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2023-07-08 09:21:12

How to Cook a Chuck Steak in the Slow Cooker~Easy Cooking

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These smell absolutely fantastic .

I'm gonna move some of this out away .

All right , let's let's see .

Do we nail it ?

What do you think ?

What do you think we did ?

We 100% chance .

I'm sure people in the comments will disagree .

Oh no .

Doesn't that look amazing ?

Hm .

I'm gonna get a bite of this guy right here .

This , that's good .

So , hey , I wanna thank everybody for watching and don't forget our giveaway .

First link down in the description .

Go down there , click it , get signed up .

You could win a master belt .

Kind of like this one .

It's a smaller one but it's still man , you would be doing this .

Hey , thank you for watching .

I'll catch you in the next video .

Peace .

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Everybody loves a steak cooked on the barbecue .

They take on all the flavour from the smoky coals , and they're very , very easy to cook .

But you know how it can be .

Some people want them rare , medium rare or even well done .

So there's a few different tips I can show you to get it just right .

I've got two fantastic rib eyes here , beautifully marbled , and it's that fat that'll drip through and keep them lovely and moist on the barbecue .

Now , they've been out of the fridge for about 2030 minutes to bring them to temperature .

So they cook nice and evenly .

And all I've done is cover them a little bit of olive oil and salt and pepper on both sides , which I did last minute .

So it doesn't draw too much of that moisture out .

And you know what ?

When the steaks are this good , you don't need anything else .

So let's get them on the barbecue .

I've got a pair of long handled tongs here , and the coals are really white hot , so they're just perfect for cooking now .

You wanna leave them to sear , don't flip them , and then when they're ready turn them over only once , so the juices stay within the steak and they're perfect to eat .

These are cooking beautifully now .

Don't be alarmed about any flames .

It's just a bit of the fat dripping down onto the coals .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

It's very simple .

Give it a practise and it will work every time .

Now you want to avoid cutting them to see whether they're cooked or not , because you'll lose some of the juices and they can go a bit tough .

So I want my steak medium rare .

These look absolutely , perfectly done to me .

So I'm just gonna take them off the barbecue and put them onto a warm plate that I've got to the side and just let them rest very happily for about five minutes so that all the juices relax and they're beautiful and succulent when you eat them .

Follow these few simple tips , and you have the perfect steak every single time .



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