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2023-07-09 14:24:01

How to Cook Brown Rice the Easy Way

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Hi , I'm Judy and welcome to Judy in the kitchen .

Today , we're gonna cook brown rice first .

We're gonna go to the sink .

OK .

Today I'm going to cook one cup of brown rice .

That's about the amount of rice that the average person is going to cook .

So that's what I'm gonna show you .

I'm cooking .

As you can see , the rice looks wonderful as it is , it looks yummy but rice is dirty .

Trust me , rice is dirty and it needs to be washed .

So what we're going to do is pour it into the pan that we're gonna use to cook it in no sense and dirty and extra dish .

I'm gonna pour some cool water into that pan .

We're not measuring it at this point in time .

We don't need to .

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Now , what we're gonna do is just switch it around and as I switch it around that water is going to start to look murky and that's the dirt that's being released from those rice Granules .

As we go see , it's starting to look dirty .

Now with this amount of rice , I would say that it needs to be washed probably three times .

You wanna get that water as clean as you can .

The more rice you have , the more times you might need to rinse this .

You can see the water is turning kind of murky here .

Now , we're gonna take a strainer .

You see that water looks pretty dirty .

We're gonna take a strainer .

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We're just gonna run that water off , put any rice that's spilled out back in there .

I'm gonna repeat this process three times again , the more rice you have , the more times you might need to rinse it to get it as clean as you want to get it .

I rinsed my one cup of brown rice three times , drained it and I've got it here on the stove ready to go .

Now , we need to add some water to this and to make really fluffy nice brown rice .

I like to use two parts of water to one part of brown rice .

I started with one cup of brown rice .

So I'm adding two cups of water if you want the rice to come out more on the sticky side .

Uh a little more soft , a little more done .

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Uh Add about an extra fourth of a cup of water up to that and I'd say no more than that or you might have mush when you're done .

So to one cup of rice , in that case , you would add two and a four cups of water .

So now we're going to cover it with the lid and I'm gonna turn it on high just to bring it to a boil .

I wanna make a special note here about this .

Once it comes to a boil , it's gonna get sort of bubbly on the inside with the starch that's cooking in the rice and it can come up if you leave that lid on all the way , it's gonna tend to boil over .

So if you don't catch it right away , you may have a problem .

If you feel like that may be an issue , cock the lid right away .

Then when it comes to a boil , you won't have a problem with it boiling over .

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Once it does come to a boil , turn it down to about medium heat and set your timer for 20 minutes and then come back and check it and we're going to do that .

OK .

This rice is actually boiled for about 18 minutes .

Not quite 20 .

We can see that there's still some water in there .

What I'm going to do or what I already just did was I turned the heat off .

I'm gonna put the lid on all the way .

I'm not gonna crack it and I'm gonna leave it on the heat .

But because the stove is now turned off , I should not have a problem with it boiling over and I'm gonna set the timer again for another 15 minutes to allow the rice to absorb the rest of that water .

When it's done , the water should be all gone and the rice should be just wonderfully fluffy .

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And you'll get to see that this rice has been allowed to sit for 15 minutes with the lid on .

I did not peak .

So we're gonna see what it looks like .

Look at that .

We have beautiful fluffy brown rice .

You can see that all the butter has been absorbed .

It's not all stuck together like mush .

It's just wonderful .

You see how easy that is not hard at all .

Today , we learned how to cook brown rice and you'll see it really was not a hard process at all .

You'll notice that there was a little bit of flexibility in the way I cook this .

I originally said to set the timer for 20 minutes as you first uh as it first came to a boil and I actually stopped it just a little sooner than that because I was watching it .

And this is a relatively small amount of rice for me to cook .

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And so uh it was actually about ready to turn off just a little bit sooner than that .

About after 18 minutes , the more rice you cook , the longer you can let it go .

I usually cook about two cups of rice at a time and I'll let it go for 20 minutes .

Or if you're adding that extra fourth of cup of water to the , to the one cup of rice , you could probably let it go for the 20 minutes and it would be fine .

So the best thing is just to kind of keep an eye on it and see how it's going and when there's a little water left , turn it off , cover it up , let it sit for 15 and you're good to go .

This is Judy in the kitchen .

I hope it helped .

You .

See you again .


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