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4 Levels of Garlic Bread - Amateur to Food Scientist _ Epicurious

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I'm Desy and I'm a level one chef .

I'm Beth and I'm a level two chef .

I am saul .

I've been a professional chef for the past 21 years .

I love garlic bread .

It goes good with spaghetti .

And on days you're starving .

The ideal garlic bread is crunchy on the outside , soft on the inside .

Lots of garlic and of course , ooey , gooey , cheesy .

It's delicious .

I mean , what's better than fresh bread ?

My garb bread a little bit different .

But trust me , it's gonna be good .

Some hot dog buns , some mayonnaise .

I gonna butter it up , season them throwing the air fryer .

Follow me .

This is my go to whenever we're having ravioli .

I'm making a beautiful crunchy , soft garlic bread .

Oh , garlic bread .

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That sounds really good with some par cheese and a spicy tomato sauce .

A sauce .

Let's start with the bread .

I'm using a round country loaf .

I'm using hot dog buns .

It , the only thing you have in front of you .

Why not , in all due respect ?

No , absolutely not .

Hot dog buns have a nice texture in the middle , but it's toasted a certain way .

I'm gonna be making a socks the sauce out of anything .

And when you mix it with garlic , Parmesan cheese and tomato , it's just a spectacular experience .

And we gonna start with some dry yeast and a little bit of sugar .

The water has to be warm .

Make sure it's the salt all the way .

All purple flour and salt .

So I'm using bread , flour is the best flour out there to make and bread .

We're gonna be adding the water as we go .

Our goal right here is to mix everything very well .

It's very elastic .

You like it's supposed to be .

So I'm gonna put this on the fridge for eight hours and I wanna go take a nap .

Step one very simple .

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Open my bread .

Next step , crack this mayonnaise , get the spread in .

This is what makes the bread soft .

The areas you spread it at .

It's really easy to just cut the loaf in half slather everything up and stick it under the broiler .

But I've got a better idea .

I'm gonna cut it this way across the diameter .

Then I'm gonna turn it and cut it in the other direction .

I'm not gonna go all the way through because I don't want the slices to fall apart and each piece is gonna be stuffed with garlic and cheeses .

What I want is everybody to be able to pull a piece of this bread at the table .

So she made like a Christmas gift .

Uh garlic bread thing .

OK ?

So this has been in the fridge for the past eight hours .

It's beautiful .

They use a lot of olive oil and I can see why because that helps to keep the crust nice and crispy , all some moist at the same time .

And now we're gonna stretch it a little bit to the size .

It's more for , because I'm only making one for me .

Put some more plastic in here , let it rest a room temperature for two hours .

You know , good things .

Take a long time .

Now let's add some garlic .

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Got my hot dog one here with the mayonnaise on it .

Now it's time to add some seasoning to it .

I , I like to say flavor .

I my Italian seasoning get to cover everything from this .

How you get too close .

You miss a spot .

Sounds crazy , don't it ?

The higher you are , the more you cut and some garlic powder ?

I wouldn't use garlic powder just by itself .

It's just kind of a one note garlic .

I'm gonna be making a delicious seasoned garlic oil .

This process makes the garlic so sweet .

I'm gonna stick to my Italian seasoning in the bottle .

Too much other stuff going on over there .

Everybody loves Italian seasoning on their garlic bread .

But to me it's too dry .

I'm gonna make this from scratch .

Oregano , thyme , rosemary , parsley basil garlic .

This is what you eat when you go to Italy Freshness .

I never been to Italy but I've seen enough movies again .

I , I like doing less quick and less if you take garlic bread as seriously as I do , this step is definitely worth it .

Cold pan , unsalted butter .

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A third of a cup of nice olive oil and our two heads of garlic .

I'm gonna bring this up to a slight simmer and I'm gonna let the garlic sit in this buttery oil bath for at least 20 minutes till it's nice and soft .

Look at that beautiful brown butter smells heavenly .

We're gonna start with the rosemary .

So I'm gonna chop this really thin .

It has one now , some mushroom a little bit because that's , you know , very strong .

It's a nerve that has a lot of aromatic flavors .

