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2023-07-08 09:18:04

Garlic Butter Steak Bites _ How To Make Garlic Butter Steak Bites

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Hi , everyone .

Welcome and welcome back to my channel in today's recipe .

I am going to be showing you guys this melt in your mouth .

Garlic butter steak bite .

This recipe is super delicious , yet so flavorful .

But before we begin , you guys know the drill .

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Ok , guys to begin .

If you want to make this dish , I will have the ingredients in the description box for you guys .

So please check that out for today's recipe .

I am using to re buy steaks or you can use any steak of your choice .

I am going to cut them into small bite size pieces or you can say cubes .

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Alright .

Now that we have the steak nice and cut into cubes , I am going to be seasoned before I start seasoning .

I like to add a little bit of about a tablespoon of oil on the steak just to help the seasoning stick on there .

Then I am going to be adding one tablespoon of steak seasoning .

I will leave the exact brand that I use down below for you guys .

And also I am going to be adding some seasoned salt in there as well .

If you want to add some more flavor , you can add some onion powder as well as some garlic powder .

However , I didn't add any .

Also , I am going to be adding some low sodium soy sauce .

Then I am going to be using my hand to mix in the seasoning .

Perfect .

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We have our steak nice and well seasoned .

Now it's time to cook it into a cast iron .

I am going to be adding about 3 to 4 tablespoon of oil .

Make sure the cast iron is super hot .

Now , this one I'm using in particular , I will leave it down below for you guys .

You can grab it from Amazon .

If you have on prime , you'll receive it probably tomorrow .

I will have that link below , but once it's nice and hot because you want a nice sear on the steak .

So make sure it's super hot , then you are going to place your steak right in there .

You're going to cook the steak for about a minute per side because well , if you like it medium well , you can leave it for about two minutes , ok ?

But I don't like it to be too dry .

So I am going for a medium well , so I'm going to cook it for about a minute .

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Then once that side is nice and golden brown , I am going to flip it over and allow the other side to you know , cook .

Now , I am going to be cooking this on two different batches because the cast iron is a little bit too big for my stove .

But you don't really have to .

Now I am going to remove those , set them aside and I am going to cook the other batch like I said , you don't have to do it because this , I just want a nice sear on my steak .

That's why I do it that way .

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258.579 --> 332.029

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I am going to be flipping it over and as soon as I flip it over , I am going to be adding the other um batch that I cooked earlier .

So place that in there and now it's time for you to start adding your herbs before we add the herbs .

I like to add about two tablespoons of butter once that started to melt a little bit .

I am going in with thyme rosemary and also I like to add some garlic .

This is a garlic butter , you know the steak .

So you want lots of garlic .

Make sure you crush them if you , if you want that gary flavor .

I mean , who doesn't ?

I know I do ?

So I am going to add that in there then Well , I , I went ahead and add some more butter because this is a garlic butter steak .

You want it to be nice and buttery .

Yes .

Yes .

Yes .

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So as soon as you add your butter , you are going to ba your steak , you want all that gary flavor because as soon as you add your herbs in there , it's going to start releasing all those her flavor into your butter .

So you're going to baste your steak with that .

And also I wanna head with some fresh parsley on there as well .

Give it a nice mix , you know , just to , just to make sure it's super buttery and all that .

Her flavor is definitely in there .

So give it a quick mix just like that .

And basically y'all , this is how quick and easy it is to make some garlic butter steak at home and you can make this for Valentine's Day for your boo .

I know you got a boo and you can even make this on any type of occasion or just make it for yourself .

Honey , self care .

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This is a form of self care .

OK ?

So this is it .

I hope you guys enjoy it .

It's super flavorful , very flavorful .

I mean , and also let's not forget how juicy this turn out .

Hopefully I didn't over talk this recipe .

I know it was super easy .

I hope you guys go ahead and try it out for your family .

I'm sure they will love this .

Also , if you enjoyed today's recipe , don't forget to subscribe and I want to take this moment to thank all of you guys for clicking on this video .

Don't forget to subscribe if you're new to my channel and I will see you guys on the next recipe .

Bye guys .


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