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Team .

We're gonna grill up a couple of nice New York strip steaks on the new Ninja foodie Pro XL Grill and Griddle .

Come on , man .

That's a mouthful .

Stick around .

What's up everybody ?

Welcome to cooking with CJ .

Welcome to my kitchen .

I'm so glad you're here .

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So you get alerts on all what we're doing here .

All right .

Team today .

Got a couple of nice New York strip steaks .

I had them in the freezer , defrosted them and we're gonna do something I do on all my steaks .

Are , you've seen it on plenty of videos on , on , on my channel here , but I always dry brown .

My steaks .

Ok .

Now all that is , is just a fancy talk for salting your steak .

Ok .

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So what I do before I do any kind of cook , either I let it go uh , for a couple hours like I did on these steaks or I let it go overnight .

I just Sprinkle salt over each side of them .

And what that does is help draw out the moisture , but it sucks back in that salt flavor and it just accentuates the beef flavor in your steaks and helps kind of start that tenderizing process , right .

So , as you can see , there's been plenty of moisture taken out , the salt has totally been absorbed by the steaks .

So basically , this is very simple cook .

Uh We're gonna use our smart probe because we have it if you guys do not have the version with the smart probe , and this can be done on any of your footy grills .

Uh So if you don't have the new uh pro grill and griddle , uh you do it on the Excel the original .

OK .

So don't stress , it's just a simple cooking technique .

We're gonna go by internal temperatures .

We want a medium rare .

OK ?

So we're gonna use the internal temperature probe , you know , on this particular cook .

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But if you don't have the internal pro get yourself one of these instant read thermometers , I'll put a link down below hit show more underneath the description , there's actually a coupon code .

So hook it up , always cook to internal temperatures .

OK ?

So many people ask me how long it takes to cook something .

It may differ wherever you're at .

OK .

Your machine may be a little bit different , run a little hotter , a little colder or whatever .

Same with being out on the grills outside .

You may run a little different , you , you have different fuels , whatever cook to internal temperatures on your proteins like I said we're gonna take this to a medium rare .

Um , I'm gonna season it up with , uh , some classic steak rub from the best from Cosmos Q .

Right .

It's a new line .

They got , I'll put a link for Cosmos , uh , website down below , but the stuff is very , very good and we're gonna go ahead and give it a nice coat .

Not gonna use any oils , any binders .

This is , this is pretty tacky .

So it should hold on to the seasoning while this thing preheats and we'll get it on .

Uh , we're gonna try to make some cross a March kind of like what I do on my , uh , grilled grade top side .

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We're gonna grill it for one minute and we're gonna grill it top down .

Ok .

Good thing about this new Pro Grill and griddle .

You can cook with the top open or shut when it's a thinner steak .

Like a flank steak , a skirt , stick , something like that .

Go ahead and just cook it with the top open .

You're gonna flip and flip and you'll be done right ?

Real thin steaks .

You don't need to worry about it , but these are good inch thick , if not a little bit more .

So we wanna kind of have , uh , the heat coming from the top in the bottom , so it cooks a little bit more evenly .

Ok .

So we're gonna do a top down cooking today .

Come on over to my Ninja footie grill station , otherwise known .

As .

That's right .

My kitchen island .

Let's get started .

All right .

Team , we're over on the Ninja Footy Grill station .

Let's turn on our grill .

Have it on grill .

It's already on the high setting .

It's set for 10 minutes .

We want to use the preset , get beef .

We're gonna grill it .

We want it on medium rare .

So we're gonna use this knob to turn it to three .

Ok .

And then we're gonna push the knob to start the preheat .

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It's heating from the bottom heating from the top .

So the next thing we're gonna do while we're waiting for this to preheat .

Let's get these steaks seasoned up .

Got our beautiful classic steak rub from Cosmos Q nice chunky rub .

Got garlic onion , heavy duty black pepper in there .

A good smash in there .

Make sure you get the edges , the ends with the flavor everywhere that you can get the fat out .

These are gonna have a little bit of time to sweat this rob on and then , uh , we'll get them in the footy grill and get our 10 probe in the steak .

So we want it pretty much in the middle .

So we're gonna take it , just take one in and push it all the way in looking damn good .

All right , as we cook this steak , we're gonna do it kind of how I do it on my outdoor grill .

So we're gonna set it on the grill great at like 10 o'clock .

You know on the direction on the clock at 10 o'clock .

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And then after one minute , we're gonna switch it over to , uh , uncovered side and cook it at two o'clock .

And it should give us the cross acid grill marks that we like .

Right .

So we'll go a minute , 10 o'clock , minute , two o'clock , flip , minute , 10 o'clock , minute , two o'clock .

Ok .

And then right about , then we should be pretty close to being done with our uh our , our cook .

Obviously we're gonna use that 10 pro to make sure we're at a medium rare .

The first four minutes are gonna be us cooking and flipping , ok .

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Definitely gotta love that sizzle on there like grill grapes hatch marks looking really good , not so much on that one , but that's ok .

That's ok .

Let's give it another rotation , make sure you got contact with that drill .

Great .

Ok .

After the next minute we're just gonna let it finish up to uh the target target temperature medium rare .

We'll pull them out , let them rest .

We'll take it over the top .

We'll be good to go .

Ok ?

So this is the last time we're seeing it until it gets done .

All right , team is ready to roll .

We hit our target temperature , pull these off , let them rest and we'll cut in on them and give it a try .

Got little close up for you .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Alright , let's get them off and then rest team we're ready to give this bad .

Boy , a try , medium , medium rare .

Pretty damn close , nice and pink .

What can I say ?

That's a good taste of steak .

I mean , simple to the point cook .

The internal temperatures can't beat the New York strip .

Even though rib eyes will always be my favorite .

These New York strips can give it a run for his money .

For sure .

Listen , if you guys are interested in getting yourself one of these new Ninja Pro XL foodie grilling griddles .

Yeah .

Hit the link down below the ninja kitchen .

It doesn't cost you anything more to use it , but it helps out the channel and it lets the ninja know I'm working for them .

Ok ?

If you wanna get yourself some of the knives cutting boards , merch any of that stuff , it's all down below .

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Hit show more underneath the video and it goes to the video description if you haven't already hit that join but and become part of CJ S crew here for real on youtube .

Get your name at the end of the video on the scroll .

Be forever immortalized on my videos .

There are other options , other tiers on there to get you a little bit more involved with the channel .

Make sure you join that .

Ok .

That's it for this week .

I hope y'all have a wonderful week .

Thanks for stopping by .

Thanks for cooking on CJ .

Take care .


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