Same piece with oregano , oregano I think is a milder version of the I love time to use it on anything .

Now , parsley , get all my oil here and my garlic here .

Get to know your ingredients .

Hello , garlic .

This is why Italian food is so wonderful because everything is from scratch .

Everything is fresh , good amount of black pepper .

Can't add enough salt .

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I'm gonna use a rasp for my second garlic addition .

I'm gonna have basil .

Basil is a very delicate herb , a little bit of red pepper , just a little bit Italian seasoning garlic powder is in there .

My third type of garlic .

Just a dab , right .

The garlic is on there .

You're looking good at second base right now .

123 , simple .

Now , what the olive oil is gonna do is gonna all the flavors , all the aromas into one thing .

So when we spread it , this is all over the , I mean , look at this .

Can you see this on your seasoning ?

I can see everything here .

All right , let's get these additions .

I'm gonna add some Parmesan cheese to my garlic bread to throw it in the air fryer .

Just like air fryer commercial .

Hey , sorry man .

I don't see no commercials out .

You need the face of the company .

I like your boy , man .

I'm down for a sponsorship .

I need the money .

Honestly , I was against it like I was against a lot of things in life .

But as I was growing up , I learned to try new things .

So air fryers are pretty cool .

Do you ever make some garlic bread ?

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Exactly .

The first thing I wanna do is spread the bread apart so that I can get everything inside .

All the nooks and crannies that I cut .

Now I'm gonna add the pieces of garlic to the bread .

Slotted spoon is a good idea because this way I'll get all the garlicky tidbits in there .

Use a brush to get the oil on every single piece of this bread .

Painting a garlicky picture here .

Love is definitely cooking for my family .

If I love you , I'm cooking for you for people .

I don't love , I don't invite them over for dinner .

Let's get some parsley in here .

The Pecorino Romano has a sharp , deep flavor and ooey gooey muds gotta have the muds .

It's been two hours .

Avoca .

It's ready .

I need to add my fresh Italian seasoning .

Look at this beautiful .

Oh my God .

Is this fresh or what ?

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I'm pushing this dough a little bit just to make it even to get rid of some of the air too because we don't want this to be too fluffy and also it holds the oil better and it looks pretty and I'm gonna add more garlic and fresh herbs because this is not enough .

I want this to be very garlicky because it's garlic bread .

And I'm gonna add a little bit of sea salt flakes and I'm gonna add some Parmesan cheese and this is gonna add also a little bit more salt flavor .

You can't be soft with this .

You want it real cheesy .

I suppose you could just put it all on top .

But that's not what I'm going for .

I wanna be able to pull this apart and have it be an cheese experience .

Nice flat .

Keep it together .

So for five minutes temperature , 3 50 go take a nap and come back in about five minutes .

Good to go .

I'm gonna take this garlicky cheesy bread and I'm gonna put it in a 375 degree oven for 20 minutes .

Now I'm just gonna cook it for 20 minutes at 4 25 and it's gonna be nice and crispy .

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And soft and delicious .

While this is cooking , I wanna be making my dipping sauce for my dipping sauce .

I'm gonna make garlic butter .

I stick of butter .

I'm gonna cut it into the four chunks that your piece in the bowl and then we put them in the microwave and melt them .

I'm gonna make a garlic cream sauce .

Cup of heavy cream .

None of what we're making today is low fat or healthy .

I mean , it's , it's good for you because it tastes good .

Lots of beautiful mince , garlic pecorino , Romano cheese .

The same stuff that we use to make the bread we're gonna use for a dipping sauce .

So for my dipping sauce , I'm gonna be making one of my favorite sauces sauce .

No , never .

That sauce in my life , that sauce is in spicy tomato sauce with and pepper flakes .

So basically is the cheek of the pork which has been cured and smoked very similar to and to bacon .

What I love about it's the flavor , the smoky pork flavor that comes out of it .

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When you cook it with onions , the onions become really sweet because you caramelize them , you sweat them .

So it's like a sweet spicy porky sauce right back from the microwave .

As you can see , the butter is melted time to add , I season it .

I'm gonna add some garlic powder , freshly ground pepper .

