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2023-07-08 09:27:56

How to Cook Nigerian Fried Rice Recipe - Nigerian Rice - Best Nigerian rice - Jollof

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Here , we want to prepare fried rice and Nigerian fried rice .

This is the chicken , the full whole chicken .

Then we have uh the rice and the mixed vegetable onions and cube chicken , cube and or , and we have the curry and the thyme and if you wanna use the butter , OK , then we have the salt .

So we're gonna start with this shaking first , first .

OK ?

Now we are moving to the next segment .

We need to uh boil the , the mate sacks .

Then we have the , the curry powder and we have the time here .

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The onions , I mean have the cube chicken .

So we have some water .

I mean depends in quantity .

OK ?

When you look at the rice , the uh uh if you want it March , OK ?

But the rice is a little bit small .

So we need a little quantity of the water .

So we boil it .

Now , wait it for like uh 10 minutes .

OK ?

It's 10 minutes .

So we need to separate the , the water from the chicken .

That's what we need to do .

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Now , yeah , this water was separated from the shaking .

So you need to put your rice , you boil it with your rice .

How they do water on it ?

Then you cover it for 30 minutes .

OK ?

We're done with the rice square cook .

Not just cook boxes .

OK ?

They will put it inside .

They were towed in nests segments .

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Then you put your r you make it hot a little bit .

Goes with your , your butter .

If you want to use butter you can use .

But if you don't want OK , it depends why I put the butter to make it look shiny .

The rice .

So making hot now hot .

So you put your vegetable .

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So you did it for like uh three minutes .

OK ?

They need to close it .

I wait at least 23 minutes .

Now the valley is ready .

So we're gonna move to the next step .

OK ?

The rice is ready and the vegetable is ready .

So we're gonna mix both together , we bring it .

So the pot , both of them together .

OK ?

So we're going to the final stage .

You bring your rice done a little of this that you miss .

You see what I talk about the uh uh butter .

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You see it makes the rice look shining .

But if you don't want , you don't , you cannot use butter but it's OK .

You have to miss it like this on .

It's finished .

So now here comes the fire , dry the Nigerian fried rice .

So you keep missing till you're done with all of them .

Yeah , this is the fried rice .

Nigeria mise fried rice , the chicken will fried it if you can see very well .

But if you still wanna put uh liver in the fried rice , you can still put uh liver .

But we didn't put , if you can see it , we didn't put the liver .

But if you like to put , you can still put liver .

So this is it .

We'll see you next time .

Thank you for watching .

All right .


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