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2023-07-09 14:30:56

Learn How To Play Guitar Fast & Easy - Acoustic Guitar Lessons Online - Excellent Video Course

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Here's an example of the Decor step .

Number one is to ask which fingers am I using ?

If you look at the chart , it says fingers 12 and three .

So I'm just going to get those ready .

Step number two , which frets are those fingers going to be in .

According to our chart , I have two fingers in the second fret and one finger in the third fret .

Step number three , which strings will my fingers be pressing down according to the chart .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

It says string 12 and three .

So I just press my fingers down like that .

Now that my fingers are in place .

Step number four is just to look at the chart and watch out for Xs just remember , don't strum the strings with the X's and will there's the Decor mhm Some chord charts have arches and these arches represent basically using one finger to press down multiple strings .

So on the chart , if you saw across the third fret , a 111111 with a big arch over it , that would just mean to use your pointer finger and press them all down , sometimes you might just see a one on the top string and a one on the bottom string with an arch connecting them means the same thing .

Just press down all the strings with that one finger , add the rest of your fingers and that's how you do your chord .


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