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2023-07-08 09:22:27

Steak On A Rock! Primitive Cooking Technique

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A group huck and I are out here in the force today to show y'all how to cook steak on a rock .

Let's go ahead and get started .

Let's show you what we're working with .

Check out this piece of meat right here , guys , big slab of beef .

Beautiful cut .

That's what we're working with today as well as this beautiful stone right here .

So it's a big old slab of Ry light and that's what we're gonna be cooking our steak on here in just a moment .

So we've got a fireplace over here .

Time to get a fire going , hook a few things up and get that meat on the heat .

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All right , our fire is getting started up .

We don't want to throw all the wood in there all at once .

The biggest mishap we can have with this whole process is to heat up our stone too quickly heats up too fast .

It will go ahead and expand and it'll crack the rock and there's still a good chance that the rock cracks anyway .

That's just what you're dealing with when you're trying to cook with primitive tools .

So we'll go ahead and heat this thing up slowly .

This is kind of like a big piece of cast iron , three or four times thicker than cast iron .

So it's going to take a little while to heat it up .

So , be patient .

The fire do what it does .

And if there's any moisture left in this rock , hopefully it evaporates slowly out .

Well , we won this thing up so far .

So good .

Starting to heat up .

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It's enough to make maybe toast right now .

No popping , no cracking just yet .

All is , well , I'm gonna add a few more pieces of wood .

Get those coals built up some stuff .

All right .

Coming up on eight or nine minutes .

And that is , that is definitely hot enough to cook an egg down .

Our wood is starting to burn a little cleaner .

You see the smoke starting to dissipate should be another four or five minutes .

We just want to make sure we put a really good sear on the steak .

We don't want to throw it on there till it's time .

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All right .

We are mere moments from being ready to throw our steak up here on this rock .

I just like cast iron .

If you got it , use some shortening and we're gonna go ahead and put that here on this rock .

Oh , that's hot .

And that is going to season the rock a little bit and help it out .

Make sure that we don't have some real big issues when it comes to steak .

Sticking let that melt down a little bit .

I imagine it'll probably flame up here in just a moment .

Yeah , a little bit of grease never hurt anybody .

Just sounds good .

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Right .

Finishing touches a little bit of seasoning .

A little bit of salt .

This is made by three amigos seasoning and it is fantastic stuff .

Some back there as well .

Oh , my goodness .

If y'all could just smell this , this smells phenomenal .

All right .

Well , motor group , there we go .

It's a beautiful sound .

All right .

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Coming up on about three minutes .

Let's see how the rock is done .

As you use the rock multiple times .

You'll get used to it .

You'll find out what their heat tolerances are .

How long it takes to put certain things on them .

It's like any other piece of equipment you have in the kitchen .

So , go and see what we got .

His backside .

Oh , that is beautiful .

Beautiful .

What do you think the nose is starting to go ?

Oh , beautiful .

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Beautiful .

Mhm .

Cool .

You have .

It's ok .

That come on smell .

It caught fire , huh ?

All right .

Our steaks just about cooked a few more things .

I want to go ahead and mention I kind of talked about putting water on the stones for several reasons .

You don't want to do that .

These stones will soak up water once they do , you get a little bit of heat on here , it'll make them blow up but not only does that pose a threat .

Of harming you because exploding hot rocks projectiles is not a good thing , but also it's going to damage your rock so you can break it into multiple pieces and destroy it .

You want to get these rocks as hot as possible and as dry as possible .

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Now , if you have an area that has lots of rain and stuff like that , you can have a campfire going for several hours or days where you have so many stones off of the side .

And so the heat that comes out of the campfire can go ahead and slowly dry those stones out safely .

So just a little bit of heat at a time and you'll get there one of the last things I want to mention , and this is a personal pet peeve of mine because I have made some absolutely fantastic fire rings in certain wildernesses and I come back a couple of years later and they have been shattered into a million pieces , using big boulders , beautiful rocks , building something that's a really good tool and everybody's got use out of it .

But if you start a big fire in one of these fire rings and you decide that you have got to put it out that night .

Go ahead and push everything to the center , let the flames go down .

Add a little bit of water .

Give a few minutes , add a little bit more water .

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I have people dumping tons of water onto hot rocks that have been soaking up heat for hours and hours and when that water hits those rocks , they all start to fracture .

Some of them explode .

A lot of them just fracture and you give it a few months , a few years and all you're going to be left with is a bunch of gravel and small rocks .

So be considerate .

Think about what you're doing , be safe with fires , but please take care of my fire rings , guys .

Stop throwing cold water on hot rocks .

Ok , please .

Sounds amazing .

Smells amazing .

All right .

Ok .

It's not exactly bacon .

You smell it , puck up here .

You smell that .

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Yeah , there goes the lips .

All right .

So the steak is cooling down .

It smells absolutely fantastic .

Turn around here , bud , you sit down now , I understand .

I think that everybody ought to go out there and at least once in their life , cook a steak on a rock .

It is a fabulous party trick .

It is fun to do .

We can warrior it up .

