten that out and reshape it .

Here we go .

Basically , you're making one big meatball , OK ?

You're shaping it into a round best that you can .

Now as this proofs it's gonna , I know it's gonna crack a bit .

You're , you'll probably , we'll probably see it crack a little bit as it proves .

And , but that's OK .

It's normal for this kind of bread .

There we go .

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But I'll tell you right now this folks is the start to an amazing gluten free bread .

OK .

Nice and round that goes on top , we take a little more of our gluten free flour , Sprinkle it on the top .

And now this has to uh rest because it has to rise .

It basically has to double in size .

So what we're gonna do , we gonna cover it up with a towel and it's gonna rest now nicely for anywhere from 3 to 4 hours .

That's the typical rising time .

So we're gonna let this sit and rest and keep an eye on it .

Once it doubles again , 3 to 4 hours , it'll be ready to break .

So it's been three hours and we actually could have put this in the oven by now if I would have preheated it .

But I just want to show you look how much it's grown .

That gluten free bread has grown very , very nicely .

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So having said that what I'm gonna do now is preheat the oven to 450 degrees .

And I'm gonna use a Dutch oven with a lid .

It goes in empty because we not , not only want to preheat the oven , we wanna preheat our Dutch oven .

You could use any container you want as long as it has a lid .

So that goes in .

All right .

Oven set at 4 50 .

Let's get it preheated .

It'll take about 30 minutes and then we can put our bread in the oven .

So with our oven now , at 4 50 could take out our preheated Dutch oven .

Very hot .

So be careful .

Ok .

Now , quite simply , we're gonna take our bread .

As you can see , it's risen nice .

And I had mentioned it might break up a bit .

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That's perfectly fine because we're gonna , that's actually gonna be the bottom of the bread .

So we're gonna take our lid off and then very gently and be careful that you don't touch your Dutch oven because it's hot .

We're basically gonna pour it into the Dutch oven .

There we go .

And then with the bread lane , uh just give a cut .

I'm gonna cut that right up the middle and then you can get a little fancy .

Then we're gonna cut a little bit on the sides here .

And if you do not have a bread lame , you could use a razor or you know what , even just a pair of scissors will work just fine .

There we go .

We've got a nice design on there and what we're gonna do .

Now , the lid goes back on and back into the oven .

We go at 4 50 and we're gonna cook that .

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Now , it's gonna stay in there for 30 minutes with the lid on .

So it's been a half an hour .

So now at this point , what we want to do is take the lid off .

There we go .

We can see our bread is cooking nicely .

All right .

So now we're gonna cook it with the lid off for 10 minutes .

We'll cook it for the lid off for 10 minutes and then we're going to see if we can brown the top a little bit .

Ok .

It's been 10 minutes .

So what we want to do now is take a look at our bread .

You can see how it's already looking really , really nice and you can add a little more color to that bread .

Now by actually putting it on broil for the last five minutes .

So that's what we're gonna do right now .

And again , the broiling is only to add a little more color to our perfectly baked gluten free bread .

Alrighty .

Our five minutes is up .

Let's take a look and see how our bread is doing .

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Oh , my goodness , folks .

Look at that bread right there .

Now , does that look like to you a gluten free bread ?

I know .

Absolutely not .

Right .

Oh my .

You know , there's no reason why .

Just because , and there's so many people who are gluten free these days that they , they cannot enjoy a beautiful slice of bread just like we do with a regular bread .

So what I'm gonna do now folks , we're gonna let this rest .

I don't wanna , I'm gonna cut it .

I want you to see the inside because the crust is beautiful and so is the inside of the bread .

The crumb is absolutely beautiful .

You're gonna see .

But we gotta let it rest for at least uh let's let it rest for 30 minutes .

OK ?

And then we'll come right back to it .

So it's been about 30 minutes .

Let's cut into our fresh loaf of bread .

OK ?

And before I cut into it , I just want to show you look at the nice rise .

We got some nice rice on that loaf of bread .

Absolutely beautiful .

All right .

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So let's just cut it right up the middle .

Listen to that crunch already .

Remember now this is gluten free bread , not regular bread .

Oh my goodness .

Still steaming a little bit because it's only been 30 minutes .

Take a look at that .

We got beautiful crust and even check out the crumb .

Beautiful crumb .

We got some air pockets even though like I said , it's gluten free bread .

We've got beautiful crust , beautiful air pockets .

Look at the crust on here .

Beautiful crust .

Beautiful crumb , springy .

Absolutely perfect for gluten free bread .

It's unbelievable .

Let's do the taste test .

OK ?

A nice little piece for a taste test and remember how we darkened the top of the bread .

Well , actually the bottom of the bread is also not bad .

It's got a nice golden brown color to it .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So the bottom , as well as the top to me are absolutely perfect .

So I'm just gonna cut a little piece off the end here .

Let's give that the taste test .

Look at that nice little piece of bread right there .

Such a small piece .

This is truly a taste test and I like to put a little bit of olive oil on my regular bread .

So I'm gonna put it on my gluten free bread .

I'll tell you what folks .

Hm .

This gluten free bread is so good .

You could serve it as regular bread at your dinner table .

It would go over just as well .

Absolutely .

Unbelievable .

Such a simple recipe .

The flour is the key .

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But you know what , I've seen all the gluten free bread in the stores , frozen section .

It is not pretty .

This bread is much better than pretty .

It's delicious .

And for those of you who are gluten free , you now have access to a phenomenal piece of bread like you've never had before .

Tastes like regular bread .

Unbelievable .

So folks , wherever you're tuning in from today , I wanna thank you for joining me on today's episode of Cooking with the if you're gluten free or you know , someone who's gluten free , give this recipe a try .

You will not be disappointed .

It really is amazing .

Thanks for tuning in until next time .


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