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2023-07-10 08:52:25

Chicken and Egg Fried Rice _ Kenji's Cooking Show

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Now , when you add the onions and the peppers , be sure to mince it very , very finely so that it really melts into the rice .

Now , quick tip say you have picky eaters in the house , whether that's you , your husband or your kids and they are not fans of onions and peppers , but they still want that flavor .

Go ahead and throw those onions and peppers into the food processor and trust me , it'll really melt into the rice and they'll have no idea that the rice even has onions and peppers .

Let's go ahead and jump right into the recipe .

I love using simple yet fresh ingredients to make this rice because it truly makes a difference .

We're going to start off by adding some oil into a heated pot and then we're gonna add some onions , some yellow peppers , some orange peppers .

And we're also going to go ahead and add some fresh garlic .

Now , I do want to note that I am using some yellow peppers and orange peppers because I definitely want these peppers to melt away into the rice .

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So once that water has dried up completely , we're going to go ahead and we're going to give it one last and final stir .

And then I like to place some aluminum foil and then I like to make sure and secure that lid very nice and tightly up top .

And as soon as I close it , I then like to reduce the flame to the lowest possible setting .

And after about 25 to 30 minutes , I like to go in and check to see if my rice is done , which it normally usually is .

And I go in one last and final time and I fluff it up .

Now , if your rice is a little dry , don't worry because you can always add a little bit of olive oil and it'll break it up just as beautifully .

So there you guys have it .

My recipe for making some yellow rice .

Comment down below if you have any questions and come back next week when I have an all new video guys .

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I have so many more right here and right here .

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And that egg is done .

You get it out for now .

All right .

Let her walk .

Reheat one more time .

Now we're going to do everything else .

Basically .

Smoking hot .

Get our oil in a couple of tablespoons , get our rice in .

Ok .

So if you have an outdoor burner , you can get that walk hay flavor .

You know the smoky flavor .

If you don't and you want to do my little torch trick , you can get a torch like this .

Light it up , pointed in there while you cook .

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And what happens is the oil sort of vaporizes and singes and leaves kind of these sooty deposits similar to what happens when you cook a hamburger on a grill and the fat kind of drips in uh and the flames come up and it gives you that kind of smoky grilled flavor .

That's part of what the flavor of is .

All right .

Got some of that going on .

Push that up the side .

I'm gonna get my scallions and my chicken in there has a little stir .

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Look at my peas .

These are not actually even deep frosted yet .

They're so small .

They're going to , you can frost in no time .

I really like frozen peas and fried rice .

I mean , I don't always do it , but I love it .

My daughter loves it .

So I just do it .

You can , you know , you can do whatever you want if you don't want to , if you want to add other vegetables , say like , you know , chopped carrots or chilies , onion celery .

What you would do is stir fry all that before you add , before you put in the rice .

So stir fry , all of it , take it out of the walk , then stir fry the rice and add those , those pre stir fried vegetables back in at the same time that I added that sort of chicken and a scallion mixture .

All right .

Now we just need some seasoning .

So a bit of salt .

I'll do a dash of soy sauce , soy sauce around the side of the pan so that it kind of burns and doesn't it quickly evaporates .

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So MS G we get our egg back on top and a little white pepper too .

All right .

I'm just gonna break that egg in .

There you go .

Some very simple chicken and egg fried rice made mainly from leftovers and yeah , leftovers and frozen stuff .

A couple of other other things but easy .

Right .

Fried rice is easy .

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How does that look to you ?

I think it looks pretty swell .

Alright .

Tastes pretty good too .

Here one you want a little bit .

You want a little bit .

Hm .

A little smoky white screens are tender .

No big sticky clumps .

See .

Right it .

Good girl .

There we go .

Easy , easy chicken fried rice .

All right .

Guys , gals , non binary pals .

I'll see you next time .

Bye bye .


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