Have a blast on the counter that I do teach survival .

This is not really caveman technology .

If you're trying to survive , you're going to want to cook your meat slowly and all the way through .

So a steak , you want to go a little rare and enjoy it .

If you're surviving , you want to make it as easy as possible for your guts to break down and get all the nutrients you can on top of that .

A lot of the wild food out there has worms or parasites or things that are really , really not conducive to making you feel good .

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So you want to make sure that you're cooking your meat all the way through so that you kill those things and remove that risk .

So with that being said , do you think he's being patient ?

Let's go ahead and cut into this and see what we got .

That piece of meat just comes right off , right .

You get that piece .

I get this piece .

You want this ?

Ok .

It ain't bacon but he'll eat a good steak .

Mhm .

Oh , that's fantastic .

Group .

Hm .

So how do I like my steak ?

I like it medium rare to rare .

What I've got to deal with these days ?

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I hope y'all can see that guys looks good .

Hm .

It's got some good char on it , but it's also tender a little bit of blood in there .

I can't see .

Well , so those of you that watch the channel , y'all know that I'm blind .

The right eye is dead .

The left eye barely works .

So , uh , I can't cook eggs in a white pan anymore and I can't figure out how done my steak is .

If y'all have any tips for that , I can't tell I can't see very well .

It's just a guess these days because I just do not have the eyesight to make it work .

Ok ?

Ok .

Spoiled dog .

Hm .

So guys , if you like stuff like this .

I have a whole lot more videos planned up .

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I have a lot more that I want to show y'all survival as well as you're just regular camping .

Good time stuff .

So keep tuned .

Watch our channel .

This is Bob Hanser channel right now .

The side channel is barely survival .

So if you want more updates or more likely you just want to watch Huck .

That's where you're going to see more of that .

I am gonna go ahead and take this back to camp and let my beautiful wife Shawna eat on it a little bit because otherwise y'all are going to sit there and just wreck me over the coals in the comment section and I imagine she'd probably whip my tail too .

So big piece of meat plenty there and it was cooked fantastically well .

So call it luck or call it skill .

It came out if y'all have any more tricks or tips on how to cook your steak , go ahead and throw them in the comment section .

This place is all about learning and I want to learn everything that I can .

Thank y'all for watching Patreons .

Y'all are absolutely fantastic and amazing .

Thank you for supporting these things .

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You can never go wrong with a beautifully cooked steak with some roasted potatoes and some asparagus on that side guys .

This is so delicious and so easy to make and I'm about to show you how it's done .

So let's get started .

Alright guys .

So these are the ingredients that we will be working with today .

Don't worry , everything will be down in the description box .

So to begin , we're gonna start with our vegetables .

We're gonna get this asparagus all prepped up ready to go as well as these baby potatoes .

I'm just cutting off the bottom end of these bad boys just like .

So of course everything here is already rinsed and cleaned up .

I'm also gonna slice up these potatoes as well .

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All right .

Last note .

Now , a few folks have asked me as to whether I put fires out or not when I'm done with them , it's different if you're just going to spend the evening and watch the coals .

But I always put out fires no matter what .

Uh , most of the time I'm back in the desert , the desert mountains .

And even though there isn't a whole lot of firewood back there , the chance of starting a wildfire always exists , especially when the grasses come up .

Some years , you want to make sure that you keep your fires small or at least make sure that they are suited towards your purpose .

You don't want a giant bonfire to try and cook your steaks or to cook over at all .

So be conscious about that , make sure that you are using your resources wisely and not ruining it for everybody else later on if you can time it out .

So that when you're done with your camp fire , most of it's burned down .

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If you have to put it out with water , right , then go ahead and push all the coals to the center , get them away from the rock walls , let those rock walls start to cool down and then slowly put a little bit of water in , stir it around , add more water , stir it around .

You slowly want to make a soup until you put it all the way out .

You don't want any heat coming off of that .

You don't want it making any kind of sounds just slowly add it .

Try not to put any of that water on the rocks around your campfire ring .

So be safe with it .

A lot of times I'll put my hand up there , see if there's any heat .

30 minutes later , a lot of the old rangers used to take a twig , put it right in the middle of the fire ring .

And if before they've gotten everything rolled up and their tents ready to go in the morning , if any smoke's coming out of that or , or any indication that heat's coming up through it , that uh that is kind of a signal flare to say that you still got a fire .

So be safe again .

Conserve your resources .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I have my been preheated to 400 degrees because we will end up tossing these potatoes in the oven .

All right .

So I'm gonna go ahead and drizzle some olive oil on these .

And then on the screen you see , I have listed the seasoning blend that we will be using to season up these potatoes .

Also proper guys , we can't just salt and pepper these potatoes .

These potatoes gotta come out right these potatoes gotta be precious .

So we gonna season them up crazy just like so , so once that's all said and done , you're gonna go ahead and transfer these potatoes into a oven safe pan and we have our oven , like I said , at 400 degrees .

And we're gonna let these go for about 2025 minutes into their nice golden brown and looking also beautiful .


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