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2023-07-10 09:20:53

How to cook Rice in Pressure cooker _ Pressure Cook Kolam Rice _ Perfect Rice _ Bachelor's Special

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No .

Hello everyone .

Welcome to my channel cookie today .

I'm going to prepare rice in pressure cooker .

So let's start preparing it .

So for making rice , I have taken one cup of rice and washed it really well , I'll show you which cup I have used .

I have used this cup and with the help of this cup only , I'm going to add 1.5 cup of water .

The only thing to remember while cooking rice in pressure cooker is use the same vessel , same utensil , same bound , same cup for measuring rice also and water also by this , you will get a perfect rice in pressure cooker .

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So I have added the rice in the pressure cooker .

Now I'll add water .

So this is one cup and half a cup more .

So now we cook the rice for one whistle .

So in my very low flame , I'm placing my pressure cooker and now I'll wait for one whistle .

You may hear a little , little sound from the pressure cooker .

That means it is getting ready for one whistle .

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Switch off the flame immediately after one whistle and let it rest .

Do not open the lid .

Let the pressure cool down completely .

So my pressure is completely down and see .

Yes .

So I open the lid , look at the rise , the grains are separated and it is cooked from inside also .

So do try this recipe at home .

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Thank you for watching .


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