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2023-07-09 14:26:18

How to Cook Rice Vermicelli

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Welcome to healthy meals .

123 .

If some of the Asian recipes call for rice from Micelli .

Here's how to cook it .

First .

Fill the big pot with water .

Halfway add in one teaspoon of vegetable oil cover and bring your boil over high heat .

Once boiled , add in the 400 g rice vermicelli uncovered .

Let it cook until it is tender .

Around 14 minutes do stir occasionally to prevent it from sticking to the bottom of the pot .

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Once the rice from Ellis tastes tender and still holding its shape .

Drag it in a colander .

Next , rinse it with cold water .

Oh , then rinse it with hot water to keep it warm .

Do drink it really well .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

You can use it immediately for noodle soup or give it five minutes to dry a bit and use it in cold noodle dish for more new recipes .

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Thanks for watching .

See you in the next recipe .


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