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2023-07-09 14:11:58

How to Make Chicken Penne Pasta

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Hi , everybody .

Welcome back to the between paychecks kitchen .

IO , that's Jack .

I almost called myself Jack .

Yeah , this is our first thing .

So we're gonna do a pasta dish this time now .

Uh , it's chicken .

We've done some pasta stuff before , but this one's got chicken in it and we've been told you can do this one in 15 minutes .

So we're gonna start a timer home .

Probably not gonna put one in thing because the magic of editing will have this done in like five minutes .

But we're gonna get into that and we're gonna try that and let y'all know how it goes .

Be sure to look down on our do we do , we're gonna have a whole list of recipes and stuff down there and , uh , you can find us on Facebook and all that kind of stuff .

We'll get into that later but be sure to like , share , subscribe , bring a little notification thing , do the youtube stuff and let's get into it .

So this one isn't a lot of stuff , you know , it's gonna get like two or three chicken breasts , you get out there and then you're gonna get some garlic .

We're gonna use quite a bit of that onion bell pepper supposed to use half of each .

We use the full bell pepper .

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Now , the cheese only supposed to use half a cup of the mozzarella more a little more than that .

And then whatever pasta you like , we got the , the mini penny stuff so we can do Sean Connery impressions later .

And you're gonna want some marinara sauce .

We got some four cheese in a can .

Very cheesy stuff , man .

Yeah .

So go ahead and get you some water .

Get that boiling for your pasta while you're doing that .

Get you a chicken hand here .

The need to use if you use one hand for your chicken hand , the other hand for your knife hand , you don't go contaminate everything to , to the end .

We lay these out and now you want to do them in like strips and they do little short ones if you turn it long ways like this or you could do long ones .

But you know , pure if you do it the other way I prefer more because you know , I'm not trying to feed just two people .

I'm trying to feed as many as possible .

I cut them long and they cut them in half after that .

So , I mean , either way it works , depends on how you preference it .

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Now , when I'm looking on the camera , I sit around and you know , play with the meats but like , and , and , and nobody knows where that button is .

So I found it .

So you go ahead .

Once your pasta is boiled , you can salt that water if you want .

If you like salt or you just be like wasting it .

Knock yourself out , put it in there , go and put your pasta in .

Make sure it doesn't stick .

Bring that back to a boil .

Let that sit .

Now , I like my pasta cooked all the way through .

I don't like that authentic stuff .

So I just let it boil .

So we got all this stuff here .

We got our thing .

It's only called for three , but we're gonna use seven some things here and then pull the guts out of the Bella pepper .

It kind of came apart when I set it down and then onion , you already pulled all the that thick skin off the outside .

We're just gonna cut that in half and only use half of it .

So cut these into the long skinny strips .

What are we getting out there ?

Like , I'm guessing core pieces that were around .

Oh , yeah .

Just , there was a little piece that had like two or three seeds to it .

So I just pulled those loose and pop those out .

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So you get those cut loose and then you uh garlic , you can use a grater and kind of cut it down or you can just chop it and kind of get like this .

Like I'm gonna show you how to cheat .

They only gonna use half of this and then cut it wise , I guess .

And it makes them long , skinny pieces there .

This is a yellow one .

If you could tell it was yellow , you pulled off the skin .

So get the greater .

Don't use the little one .

You use the big ones here and just take your garlic and just grind it down .

Wash your fingers .

Yeah .

Be careful .

You'll hear it when your fingers hit and get you a cast iron , get it up to speed while your pasta is still boiling .

Be sure to check it every now and then get you a little bit of canola oil .

All right .

This one's not vegan or keto or whatever the hell it is and then throw your meat in there and let that cook around and they go ahead and throw this .

Now if you only got the one skillet and you're just gonna have to deal with a little skillet and kind of keep making sure everything gets turned .

If not , we can get you a big one .

But you know , most of us are broke .

You can't afford no .

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Right .

Like I heard a lot of people like , man , you need a bigger shoe .

It's like we broke .

That's why we're doing this .

So , so that's just what we're gonna do with .

So if you have one of the bigger ones , you have to be careful because the edges are far away from the fire , especially when you're cooking chicken .

So it cook it close to the middle and you just kind of pile it up in the middle and get it in there .

You start it , this turns , it cooks like a stir , right .

You don't want to stick too much .

