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2023-07-10 08:40:31

How to Make PASTA Alle VONGOLE Like an Italian

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My favorite flavors in my mouth .

Yeah , ladies and gentlemen , this is my favorite dish on the planet Linguine .

It's my favorite .

And I wanna show you how I love to make my favorite pasta .

Let's make together .

Yeah .

Yeah .

And will you be very good ?

Hi and welcome to the plate .

The place where you get to learn how to cook delicious Italian recipes .

Just like this one .

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A beautiful simple dish that uses only the best ingredients from the ocean .

The we love the , we need a little bit of wine , a little bit of parsley .

Come on guys , let's make it together and make sure you keep it simple .

Do not add cheese or too much in it .

Keep it simple and enjoy the flavors from the ocean to make my favorite pasta .

We need parsley and when I say parsley , I , I'll talk about the old thing .

You know , we need to use the stock because the best part is in the stock , we need to use a glass of white wine I'm using because we made a yesterday we had a bottle already opened .

So that's what I'm using , which means you can use any white wine that you want .

If for any reason , you cannot have white wine or alcohol , what you can use , you can use half glass of pasta water and put it in the bungo .

Then we use two garlic cloves .

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I count about one garlic clove per person .

Extra olive oil , my best friend and I've got a packet of pasta .

It's for two people .

It should be enough and the more most important ingredient the in all the claims .

Now this come from New Zealand and basically they come already clean for you .

You know , you're not meant to clean them , but I don't trust it and I still wanna clean them myself .

But what we need to do here , we need to wash the to make sure there is no sand inside .

Ok ?

So very simple .

Let's say you're getting bun from uh a supplier in your town .

You know , the beautiful and fresh .

Well , what you wanna do is you actually want to put them in the water , put lots of sea salt in there and let it rest in there for about four hours .

So that way you're really cleaning your bungo .

But because these are already cleaned , I just wanna do a quick clean up .

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So what I'm gonna do is we're gonna put the bungo in the water to clean your , don't use fine salt .

You need to use sea salt or rock salt .

The fine salt ruins the flavors .

So what you need to use .

Here is a large rock salt .

When you come to Italy with me on my tours , we go to the Adriatic Islands on a private yacht and the captain cooks this dish for us .

He actually uses the ocean water , crystal clear water to clean the prawns .

When you sell prawns , the oysters , the flavors are in there .

Now , as you can see the are starting to open , see there is nothing wrong with that , ok ?

We just want to make sure there is no sand in there .

We don't wanna eat the sand .

What I want to do first is to cut the puzzling .

So we cut the bottom part and we wanna cut these sts finally , you know , just fine , fine , fine .

Now we're gonna use a little bit of this half of them .

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Now we're gonna use them to give the flavor to the extra virgin olive oil , ok ?

That's what we're gonna use .

And then we're gonna use the parsley to decorate and finish off a first thing to do is to get a nice stainless steel pan if you can and put it on a high heat in the kitchen .

We put extra virgin olive oil .

Be generous .

I'm putting about four or five tablespoons .

Now the extra virgin olive oil is the base of the sauce of this dish .

We don't have too many ingredients in this dish and the extra virgin olive oil plays an important role as you know , guys , I like to crush my garlic .

I don't like to have chunks of garlic in my pasta .

And what I'm going to do , I'm going to crush the garlic just in there .

Beautiful , crushed because I want my garlic to disappear .

Ok .

In the , I just wanna enjoy my , with the flavor of garlic .

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We're not going to add the parsley stalks in there and let's just wait for the oil to warm up and to give the flavors to a beautiful garlic and parsley stock .

What I recommend you here to do is to add a tablespoon of water in there .

So the water will avoid for the garlic to burn .

We don't wanna burn the garlic because we are cooking on a medium high heat .

I recommend you to keep stirring this because we don't really wanna burn that garlic .

You know , carry this after about one minute , we are going to add the , the claims and look at the claims .

All pretty much all of them are open .

If some of them didn't open , they will open in the pan .

So you put them in and stir what we wanna do .

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Now , we wanna add a glass of white wine and I've chosen prose because I had a bottle already opened and the wine will give the beautiful flavor and very important .

We need to close it just like that .

We close it because we wanna keep the steam inside .

We want the wine to give flavor to the and we want the ingredients to make love to if you don't wanna use wine or you can use wine .

What you do is you chop some cherry tomatoes , eat as much as you want , chop them up and put them in there .

The cherry tomatoes will create the juice that you want .

I usually also use cherry tomatoes for this dish today .

I'm choosing this because I wanna make it as classic as possible .

From the area where from at this moment that we cover the pan with the , I'll say to you start cooking the linguine pasta .

OK ?

Very important because this will be ready very soon .

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So you can see I'm using a large pot full of water and I'm boiling the water .

I'm using one tablespoon of rock salt for the pasta water .

And then I'm going to add a linguine when you put the pasta in .

