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2023-07-09 14:21:31

How to Cook Rice with Aroma Rice Cooker (Easy Tutorial!)

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Hey , everyone .

It's Tim from your six adventures today .

In this video , I'm gonna be cooking rice with this aroma rice cooker that I recently bought off Amazon dot com .

And this has been improving the quality of rice that I've been eating .

It's fluffy and delicious and it's much better than cooking it on a stovetop .

If you go ahead and look at the front of this aroma rice cooker I have there is a white rice bun , a keep warm bun delay , timer , power button , flash rice steam and brown rice .

Now I can go ahead and turn it out here and I can see it's powered on indicated by these orange lights on the front and this is the bowl that comes with it .

It does have measurements inside here and this one goes up to four cups and this is the inside of the cooker .

It pretty much just seems the rice gets a little bit warm .

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Now , one thing I did notice over this method over the stove top is this will take longer .

So I'm gonna be cooking two cups of rice .

I'm just gonna go ahead and put two and two thirds water in my bowl right now and then put it in here and then measure out the rice .

Now , I am using jasmine rice and I love this rice .

I picked this up from Walmart .

This is imperial dragon .

Jasmine rice .

For some reason , I like this more than white and brown rice .

I think it just has a better taste .

So let's go ahead and do two cups and one of the disadvantages of using the steamers , it does take longer .

So for two cups , it's gonna take me approximately 40 minutes to go ahead and cook .

So you wanna go ahead and plan ahead of time if you're gonna be cooking or eating rice later in the day .

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So I'm gonna go for a run after I go ahead and start this up .

And by the time I get back my rice should be done .

So I have two cups measured up .

I have about two and two third cups of water in here .

And if you're confused about the measurement for the rice and the water , go ahead and , and go into your user manual .

And this will also give you the cooking times for the type of rice you're using .

If you're gonna be steaming vegetables as well .

This rice cooker does come with an extra pan that will sit on top .

If you wanna go ahead and put your , you know , your carrots , your broccoli , your asparagus on top where you're cooking your rice at the same time .

So you can have your steamed vegetables and your steamed rice all in one meal cooking when you're away doing yard work and you come back and it's delicious .

So I have my water in here .

Let's put my rice in here .

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Now , the rice cooker will keep track of the time , but it will only keep track of the last 10 minutes .

It's not gonna count down from like 45 minutes all the way down to like one minute .

So when I turn it on , it's not gonna make a lot of noise and you probably will not realize it's turned on until the machine starts to heat up .

And there's about 5 to 10 minutes after you press the start button .

So I have my rice in here and this is kind of just how it sits , make sure this pan is flat .

I'm gonna put on the lid and make sure it snaps on and it's tight and it's closed properly .

Now , I'm gonna be doing the white rice option just gonna go ahead and press this and there we go .

It is on and it's gonna indicate that it's powered on and it's starting the cooking cycle by spinning like this .

It's orange .

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Now , all I have to do right now is go work out and come back .

So I'll see you in 40 minutes .

So I just got back from my run and my rice is complete and it's nice and fluffy .

And delicious .

Hm .

I feel good .

One thing that I love putting on it is coconut amino .

This tastes absolutely excellent on my rice .

And this is by simply truth and it's organic .

Another thing you want to be aware about before cooking your rice .

If I'm putting in two cups of uncooked rice , it's gonna expand and become four cups of cooked rice .

So you don't want to overfill your rice cooker .

This one is only four cups maximum .

So if this video did indeed help you out , go ahead and leave it a big thumbs up and subscribe to my channel down below for more .

Check out videos coming up next on your six adventures .


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