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2023-07-07 13:50:39

How to make... Pasta All'Arrabbiata

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It's very possible that pasta is the most popular dish in the entire world .

People love it .

You see Italian restaurants in pretty much every single country .

But for me , I grew up with pretty bad pasta in my life and it wasn't until later when I started tasting the real stuff , the , the well made pasta that I got sent on a bit of a journey to try to master pasta at home .

And I realized through that journey that there are so many skips and tips that you can learn from just one bowl of pasta that most people just aren't applying when they make it at home .

So in today's video , I'm gonna be doing a one dish breakdown on the most classic pasta dish .

There is the tomato sauce , the , the marinara sauce , the red sauce , whatever you wanna call it .

Because if you master this one dish , if you learn the skills , well , you're gonna be well on your way to cooking so much incredible Italian food at home .

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I have two large garlic cloves which I'm just going to finally slice with a sharp knife and I want thin little slivers of garlic here just for that taste and that fragrance and flavor .

And if you're not a garlic fan , but you still want to develop the flavors in your sauces .

A nice little tip is to take a whole garlic clove unpeeled and stick it straight in the oil just so you get the taste , but you don't get the texture of the garlic .

So it's a little subtle hit of it .

So this goes into a pan alongside some extra virgin olive oil .

I've got a few tablespoons going in here .

You know , when you're frying it off like this and you're using it with simple ingredients just like these .

I tend to use extra virgin olive oil rather than normal olive oil because it's a really good strong flavor from it .

Garlic goes in as this comes up to temperature , we're going to slowly but surely infuse that oil bubble and sizzle and get it to a point where the garlic is just about turning light and golden brown .

And while that cooks I'm going to blit .

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Before we get started on the pasta dish .

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So this , we're going to add a generous pinch of red chili flakes in here .

I like my that spicy .

So get it in there and hit it with that spice .

And now that we have that oil flavored with the spice flavored with the garlic , it's time to get in there with this tomato puree and that canned plum tomato .

There's the action .

We got some sizzle , we got some serious flavor coming together .

So you're combining that oil in alongside the tomato .

This can only be a good thing and it's gonna cook quite quickly .

It only takes about 8 to 10 minutes just for those flavors to thicken down intensify and soon it will be ready for that cooked pasta pasta sauce has at its time .

You can see it's bubbling away and I'm just gonna check the seasoning just to make sure we're in business .

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It was kind of like a fajita burger .

You fried up some onions and some peppers cooked up the burgers smothered on some of that cheese and boom , you've got a delicious dinner right there .

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Cooking is really simple .

It's all about getting quality ingredients and then learning how to respect those ingredients , learning the proper techniques to make those ingredients sing .

And when it comes to pasta , since there's so few ingredients in each dish , you've got to get quality ingredients .

So tip number one is finding the proper ingredients to make your pasta dish incredible for this entire pasta dish .

All I need is some onions .

I need a little bit of garlic .

I'm gonna throwing some chili for some extra spice .

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And obviously , since it's a marinara sauce , the the star of the show is gonna be the tomatoes and I would suggest just going to your local market and getting a nice can of tomatoes , but there's a few things to look out for .

You don't want to get a can of tomatoes that has a ton of added stuff in it , like a ton of extra herbs or tomato paste , things like that .

You just want fresh tomatoes and they could be crushed .

They could be whole , they can be diced .

It's all your personal preference when it comes down to the consistency of your tomatoes .

I'm gonna be using a jar of tomatoes from the jarring video .

I put out a few weeks ago , maybe some of you jarred your own tomatoes if not just find a nice quality can of tomatoes .

Now , when it comes to pasta .

Again , this is such a preference thing because there are so many different types of pasta and in this day and age , it's really easy to find a pretty cheap imported pasta from Italy or , you know , maybe you have a local purveyor that may really good pasta .

The most important ingredient is semolina wheat .

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Some Italians , they just use a whole clove and they'll remove it .

I like a lot of garlic .

You can go more garlic .

I just slice it up and keep it nice and chunky .

And then the final aromatic is some chili which I really like in my tomato sauce .

I like the spiciness infused in my tomato sauce .

It's a bit addicting so tasty but completely optional .

Now , the next tip is finding the right pots to make your pasta .

This is actually really important because you want the right size .

So you're gonna run into some issues down the line .

I like finding a nice big pot that's still low to make the sauce in because ultimately , we're going to be dumping in our pasta later .

So you want to make sure you have plenty of room , not just for your sauce , but for all of that pasta that goes in the sauce and when it comes to picking the right pot for water , again , you just want plenty of room think 3 to 1 .

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So three parts water to one part pasta because that pasta is really going to expand when it cooks and you don't want it expanding over the water line .

All right .

So we're ready to cook our sauce .

And tip number four is getting the right amount of oil or fat in your pan do not skimp out on this step .

If you go to Italy , you'll see when they're making pasta they load in that olive oil because olive oil isn't that bad for you .

It's just press , it's like olive juice basically .

But we have a thing , at least in the US against fats , we're scared of fats .

But if you don't use enough fat in your dish , you're not gonna properly be able to caramelize your onions .

You're gonna either burn them or they're gonna dry out and it's no good with your pan on a medium heat .

You're gonna add in your onions , your garlic and your chilies , and you're just gonna slowly start cooking them in that oil .

And you can see right there all of those ingredients , they're , they're swimming in the olive oil , there's plenty of olive oil there .

So they're nice lubricated .


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