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Hey , everyone in today's video , I'm gonna show you how to cook flank steak .

I just realized I don't have a video on this .

So before we start with the seasoning and anything else , I'm gonna take you to the oven and show you .

It's a very easy way and very quick way .

I'm gonna show you how to prepare the oven first before we start seasoning and you're open , you have two options .

You have bake and you have broil and we're going to use the broiler .

So the broiler would be the grill that it's right up here .

And over here you're the first level to the broiler .

So we're gonna have to go one level down below the first level .

Otherwise , the steak is gonna be burned on the outside and , and cooked on the inside .

So we are one level down from the top level .

So we will close the oven before you start seasoning .

You have to do that and we will set the broiler on high .

It has two options .

It has low and high .

We're gonna set it on high .

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And while it's preheating , we are going to season our steaks and just a little uh useful information here .

The flank steak comes from the lower abdominal part , the lower stomach of the cow .

So it , it has uh quite a few muscles .

So we have to make it , find a way to make it tender .

And I will show you right now .

Also the flank steak , I consider it to have tap side and bottom side .

So the way to recognize it is the top , the bottom side , it's much smoother than the top side .

So since this is the top side , we're gonna season the bottom side first .

And the only seasoning , I'm using it Kosher Salt and I'm using a lot of it .

And as I said in many of my previous steak videos where I cook different cuts of beef Kosher salt .

It's not as salty as regular salt .

So you can be quite generous with it and make sure that you season your uh flank steak or whatever meat you cook .

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This is the Kosher salt I'm using can use any brand .

Uh And in this case , you don't need a meat thermometer .

A lot of people were asking me for recipes without meat thermometer because I always use it .

So this one it's without it .

So make sure you season it just before you put it to the oven , just like with any other cut of meat .

Uh So the Kosher Salt creates a crunchy crust on the top instead of just sinking , letting it melt and sink into the meat .

So now we're gonna season the top side of the steak , the flank steak and it's not as chewy as the dry tip .

But if , uh , if not cooked properly , it could be quite chewy .

So I'm gonna tap this down a little bit and we're gonna move back to the oven .

So I flip the flank steak over because I wanna cook the bottom side first and I'm gonna put it in the oven .

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Now , this is a thinner cut of flank steak .

So this is how thin it is .

You can , you can find flank steaks that are twice as thick as this one for .

So for this thickness , which is pretty thin , this is the thinnest flank steak I've ever bought for this thickness .

We're gonna do three minutes on the bottom side .

So right now I'm gonna place it seven right in the middle and I'm gonna set my timer for three minutes , ok ?

And I'll be right back .

All right .

So the three minutes are over .

So I'm gonna take the flank steak out and I'm gonna flip it over , just be careful not to burn yourself little bit over , make sure it's nice .

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And so we're now gonna be cooking the tap side of the flying steak and now for the tap side , I am going to set the timer to five minutes and let it cook for another five .

All right , the five minutes are up .

So now I'm gonna let the flank steak rest for 10 minutes and then we'll cut through it .

All right , 10 minutes are up and we're going to slice the flank steak .

It's not too hot so I can handle it as such .

All right .

And the moment of truth , and I just wanna mention a couple of things .

Now , don't put any oils or butter on your flank steak when you're , or anything that you're broiling in your oven because it's gonna start fire because it's so close to the broiler .

And another thing is that , as I said , this is a very thin cut of steak .

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This is a grass fed flank steak or grass fed grass finished beef , Costco , which I normally cook .

It's way thicker and it's cooked differently .

So I will make a separate video .

So if you're , if you're using flank steak that it's that thickness , this is the way to cook it .

And I'll make a separate video and a Costco flank steak because it's quite a bit different .

So now as you can see the direction of the mussel goes out this way , so with , with any cut of meat , you have to cut against or perpendicular to the direction of the grain .

So we're gonna cut it over this way and I'm gonna slice ski in the middle or I'll start from here .

All right , I'll cut a few slices and then I'll show you the doneness of the steak .

It is somewhere around medium rare .

All right .

Here it is .

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And here is the inside , perfectly done .

So for people who like better doneness or more done , you can cut the edges for them .

And then for those who like it more rare or in the medium rare side , you can cut slices from the middle and it looks pretty darn good to me .

There you go .

And you can , you can serve it with a side dish of asparagus or whatever your favorite veggies are .

However , I like to use the flank steak for a salad .

I toss it in my salad with a bunch of other goodies .

I'll make a video on that recipe as well .

I call it my Sasha's cup salad since it's not the traditional cup salad .

I really hope you enjoy it .

Thank you so much for watching guys .

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If you have any questions , please put them in the comment section below and if you like this video , give it a thumbs up and if you need to know anything else about , uh , flank steak or any other cut of beef , let me know and don't forget to subscribe if you're new to my channel .

Thank you .

Bye .


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