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2023-07-08 09:10:57

Tetsuya's Recipe - Tasmanian Wagyu Steak

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What the key to perfect steak .

First of all , whatever you do , barbecue , cooking and frying pan , you know , charcoal , whatever we wanna do important is not just a take out before cooking , make sure at least half an hour to hour , take out from the fridge and cover the course .

You don't want to get the dry , but sort of the closest it can to almost room temperature .

So that way cook perfectly from surface to center , evenly cook .

So I will show you that , ok , just like the season , this black pepper both side and salt very lightly .

This extra virgin sesame oil no more sesame oil has been .

What difference with this ?

It's being roasted and then squeeze the oil .

This is actually unroasted .

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So that's why they're white says just not too much .

Just like so garlic you don't need too many of them .

OK ?

Just slice the garlic onto frying pan into a frying pan just like that .

Can you hear the sizzling is not , not like this just very lightly .

So this sort of temperature , I wanna cook the steak .

People think , you know , it's really , really hot , like a smoke coming out .

No seizing the oil on the frying pan , just like that .

You can use tongs , whatever is easier because why I'm careful , I don't want to stretch the meat .

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So just like that just gently put in the , just like that on salt .

Turn out just like that .

Use a spa or some sort of just all of it .

So if you tons , you grab like that and then you turn , so you stretch the meat .

So that's why I'm careful .

You just turn like this , right ?

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Shouldn't stretch a meat also .

You obviously notice I turn all the time because I don't wanna such a beautiful steak , beautiful meat .

So I don't wanna spoil it .

So simply what I wanna serve tonight today is lime , salt chives and freshly grated wasabi ready enough to cut the steak and you can see the , uh , beautiful transfers in the fat now ready to go .

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So this is the , uh Tasmania and what you take our way .

Enjoy it .

Very , very nice .


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