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2023-07-09 14:26:23

Chicken Ginger Rice - Japanese & Donabe Cooking

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Hello , welcome to the kitchen .

Today's menu is chicken ginger rice or let's begin .

So , first you like to marinate the chicken here , the chicken thigh , uh bones and skins are removed and the chicken is cut into smaller cubes and the chicken is about half pound .

And here's about two tablespoons of about 1.5 tablespoons of light color soy sauce .

I could show you if you can't find the light color soy sauce , you can use the regular soy sauce .

It's fine .

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So one secret to serving rice , we start with the pork because hi there and welcome to another episode of cooking with me in my kitchen space .

Uh This is an episode that everyone on this channel loves and we are making some pilau .

I have about five or six more recipes of how you can cook your pillow .

But today it's going to be a little bit different because you're using goat meat instead of beef .

So uh these are the list of ingredients that I have for today's recipe .

And here I have lots and lots of onions as you all know right now uh onion with no soy sauce .

Here I have my glass sauce right that I've not yet washed , but I'll have to wash it .

This is the pilo masala that I use .

I have some black pepper and I'm going to come back to this in a few ginger and some garlic .

I have my goat meat , some cooking oil and some salt .

So those are the only things that you need while cooking authentic pillow or the black paper .

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So here's the donut rice cooker and the rice has been rinsed and drained and we use the short grain rice and you can use the white , short grain rice but I like using the um , partially polished brown rice which cooks just like white rice and why it has organized nutritions too .

So you put the rice in the , and then he has Japanese dashi stock .

Uh , you can use stock , but if you don't have tasi stock , you can use the chicken stock or even the best of the stock is fine or just the water is fine because we're gonna cook the rice with the chicken .

So the chicken really , really nice flavors , boy time .

That's his talk .

And then use the sesame oil just a little amount about one teaspoon .

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It's fine .

This will give the nice aroma .

Yeah .

And the rice will be soaked in the dusty stock for about 20 minutes .

Now , the rice has been soaked in the dusty stock and the chicken has been marinated .

So we're gonna assemble and to the rice here is a very generous amount of ginger .

Uh It's about uh one ounce of pure ginger , which was very thinly sliced to almost need the same .

So I'm gonna spread this all over the rice the full year and the ginger will give a very nice aromatic touch to the finished rice .

And then we're gonna add the chicken .

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It's not really necessary , but I like that extra kick of ness in my pillow and I feel like the pillow that I'm currently having is not being adjusted .

So I'm going to adjust it and adjust it by adding just about half a teaspoon of black pepper .

And without further ado , let's get started .

So as you might have heard or seen uh this week , we recently reached 10,000 subscribers and this is a pillow recipe dedicated to my subscribers and especially to those loyal subscribers .

I'll start by adding a generous amount of cooking oil and we are doing things a little bit different today and I wait for my oil to become extremely hot .

Then we can go in with the next ingredient .

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This is just good and we cook this for .

So it's a time of about 15 minutes .

It's been 15 minutes .

So now the rice is ready .

So I just turned up the heat and we're gonna let the donna rest for about 20 minutes .

Meanwhile , do not deserve the rice .

Do not even open the lid .

OK .

The rice has been resting for 20 minutes .

So let's check it out .

It is very hot .

Wow , it smells incredible .

The chicken ginger rice it's ready .

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So that is ok and I'm going to set it aside , then I'll go in with my onions and I'm going to cook this food .

They become good and the meat has given some sugar to the oil and you can smell the aroma of the good meats .

So I'm just going to proceed to cook this for about 10 to 15 minutes till my onions become golden brown .

And that is the secret to getting some brown not adding sails , but the secret is just the onions .

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So once we are approaching at this point , I'm going to do in my ginger and I'm going to cook this for about a minute , then I can go in with my garlic .

So now at this point , you can see that my onions have all become gold and brown and this is the color that you want .

Not anything darker than this because your pillow is going to become bitter .


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