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2023-07-10 08:47:16

Ninja Foodi Grill XL Steak Recipe

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Steaks on the grill .

Who doesn't like it ?

Well , I do and I'm telling you , we're gonna do it up to date in the Ninja foodie grill .

XL doing some rib eye steaks .

I'm Darnell with oven recipes .

Let's get started on grilling those steaks right now .

All right .

So before we break the steaks out , I'm just going to start preheating the grill because it takes like 10 minutes to preheat the grill .

So I'm gonna power and then your foodie XL grill on gonna hit grill .

I'm gonna take it up to the max for the , uh , cooking temperature at 510 F .

Gonna break out my meat probe here .

I gotta get that meat probe plugged in and with the meat probe now plugged in , I'm going to put it on preset and we're gonna do beef and for the wellness of the beef , we're gonna put it up to well done .

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So going all the way up to well done for the most well done steak .

I actually don't want to do well done my bad .

I want to do medium , well , so drop it down to medium .

Well , it's on the high end of medium .

Well , you could go down to a lower level of medium .

Well , like you have seven and eight for medium .

Well , whichever level of medium .

Well , you want , I'm going to go for the higher end of medium .

Well , I'm not going to go all the way to well done and so going to go ahead and hit the start button here .

And so things are preheating .

Well , things are preheating and here it makes quite a bit of noise .

The indicator tells me how close I am to being fully preheated .

Got myself £4.67 of rib eye steaks here .


Choice from the local Costco who didn't sponsor this video .

Nobody sponsored it .

So my sticks going to get him out .

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I've got a little and he's just a little bit of canola oil because I want an oil that is able to handle the heat and just kind of use a light amount not enough to take the flavor .

So I'm going to get my steaks out of here now that I've got my steaks out .

I'm just going to take a because I set a very , very light amount of oil and put it on both sides of these sticks .

I don't want to really taint the flavor with the canola oil , but I want it to just help cool the spices on .

So I'm just getting my oil laid out on my sticks here .

Sorry for the background noise of the grill , but it is a very audible grill as you can tell .

And so I got my stick seasoning .

I've got , I like to grill mix Montreal steak seasoning tastes very good .

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So , just sprinkling that all over this side of the sticks , they're gonna get them coated .

And after I do this side , I'll give the other side the exact same treatment .

I'm just pressing some of the seasoning in now that I've got it in on this side just making sure that it , you know , is held in real good there with the oil and just press it in some to make sure it's in there .

Good flip over and do the other side .

Now , now I'm gonna take my meat probe and stick it into one of these .

You're supposed to put it in like the smallest one and then kind of work your way down as far as done .

Sticks to get them all cooked .

So I'm just gonna stick it in this one .

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I'll use my thermo pen instantly to keep track of others , but I'll do it in this one and this one we know about and when it's done , we'll just check the others .

I'm not too uptight about having them all at the , you know , whatever perfect medium well attempted .

Once this one's done , then I'll check the others .

Maybe they'll be done , maybe they won't and we'll move on from there .

But our preheats almost finished .

We'll get these in in a moment .

All right , preheats .

Done .

Time to add the food .

So , open it up and getting our steaks in here here .

That sizzle .

We'll see if this drill can hold all four of these big boys in one shot .

Number three and number four , just enough room to get all four in together .

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And now we're gonna close up , hold on , gotta get this make room for the probe .

So just press that in here .

So let's add more and close up like that .

So we're cooking away .

We see that our current tip is 45 degrees .

It's gonna grill to 145 and it leaves it to carry over to manage the rest .

So we're going to let this cook for a while .

They'll get to a point where they need to be turned .

It'll tell me when to turn them and I'll bring you back when it's time to turn them .

All right , the stakes reach 112 F and I've got the signal to flip .

So I'm open out .

Look at that , I mean , the side that wasn't even on a grow grate is already seared very nicely on the outside .

Although the inside is just 1 12 , you can see the redness in there .

So just getting these all flipped over , but they look very , very nice .

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So I get the rest of these turned , put that one down , see if I can get them squeezed back together like they were all right .

And good thing .

We've got the XL B , I don't think the regular room will be able to hold all these at the same time at all .

So it's getting them kind of in there like that now that we've got them all in gonna close up .

Yeah , I need to push this stick in just a little for the probe sake .

Now that we've got them in close up and we'll let these continue to cook .

And I don't know how long it took to get to the point of flipping as far as time because I didn't need to time it because the meat probe is doing all the work for me .

So I didn't have to keep track of time .

But we're gonna let these continue to cook till they get to that one 45 then we'll get them out of there .

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And as these steaks continue to cook , the inside temperature of the meat is at a nice 128 F .

