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2023-07-08 09:16:49

Simple Steak Recipe. Electric Grill

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Here's a really simple steak recipe that you're going to love .

I'm doing it indoors on an electric grill .

I love using these electric grills .

It's cold outside .

I don't want to stand out there in that .

And this is so much less aggressive than just a flat griddle pan .

It's one of the best ways you can cook a steak , in my opinion .

So to get started , I've got two New York strips .

Nice marbling in these .

So every good steak needs a good seasoning for me .

I like to use beef base .

One of the problems with steaks you get in the grocery stores these days , they don't have a whole lot of flavor .

So we have to add some flavor and this will give it a really intense beef flavor .

So I'm gonna do about a teaspoon of beef base , put that in and then I'm gonna add about a tablespoon or so of grape seed oil , use whatever oil you want .

This is just a high smoke point oil .

Just start mixing it up , break up all the chunks and then just start rubbing it on your steak like this .

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Get a nice coating of it .

On there , get the sides , then add just a little bit of fresh cracked pepper .

You don't need to add any salt because it's in that beef base and then you're gonna put them on your very , very hot grill .

Most people , this is where they make a mistake indoors .

They don't have the confidence to get the pan up as hot as they can .

This is at 4 50 right now , which is right where I want it and we're gonna lay it pa side down on an angle and listen for that sizzle .

Same thing with the second steak .

Now , we can put our seasoning paste on the other side , making sure to get it nice and covered all over .

A little bit more fresh cracked pepper .

So it's been about three minutes .

I like to turn mine .

I'm not afraid to turn mine multiple times .

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Like people tell you only to flip it once we're going to flip it over and you should get nice , a nice crust on there from that paste and look at those sear marks .

Oh , yeah .

And now we're just gonna render some of that fat on the sides .

Just hold it on its side .

It's really going to bring out the flavor in the steak .

So these are just about medium rare .

I did four minutes on the first side , about three minutes on the second side .

Now I'm going to shut this off and the secret here is we need to let these rest .

So I'll let them rest here while the griddle cools down a little bit and you'll know when they're medium rare when you start to see some of the blood come through like right over here .

So let's take them off and get them on the cutting board .

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All right , let's cut into this and see how it looks .

Oh , perfect .

That's just how we like it .

Look at that nice pink center .

Very juicy .

Can you guys see the color on that ?

That is beautiful .

Let me get a bite of this .

Mm mm mm .

That is so flavorful .

I love this recipe .

It's so simple .

It's something you might not have ever thought about before , but a lot of famous chefs have done this .

I've seen it in restaurants .

It gives it such a wonderful beefy flavor .

Very rich and flavorful and uh just as tender as can be these uh grill pans or electric grills are fantastic for cooking steak .

You definitely got to check it out .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I'm gonna have another bit of steak and hey , if you guys like this video , you're gonna love one of these two right here .

I'll see you over there .


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