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2023-07-08 09:24:02

How to Grill a Steak on a Pellet Smoker

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A big thanks to Bernhardt for sponsoring this episode .

I'm going to show you how to grill a steak .

Smell of smoke .

The smoker is one of the best sold barbecues in the world and there's a good reason for that .

It's convenient and it gives awesome results .

However , there's a problem , most owners only use it to smoke meat with .

And that is such a shame .

Just imagine buying this beautiful piece of equipment , spending that much money and then using only maybe 10% of its capacity that's like throwing away money and Dutch people don't like that .

I don't like that .

I'm Dutch , you're throwing away money .

It stops today .

I'm gonna show you how you can grill a steak on a pellet smoker , how you can cook in a pan on a pellet smoker and do many more things .

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I'm gonna show you the full capacity of the pellet smoker .

I select this super good looking flank steak .

It is an absolute beauty .

It has everything that I'm looking for in a good steak .

It's got that beautiful dark red color .

It's got a lot , a lot of intramuscular fat .

It's thick enough and it's gonna be perfect to grill on a pellet smoker .

And before I'm gonna show you how to grill it first , I'm gonna prepare , I wanna square this steak up , so it's equally thick on all sides .

So I'm starting with cutting off the outsides and then taking a little bit off the top and now it's perfect for our grill .

Don't throw this away .

Squaring your steak is a step .

You don't wanna miss out on because it's gonna allow you to cook your steak evenly .

Now , let's talk about how we're actually gonna do this .

This is the burnard smoker .

It's a typical pellet smoker .

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It uses small compressed wooden pellets and burns it in a pot sitting in the bottom of the barbecue .

Then with a fan , it blows the hot smoky air through the barbecue and cooks your food with a simple turn on the dial .

You can set your temperature and it's going to do all the work for you .

You can smoke your beef ribs on it .

You could smoke chicken on it .

You can smoke ribs on it .

You can even smoke a whole giant brisket on it .

The standard set up for this pellet smoker is to smoke .

Of course .

Now , if you wanna use it for grilling or cooking like we do , you need to set it up in a different way .

First step is to take out the grill right next .

You're gonna take out the tray that sits underneath it there you find the heat deflector , this makes sure your temperature in the barbecue is evenly dispersed .

That's also gotta go .

And now at the bottom you see a pot with a burning fire and that's what we're looking for .

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Now , you can put your grill grade back in and then it's set up for grilling and cooking .

Now you can put a cast iron pan on to cook your vegetables in or to make something delicious in that pan .

But I'm gonna use this grill grate .

I'm gonna set this in my pellet smoker straight over the flames .

Once it's hot , I'm gonna put my steak on and I'm gonna let it sit until it develops a beautiful sea mark .

Then I'm gonna rotate it 90 degrees and let it cook further .

Once I got that diamond shape on my steak , I'm gonna flip it around and do the same on the other side .

As you can see , these grill grates are deflecting the flames and spreading them out .

And the fat that renders out of the steak is not causing us to have flare ups , which is very important with these high quality steaks .

Once we got the beautiful sear marks on , on one side , I'm gonna flip it around and make beautiful sear marks on the other side .

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Once the steak hits the core temperature of 52 degrees Celsius , I'm taking it off and let it rest .

This is going to make the magic happen .

It's going to get the tension out of our steak and make it nice and juicy .

I'm gonna set my pellet smoker back up to smoke and I'm gonna set it to a temperature of 160 degrees Celsius .

I'm gonna put in these beautiful tomatoes and let them turn soft and just before they're about to pop , I'm taking them off again .

Then I'm gonna cut up some onions , grill them on the pellet smoker with the grill grate set up and once they got a bit of char on them , I'm gonna put a cast iron pan on top of those flames .

I let it become hot .

I'm gonna put some butter in , put the onions in , put the cherry tomatoes in and I'll let them turn soft .

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And I've selected this beautiful red wine , which I'm also gonna add some beef stock and now it's time to let it simmer down until it's reduced by half grind it up in your blender .

Perform a quick taste test .

Bring it up the flavor with salt and pepper .

These are some hand picked to turn them into the perfect garnish .

I'm going to melt some beef and fry them and now your side dishes done .

Now , you can watch this .

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I showed you how you can grill a steak on a pellet smoker .

I showed you how you can make a sauce .

I showed you how you can even deep fry on your pellet smoker .

Now , what more could you wish for in a barbecue .

Now , let's try that steak .

Hm .

Hm .

Who , that crust ?

That , that crust just grabs you .

I'm , I'm mind blown .

My mind is absolutely blown .

It's not just a fantastic steak .

It's also a fantastic steak that's been cooked in a fantastic way because we've got a crust on this , which is absolutely insane .

But we also cooked it to the perfect degree goes to show that you can actually cook a steak in a perfect way on a pellet smoker .

Isn't that insane ?

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I have a pellet smoker at home .

It's a beautiful thing .

This is a beautiful steak and let's all agree .

This is a huge hit .

A smoker is not just for smoking ribs , not just for smoking brisket or beef ribs or chicken .

You can actually use it to fry , to bake , to roast .

This is a super versatile machine and if you have one at home , please use it for all these options .

Point .

Proven it was amazing .

Right .

Morrison's convinced .

I hope you're convinced to .

I hope you're gonna give it a try .

If you have a bell smoker and if you don't have a belt smoker , then well , then grab one ask Santa for 10 , this is a Santa's already gone , man .

Oh Year end bonus .

That's what you should spend it on .

Oh Yeah .

Hope you get , see you guys next time until then .

Mm mm These are also amazing and keep on grilling .

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I'm gonna leave now because I make place for the new video and you gotta start as a smoker .

Is it here ?

Is it here ?

It's here , right .

Did you put it here ?

It's here .

Click on it .


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