You can see that the doneness indicator is telling me I'm at the beginning stages of a minimum .

Well , steak , I mean , not minimum , medium size , medium , well , steak .

So basically it's getting closer to my 1 45 because I went out on the higher end of the medium .

Well , and so basically it helps you to keep track of everything as you cook .

So we'll come back when things get to that 1 45 All right .

It's done cooking and gonna get them on out .

Now , look at that .

Now , it's still in my rest time where they tell me how long they need , they need to rest and I'm just gonna check them with my meat probe here .

So this one is in the 1 40 or 1 30 something range 1 35 down in there .

So a little less than a little less .

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And this one's at the 1 36 .

Let's check this one .

Yeah , this one is really the hotter one of them all .

It's in the 1 45 range .

So these guys didn't really get as hot as the one on the end that had the meat probe in it , but all the same , I think I'm gonna go ahead and pull them all off .

Now I could take this probe , put it over to the others and , you know , try and cook them longer .

But I'm one who just prefers to get them all off .

So get them off .

You can see the other side , you know , didn't get as much searing on that side there .

Let's check this one here .

Yeah , this one got some good steering on the opposite side , but I think it was already , well , seared , you know , on both sides anyway .

So we're still good .

It just didn't do much of the grill mark action on opposite .

So I got a little grill mark on that one here on that side .

Of it , but get these all off , set them all on my cutting board .

I'll let these just rest .

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I think it's like about a 10 minute rest period and I'll bring you on back when the rest time is over .

But you can see these steaks , you know , they got a real nice searing , real nice char all over them .

You can , you know , cook to your preferred temperature , you can set it and really forget it and come on back .

The one that you get the meat probe in will , you know , tell you its level of doneness .

I know for you who use like outdoor grills with like the Weber grills with like the uh the we grill probes , you can have like about four and track the meat of four different tents that's like , you know , full of full size outdoor grill .

But here we only have one meat probe in the .

So you just got to kind of deal with your one meat probe only tracking the meat temperature for one piece of meat .

But we'll let these continue to cook .

I'll bring you all back .

And when I say continue to cook , I mean that they're kind of cooking internally as they rest as they rest , they are still cooking through carryover heat .

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So once the rest time is up , I'm going to check the temp again .

I do believe that it will probably be well beyond the temperature that I tested for each piece of meat earlier .

So bring you back in a moment .

All right , the rest period is basically five minutes .

I've done other food and I did a five minute rest .

But I thought for steaks and I give it 10 personally , I would have given steak 10 .

This is my personal thing , but it gave it five .

And so it thinks that everything is all well and good .

So , going to test the temperature again and we're at 150 something .

You see it rose up from carryover .

This one is up in the 150 something range .

This one here , he's in like the 1 45 146 .

This one here is in the 1 47 1 48 but they all rose through the carryover .

So carryover did work as they mentioned that it should .

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And so the one that we have the meat probe in is the one that I'm going to go ahead and cut into for my initial slice just to show you the inside of it .

And you can see nice medium well , a light pink interior there .

We can check out another 11 that was a little less done and just cut into it just to show you how it cooked .

Some of you would probably prefer this over my steak .

But you know , hey , this is your steak and uh , sorry , it's your steak , but you can't eat it .

I'll eat your steak for you .

Anyway , we're going to take a piece and just kinda do some cutting , slice them here .

I'm just going to cut some bite size pieces off and super tender , super duper tender .

So let me get another piece of slice off of this here , like bite size piece .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I'll get that off there like that .

And I guess we can put this on the plate also , but this is gonna be for my taste test purposes .

So I'll move the camera and we'll do some taste testing .

All right , here's our steak medium .

Well , rib eye .

Let's do a second .

Ok .

Very good .

Tastes .

Very good .

Well done .

Seared steak .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

You would pay a good bit of money at a restaurant for that and you would leave happy .

These turned out good .

This steak does a nice job .

I mean , you can see it and it tastes like it , it tastes real good , turned out real nice , real tender even though it's got a lot of cereal on the outside , you know , real nice sear on the outside inside tender juicy rib eye .

Definitely like it .

So , definitely want to see your comments on what you think about this , this cooker , how those steaks turned out .

And I will say for , you know , cooking steaks , you can let them set out longer if you want to .

I started cooking mine .

They were like in the 40 something degree range .

You can wait till they get up to even like the 60 degree range or something .

Know , some people just let them set out a good while longer to get nice and warm before they start cooking .

But it's all up to you .

I just like to kind of go in there and get going myself even though I know how others may do it and how other chefs might recommend .

I do it my way because they're my steaks .

Anyway .

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And as always good eating .


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