Always press down .

As you can see , I'm using a large pot of water so the pasta can cook properly evenly .

Here it is , please follow the instruction on the packet .

So if the packet says cook the linguine for 10 minutes , what we're going to do , we are going to take the pasta out three minutes before the smell that comes out from this pan is sensational and the white wine is doing an important job right now .

But let me tell you , I want to invite you to listen to the sound , listen to you listen to , I'm gonna , I want you to listen to that .

Look at the stain .

Please .

It to this baby .

Listen to the sound .

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Yes .

See that sound is so beautiful .

This is the music .

This is music to my ears .

I love this sound .

Look at this beautiful juice that we have .

The alcohol still need to evaporate , but it's almost done .

As you can see , it's full of juices and this really take a couple of minutes to cook .

We've still got four more minutes to go with the pasta .

So what we're gonna do right now is we are going to take 80% of this out of the shelves and we only keep about 20% of it in the shelves .

The reason why is because the shelves are too big and it is not easy to mix with the pasta .

So let's use the meat inside the shell to mix it with a pasta .

Rather a comment below and let me know what is your favorite dish on the planet ?

We wanna know now , what we want to do right now is we want to get them out .

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And what you can do is you can use one shell to help you to get them out .

Uh Look a bit between juicy .

They are just like that .

Oh , this is , that is the best guys .

This is when I , I really want to enjoy the flavors of the ocean right now .

My pasta has been cooking for six minutes .

What we do is take it out and we put it in the pan .

Now , this is where the magic is .

Guys .

We're gonna put the beautiful in the pan .

We're gonna get a mug of pasta water and we are gonna use it because it's full of starch and it will help us to combine the ingredients .

Now , these are the most important three minutes .

Why ?

Because we're gonna put a little bit of pasta water , half Margo pasta water .

And now we need to stir .

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We're gonna keep cooking the pasta in this sauce pan for the next three minutes and the next three minutes , not only we are cooking the pasta , we are giving flavors to the pasta .

The are gonna make love with the pasta and you're gonna have an explosion of happiness into your mouth .

Yeah .

So what you need to do now you want to keep stirring , stir , stir stir as we stir .

We start adding the parsley guys , we start adding the parsley as we stir .

Yeah .

Look at that .

Let's start giving life to this pasta .

It's almost about to be served .

I don't add any pecorino or parmigiano to my pasta .

This is something that you can do if you want .

I'm very authentic for this and I don't wanna mix cheese with my , I want all my flavors to be from the ocean .

I don't wanna mix the ocean with , with , with cheese .

You know , I don't want that .

I've got one minute and a half to go .

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We keep stirring in the last minute .

We're not gonna stir anymore .

If you can try and do this , try and pasta .

Now we need to , you know , use the sauce and , and move it around .

Why ?

Because it helps to get a CRE , it's , um , it's just , it just does it , you know , so the important things of doing this is for you to have your , you know , if you can't do it , don't do it .

But if you can try , try it , another technique you can also use is to mix all your ingredients in the big pasta pot and just use the tongue and mix , mix , mix , mix , mix as fast as you can .

And that's how you can make a cream .

Yeah , I wa I really wanna show you what it is happening right now .

OK .

We got 30 seconds left .

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We got this little bit more of runny liquid to go to become a cream .

And as you can see our pastas and made love with all the ingredients .

We , we actually have the everywhere we have .

Look , look how creamy it is .

Now , look how creamy , look how creamy , five more seconds and I can serve it .

Look 4321 and it's time to serve .

Yeah .

By any chance , have you ever seen such a beautiful , easy pasta ?

Huh ?

Wonder why ?

This is my favorite , huh ?

Oh , we are beautiful .

We are beautiful .

Come on guys , let's serve it .

It's time to serve .

If you like guys , you can add chili .

OK ?

This is something up to you .

It's very personal .

I didn't add chili because I prefer without chili but you can add chili .

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Oh I can't wait to present you this beautiful , simple masterpiece .

Yes , because simplicity .

It's always the winner .

Oh Yeah .

Look how beautiful and creamy pasta .

Look how creamy it is .

And guys , what are you gonna do ?

You , you wanna , you wanna get the bun here , you want the bun to be everywhere and then we use a bun here to decorate a plate of pasta .

What time is it ?

It's the best time of the video .

It's time to eat .

Yeah .

Let's enjoy this .

Yeah .

My favorite flavors in my mouth .

Yeah .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

How can you go wrong with this beautiful dish ?

Creamy pasta .

Beautiful .

Oh I can really smell the ocean .

Oh Yeah .

Mm mm mm Guys go to the fish market , buy the , get a bottle of wine on the way .

Enjoy your dinner and you will have a life full of love .

Oh Yes .

Thank you so much for watching this episode .

We will see you in the next plate .

Video .

Recipe plate .

Mm mm mhm What is your favorite dish on the planet ?

Tell us now .

Yeah .


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