You don't have a whole lot of oil in there , it gets sucked up .

So when it starts turning white , be sure to flip it over me on the middle .

Easy enough .

All right .

So get that done and get it all knocked down .

Now , this is , if you want to season it , this is where you could do it here .

You could do it later .

I like , see they are here .

So I got my basil out hose that down and then some oregano I been watching way too much BBC and then some red pepper flakes .

They said just for a little bit , but we tend to add it to everything anyway .

So we just put in a few sprinkles in it .

Then you get a stir .

Make sure they get some , everything .

Be sure to season the spoon just in case Jack's looking .

Yeah .

See what you did there .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

It , it happens .

Yeah , it does .

Well , it makes sure that the seasoning gets moved around .

So once it starts getting that quick , look to it , see , then get through this now .

Be careful .

I know a lot of people give us a hard time because we got the canned stuff because it takes a while you get that and you , it , it's cheaper .

It's like 60 cents .

Right .

But you gotta be careful because if you let it sit in there too long , you get that botulism in it , it'll explode and it'll be all horrible .

Don't , don't let her sit .

My step mom .

I thought she killed herself in the kitchen .

Right .

I was sitting there watching TV , in the living room and I heard this boom explosion and this red stuff just splattered on the wall and it came out of the kitchen and like , hit my TV .

While I was watching on the wall , I was like , holy crap .

She killed herself in the kitchen .

So I went to get up slowly , like , holy crap .

I hope that , you know , that that's not what happened .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

But I think she just offed herself and I was met with this herb which is red from one end to the other .

It was nothing but marinara sauce with like two freaking eyeballs in it just coming around the corner .

And I was like , what does she like ?

It exploded and it had this can where the lid had blown open and like stuck into something .

And then apparently the tomato sauce had gone bad and it exploded .

So don't do that .

Be sure to get the fresh stuff , don't let it explode because it takes a while to do that .

Now , once your pasta is nice and cooked and your marinara sitting in there go strain it , use your holy bowl and put it back and just put it in there and be sure to put it in here .

Now , if you don't have enough , if you're only because the recipe usually only calls for like half can wasn't enough .

Just went ahead and put the whole thing in here .

That way you get a nice coating on everything where you're not getting that raw dried pasta .

Whenever .

Now , while that's simmering , let that sit and cook with the pasta in it , go ahead and grate down that block of mozzarella .

You head , I mean , if you just don't have a , you probably could get away with careful because fucking lids hot .

Very spare hand .

I always forget when the camera's on .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So now it's been simmering , sitting there a while .

Smells great .

Just go ahead and Sprinkle that lunk of cheese on it or just splat it on there .

However , put the cheese on the stuff like you can't go wrong if you want to use more cheese , that's fine .

If you got lactose intolerance , just add more cheese and deal with the stuff later because cheese is awesome .

Right ?

So get a nice little stir .

Now this gets stringy and it's great and it looks like old cold pizza is used to when you grab the slice and all the cheese is all stringy .

Whatever .

This is good stuff .

Once it's nice to stir around , the cheese is nice and melted , you're done and that's it .

Just go ahead and pull it off , let it cool off .

Like I said , there is some stringy cheeses , like just over the top .

So let that cool off if we serve anybody because the cheese is like liquid nap .

But that was it .

And it's super fast .

We did it .

I think the actual cooking part , not the prepping and the recording stuff was less than 15 minutes made enough to eat , you know , for 34 or five people , depends on how big or how fat they are and was actually excellent , was very good , big fan of that one .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

There you have it .

This is an awesome thing .

I don't know what our time was .

We took a little longer because we had some phone calls and had to film and that kind of stuff .

But if you get it all prepared or whatever , 15 minutes doesn't look like it's gonna be too long for this man .

So this is great .

Try it out if you tried it and it came up shorter , longer time than that .

Let us know if you try something different .

Let us know that thing .

Tell us if your , you know Italian ancestors are mad because we use the canned stuff .

Did make our own .

I know cats already mad at me because I did that .

So that's the thing .

Be sure to like share and subscribe again .

We very much appreciate it .

You can find us when we're not here , which we're always here , but we upload Tuesdays and Fridays .

But you can find us on Facebook and then between paychecks kitchen there , Pinterest or over on uh Patreon , you can help us out over there .

We very much appreciate it .

You can also find us on Instagram and live in between and we'll see you next time .


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