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2023-07-11 06:53:34

How to Cook Japanese Rice in a Pot

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Today , I'm making uh two cups of rice with the park .

And this is a Japanese measuring caps which is 180 mL .

So two cups of this .

The first important process is washing the rice .

But the first one , you have to train it right away .

You see how white it is .

And if you keep leaving the in the water , the rice starts absorbing this water too much .

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So you wanna strain it right away and then after you strain it twice quickly with a hint like this in the circular motions about 15 to 20 .

So cool , not too strong because you don't wanna break your R I wash it , usually wash about three times and then soak the rice in the water about half an hour .

OK ?

So it's been half an hour .

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The rice is sitting in the water and I wanna show you how the rice looks different before and after soaking in the water .

So you see that how the rice is more wider color .

So this is a sign that it's already absorbed enough water .

So if it's like a summer time , it could be fast , faster than half an hour when it's colder .

It probably takes you one hour to get this color .

So now we have fully soaked rice and I'm gonna put in and then you're gonna put in the same volume of water .

So it's gonna be two cups .

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So , whatever the measurement , the measuring cups you're using , just add exactly the same amount of water and then make it flat .

Yeah .

And then put the covers on and then start cooking .

So for this , any kind of pot works as far as it seals perfectly and you start placing on the medium strong to medium heat and cook it and uh cook it until it starts boiling .

And as opposed to like uh other Asian countries , long grain rice , Japanese , short grain rice is preferred to cook under the pressure .

So we don't really check in to see if it's boiling or not .

Maybe just once to see the boiling that's fine .

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But we want to keep the lid on as much as possible .

You just have to find out when it starts boiling and once it starts boiling , we're gonna time it for 10 minutes .

And then after 10 minutes , we turn it off the heat and then wait for 10 minutes .

Yours .

Now we started to hear the water starts boiling .

So we'll check it .

Let's see it's boiling .

So now we're going to count the heat a little lower about this much and wait for another 10 minutes .

So 10 minutes passed .

So now without touching the lid off , just kind of the heat and wait for another 10 minutes .

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So now it's ready and then don't forget to collect the bottom until that and mix .

Well , this is an important process .

Sorry .

So just don't leave it as the rice gets stick to each other .

And this way it's more like a great , this could be a paper towel or cheese glass so that the water doesn't drip into the rice onto the rice .

So this is it .


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