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2023-07-09 14:22:35

How To Make The BEST MEXICAN WHITE RICE, Perfect Every Time!!!

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Hi guys .

Welcome back to my channel today .

How to make the perfect white rice every single time in case you guys wanna make this super easy and delicious recipe , just stay tuned and I'll show you how already guys .

So let's get started with the ingredients .

So for the recipe , we're going to need one cup and a half of long grain rice , half of a small white onion , half of a chile , one Mince Gart clove , one cup of mixed vegetables , two tablespoons of oil , one tablespoon of butter , chicken and garlic salt .

So these are ingredients .

Now let's get started .

OK ?

So we're going to start by grabbing a pan .

We're going to set it on medium high heat .

We're going to add our oil along with our butter and we're just going to wait for the butter to melt .

And once our butter melts , we're going to add our chopped onion and mince garlic , just mix it .

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And now we're going to add a rice , make sure that you rinse it and make sure that when you throw it in , it's nice and dry .

OK ?

So now we're just going to cook it for a couple minutes .

Ok ?

And after two minutes , we're going to add three cups of water or you can use chicken broth so that we're going to add our garlic salt and chicken boon .

So just mix it .

Ok .

So at this point , you can try it to see if you wanna add a little bit more salt .

And for me , this is perfect .

So now we're just going to add our mixed vegetables .

So just mix it again and we're going to bring it to a simmer .

OK ?

Once it comes to a simmer , we're going to reduce the heat to the lowest setting , we're going to cover it and let that cook for 15 minutes .

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Do not open the lid and mix your rice .

All right guys .

So after 15 minutes , our rice should be done .

So now we're just going to turn it off and allow it to sit for about 5 to 10 minutes .

OK , guys .

And after 10 minutes , our delicious rice is done .

So now we can serve just like that .

We have a delicious white rice .

Perfect every time already you guys .

And once we have our rice and now we are ready to serve it with all of our favorite dishes uh like shrimps or just literally anything or even just like that by itself .

It's seriously super flavorful already you guys .

And now for the best part , the taste is I love rice .

So I hope you guys get this recipe a try and enjoy it .

Just as much .

Cheers and enjoy .

Mm mhm mhm Perfect .

Every time .

So flavorful .

Just seriously super delicious .

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Alright guys and that you haven't make a delicious white rice .

I hope you guys have enjoyed watching this video .

If you did , please don't forget to give me a big thumbs up share with your friends and family and if you ever get this recipe , please don't forget to tag me in any of my social medias .

And if you new to my channel , please hit that subscribe button , see us be part of our family .

Thank you so much for watching and I'll see you guys in my next video .

Bye .

Yeah .


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