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2023-07-08 09:11:56

Can A TRAEGER Really Sear A Ribeye Steak _ Ft. Kosmos Q

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Can you really sear a rib eye steak on a trigger ?

Everything we found would say no , but can you really ?

Here's what I mean ?

Most of them don't even get hot enough .

I mean , the new ones will get up to 500 .

But is that really enough ?

In the old ones ?

I think they only go to like 3 53 75 in my opinion .

I think a steak needs to be cooked way hotter .

But you never know with a little luck and a little bit of redneck engineering , I think we can get it done .

Now , I know what you're gonna say .

The trigger doesn't get hot enough .

You're not gonna get grill marks or you're probably gonna get it too hot and burn it straight to the freaking ground like this .

Yo , yo .

Now listen , I know a thing or two about cooking a good steak back in 2015 .

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I was lucky enough to win the World Steak Championship using what a lot of people will consider the opposite of a trailer .

So let's get to cooking .

We started out with a prime rib eye that we got from our local butcher Untrimmed Uncut because I wanted to do that for you on camera .

Now , the first thing that I like to do is hack off this little tailpiece .

Now , don't throw that away .

You can mix that in with some burgers , some sausage grind or sometimes just like to use it to clean off my grapes .

So I'm not gonna go crazy on these .

There's a little bit of fat around the edge that has a thin piece of silver skin in there .

I like to get that off .

I like to get straight to the flavor .

There's enough fat in these .

You don't need that nasty piece .

So I just do a light trim and just ever so gently get rid of it .

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Now , what I'm gonna season these up with was what I won the world state championship with in 2015 .

And if you stick all the way around to the end of the video , I'm gonna share with you that exact same recipe just because I can .

All right .

So we got this timberline rolling at 2 25 with super smoke and what super smoke is , it's some little thing they got going on that just pumps out more smoke .

We got mesquite pellets in here because you know what , I want to taste this sucker .

So we're gonna start off by putting this on the top rack and we're gonna leave it up here till it gets 100 and five degrees and I'm gonna know this because I got my little thermo works blue dot I'm almost gonna stick right in there .

Now , listen for those of you that are already bitching .

Save it .

I don't wanna hear it .

There ain't no way you can do this or this or that .

You don't cook that many steaks .

You don't know what you're talking about .

So don't even leave it in the comments .

I don't wanna hear it .

All right .

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So after this steak hits 100 and five degrees , I'm gonna pull it off here , wrap it in a little bit of full and then I'm gonna crank this sucker up .

We're turning it up to 500 degrees because I wanna see if we can really , really see it .

Now , I'm not gonna lie to you .

This thing got to 500 degrees really fast .

I was extremely impressed .

So I let it sit there for a minute because I wanna heat up these stainless steel grates .

And sure enough , man , the second I put that steak on .

Guess what ?

I heard .

Nothing kind of sounded like big shirt .

They let out a little salad fart .

We just kept rolling with it because hey , we made it this far .

So we took these steaks and turned them every minute and 45 seconds until the internal temperature of that steak hit 1 27 yank it off that sucker .

Put it in some bowl , wrapped it up and let it rest .

So we brought the sucker upstairs to our laboratory .

Smells great .

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Looks great .

But then we cut into it .

And man , I gotta tell you it was perfectly medium , medium .

Well , whatever you like , I like medium .

The pink in the middle was unbelievable .

And I was thoroughly impressed up until the point I tasted it .

It kind of tasted like a steak that you cooked in the microwave .

I was a little bit let down here .

I figured this steak would have so much more flavor , cooking it indirect and then taking it up to 1 27 but it just didn't .

So at this point , what we got here is a tiny problem .

So we're gonna take another shot at this , but this time we're gonna do it my way .

So I like cooking steaks direct .

I see a couple of things .

A couple of challenges right here .

I don't know , problems , whatever you wanna call them that are already in my way .

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So I'm gonna yank out this heat shield and yank out this little heat diverter because I wanna cook my steak directly on top of fire .

We gotta let this sucker breathe kind of like an 06 dodge diesel .

When you yank out all that food , de crab baby juice right now that we got all that crap out of the way .

Let's fire up this tiny stick burner and let's start cooking some Oklahoma beef .

So we turned this sucker up to 500 degrees and wouldn't , you know it , man , she shot past just a little bit , which I was quite ok with .

So , for this round , we're gonna do it exactly the same way , but not because this time we're gonna cook it direct right over that little fire hole and we're gonna be turning it every minute and 45 seconds .

So you're gonna be cooking it about three minutes and 30 seconds per side .

Now , as you can tell here , I'm going for perfect cross hatch marks , but my head got a little sideways .

I got a little too wound up .

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So when I went for that first cross hatch mark , I kind of turn them going the same direction .

So go easy on me in the comments .

Just go easy on me .

But don't worry , we're gonna nail it with this next side .

So as you can tell this steak is done , so we pulled it off , put it in some full , brought it up to the lab .

Let it rest for about 10 , 15 minutes .

Sure enough , man .

Look at this crust .

That's what I'm talking about .

Anybody that knows anything about steaks knows if you ain't got a crust , you ain't doing something right ?

And it is very , very apparent when I take a bite of this , what the big difference is , we absolutely nailed this steak .

So now we can officially put this question to bed .

You can 100% sear a rib eye steak on a trigger .

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So these really are great cookers .

And honestly , if this is your skill level , I recommend this cooker 1000% .

Now , I know there's gonna be some deal wads down in the comments though .

Real men only cook on stick burners .

Well , technically this is a stick burner .

It's just a little stick burners .

All right .

And now that you've been waiting , not only do I have one secret tip for you , I have two in case you didn't notice .

And you may wanna rewind and go back and check when I went to cook the second steak , you'll notice what I put in there .

These are called grill Gras .

These are made out of 100% aircraft aluminum and they dissipate that heat .

So you get perfect grill marks every single time and the genius of them is you can flip them over and use the backside for burden .

Now , for the recipe you've all been waiting for in 2015 when I won the world state championship .

Here's exactly what I did .

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First rub I put down was cow cover .

The second rub I put down was dirty bird hot .

And the third one I put down was Texas beef .

These three rubs together have won more money in steak competitions than I can even begin to tell you about .

So , if you're cooking steak competition or even better for backyard , hey , I highly recommend these , but you don't have to use them .

Use what you like .

We don't care .

Hey , man , I love you guys and I'll catch you in the next video .

Peace we're cooking directly over the fire .

We cut this sucker in half and half , all that stuff .

Testing 12 .

I can hear that .

Can you really ?

Oh , yeah .


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