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2023-07-10 08:51:14

How to cook a basic meal - Chicken & Rice

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What up everyone ?

A lot of you guys wanted a cooking video to make your food .

Unfortunately , my cooking really sucks .

So it's pretty bland .

But today I have Jonathan here and he's gonna show you how to make chicken and it tastes pretty good .

So yeah , let's get started .

Simple cooking .

Ok .

My favorite spray is this smart balance or you can use olive oil .

What I like is uh Omega three S has a ratio between 5 to 1 for Mega Omega 6 to 3 .

Um We're gonna put it on medium heat to begin with .

We have our prewashed chicken tenderloins already cut .

I mean , basically there's no fat on them .

What I do is I just lay them on there , make sure they're not on top of each other , of course .

So that way they all cook evenly .

You touch chicken .

You always have to wash your hands to remember that .

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Put this back in the fridge .

Now this is where I season the food while this is heating up .

See my favorite seasoning .

Uh I'm Puerto Rican .

So we like a uh by Goya .

Just check it out .

Anybody , it tastes really amazing on pretty much everything .

So , what I'll do is I'll just kind of Sprinkle that on top .

Not too much .

I like my stuff spicy .

So we have cayenne pepper and I'll do the exact same except far less because this is pretty hot .

A little bit extra garlic powder because I like the garlic flavor .

And depending on your choice , I like to do Mrs Dashed lemon pepper .

Sometimes I'll do the garlic and herb onion herb .

Um The list goes on um whatever your flavor is , just put that on top .

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There there simple , just put this bad boy on top .

Once I start to hear a sizzle a little bit , what I'll do is I'll put it on uh on basically just medium low number two .

Um And let it cook for about 20 minutes .

So what that does is it actually lets it uh sit in with that with the , with the steam and it uh enables to let the chicken get real tender , kind of pretty much just fork tender and falls apart and we're gonna wash this cook and uh and we'll get to the final product .

See , now the chicken is starting to sizzle a little bit .

We're gonna let that go on until we start seeing a little bit of moisture at the bottom of the uh of the pan and then I'll top it back again like I said , and put on number two .

That way it doesn't overcook and I'm not burning the chicken .

Um , and , uh , like I said , it lets that moisture stay in there within the pan a few more minutes .

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Once I start hearing a little bit of steam come out , then I'll top it and put it back .

Uh , on number two , I like to buy my rice and bowl .

It's about £20.12 bucks , jasmine rice .

My favorite rice is , uh , it's got , it's got a different flavor to it .

It's not plain , it's more of a fluorescent flavor .

Um And you smell it while it's cooking when it comes to rice , you have to be pretty exact , at least in my opinion .

Um That way you don't go wrong .

We measure it out two cups .

All right .

So put it in the pan .

All right .

So for every cup of rice , you add a cup and a half of water .

So that'll equal three cups of water to this two cups of rice .

Remember this is white rice .

It's gonna cook a lot faster than brown rice .

I don't like brown rice .

Uh Most of the time honestly in the offseason .

All right .

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So we have three .

I go a little bit above three actually because uh what it's gonna do is I'm gonna steam out a little bit .

Put this bad water high .

All right .

So it's all high .

Stir it up a little bit .

That way it doesn't really stick together and we're gonna wait till it boils .

Next step is as soon as it boils , we're gonna bring it down , bring the heat down to about low .

I like to put it level two or three and just put the top on it .

When , once we put the top on , I like to put it up about 16 minutes on the timer .

Leave the timer on .

As soon as the timer beeps , you check it .

If it needs a little bit more time , then you know , we'll go from there .

But uh let's let this boil and then uh we'll show you the rest the rice is now boiled .

Like I said , put the top on , that's it .

We move the heat from high all the way back down to about medium levels and from there , we'll leave it on .

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I like to put 16 minutes , check it out at 16 minutes .

It needs a little bit longer .

Then we'll leave it there .

It's been about 20 minutes that the chicken's been cooking .

So you check on it .

The moisture that's been sitting back in here has pretty much been steaming this chicken .

So if I take a fork kind of just pick at it , damn , it just falls apart easily .

That's exactly how you want it .

So I'm gonna cut the power , put this back on .

Um And we'll be observing that shortly here with the rice .

That's how you want it to look .

I like to measure my stuff out equally .

So for my meal , I have my half a cups , uh , serving size , do two of these for a full cup .

Mam .

Damn .

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Have my uh , scale here .

So once I measured , ready to measure my chicken , put it on the scale , we'll go ahead and do that now , just so I can show you guys this rice over and uh , I do a cook measure .

So we're here .

The chicken is definitely done .

I do eight ounces .

Sometimes I go fairly over just a little bit .

It's no big deal .

Bam .

So we're at about eight and a quarter and , uh , that's your meal , chicken and rice .

Thank you guys for watching .

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If there's any other particular videos you guys like for me to do any more , uh , types of , uh , cooking recipes , which I'll , you know , I'll gradually throw some on there .

Um , just write in the comments below and , uh , I look forward to , to answering you guys' questions till then see you guys .


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