Not too much salt because the cheese is salty .

That used to have the onion sweat So our onions look nice and sweet , nice and golden .

This is the garlic time when the onions look nice brown when I add some garlic and then we're gonna cook it .

Looking sexy , nice and gold , crispy at the same time .

But now I'm gonna add some , make sure it's from Italy .

Otherwise it won't taste the same .

I wish I had a glass .

Now we have to make sure the alcohol evaporates .

We want the flavors of the grapes .

Come on .

Get out of here .

I'm looking for all the cheese to be dissolved and for it to be just add a simmer .

It has to simmer for the thickening to happen .

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My sauce has just come to the simmer so I'm gonna turn it off and go get the bread stir for about 30 seconds .

We got our dipple sauce .

Now , I think you're ready to go .

Now , tomato sauce , pepper flakes a little bit .

Not too much that spiciness .

You know , that adds the bite that this needs .

That is simmer for a little bit .

I think it's ready and then you have it .

Sauce can wait to try with the garlic bread .

Now , let's put our dish together that we done .

Babies came out .

Mm , 12 hours later here we are nice and toasty .

Oh , honestly , I'm very proud , beautiful .

I have to plate this but I want to eat it right now .

Oh my gosh .

This is what is supposed to be .

See , the cushion soft , crispy over here .

Now , let's play this lovely .

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I'm garnishing my bread with some parsley .

I watch all the epicurious videos and they look so pretty .

I thought I would make this look pretty too .

Move our bread over dipping sauce right next to our bread .

You know , I gotta make sure look pretty before I eat it .

Even though it's gonna disappear .

Presentation is everything .

Here's my garlic bread A K A hot dog buns with some Parmesan cheese and some garlic sauce .

And this is my garlic bread and here is my garlic bread with sauce .

Time to taste .

I always break the piece off too .

You look beautiful but not for any longer .

I'm going to eat you .

It's everything is .

There you go .

Let's see .

It's juicy .

Hm hm hm .

Wow , excellent .

You are good .

So many things going on .

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I'm so happy .

The sauce absolutely puts it over the top .

I have to do that again at a crunch .

That's how your bread is sound when it's done .

Nice and crunchy .

You can just have everybody tear this apart at the table .

Isn't that fun ?

Thank you for all these amazing recipes .

Garlic bread is a delicious addition to any meal or super tasty on its own .

Let's see how each of our three chefs made theirs , made his own folk .

A yeast trays bread that is flat and wide with distinct dimples and a soft crust because it's proved on a sheet tray without being contained the dough flows as the yeast produces carbon dioxide during fermentation , it's to pizza dough but incorporates more yeast .

So it's taller than pizza and more fluffy inside with big holes from the additional yeast .

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There's lots of olive oil drizzled on Saul's which accumulates in the dimples he made making this a rich glossy and tender bread used seasoned mayonnaise based spread that included garlic powder .

Garlic powder is made commercially by washing peeling and slicing garlic .

It's then heated or vacuum dried to reduce moisture to about six or 6.5% making its shelf stable .

Beth cooked fresh garlic in oil and butter .

Many of the flavoring compounds in garlic are lipid soluble .

So she extracted lots of flavor with this method by heating the garlic , the sulfur based molecules react with each other and form new characteristic flavor compounds that are milder than their more aggressive raw precursors using garlic powder doesn't impact the texture .

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So desy added a salty pungent Parmesan cheese on top , saul sprinkles his foa with Maldon Sea salt , which comes from the southern coast of England .

It's light and crunchy due to its hollow tetrahedral crystal structure in various sizes as compared to table salt , which has a smaller , more compact crystal structure , kept it simple with melted butter , garlic powder and salt .

It's tasty .

But because garlic powder doesn't dissolve in butter and may separate it's best to serve immediately .

Beth melted Pecorino Romano in warmed heavy cream and seasoned it with salt and pepper .

Pecorino is not a melting cheese per se , but the high amount of fat in the heavy cream assisted with the smooth texture of that's very rich sauce .

Next time you've got bread cheese and garlic on hand , we hope you'll take some tips from our three fabulous chefs .


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