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Hey , my cookies today , I'll be showing you how to make my savory , smothered steaks and gravy .

Let's cook starting with the steak .

I'm using a sirloin but don't overthink this guys .

You can use any inexpensive cut of beef here .

You can use um eye of brown .

Uh What is it ?

The top sirloin , whatever you can find even cube steak would work .

Ok ?

You can leave them whole , but I like to cut it up like a beef tip almost .

And then I am going to douse it in a worst disher sauce and some seasoning .

You can use Cajun seasoning like me or just your favorite seasoning salt , then give it a quick toss , make sure everything is coated and evenly seasoned .

I've poured some all purpose flour into a shallow dish and I'm going to season it with some garlic powder , onion powder and some seasoning salt .

Um You can use the same one that you used with the steak , but I like to switch it up and use something different .

It really doesn't matter guys .

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It looks like a lot , but I promise you it isn't .

Let's go ahead and take a fork and mix it together really ?

Well , then we're gonna grab our steak and we're gonna dredge the steak in the flour on both sides .

Just make sure you pat it on both sides and then shake off that excess and do that with all of your steak pieces over at the stove .

We want to heat up some vegetable oil , get it good and hot and once it's hot we can add in our steak pieces .

Now , I'm doing this in two batches .

You don't want to overcrowd the skillet and that will cause the meat to steam instead of brown .

And we want that nice crispy um coating on both sides of the meat .

So I'm gonna brown them on both sides , 2 to 3 minutes per side until it looks like this .

And once we've done with all of our steak , then we can remove it from the pan , leave those drippings in there in that same pan .

We want to melt some butter to stir it around and allow it to melt .

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And then we're gonna add in our veggies .

I'm using thinly sliced bell pepper onion and mushrooms .

Mushrooms are optional , but I highly recommend that you use those .

So just pour those in and then we wanna stir it around and allow the veggies to saute and soften and to speed up the process a little bit .

I like to cover it with a lid for about three minutes .

Ok ?

After our veggies have softened , we wanna save that flour that we use to dredge the steak in and we're going to add some of it to this mixture .

This is gonna give us a really thick and luscious gravy and just stir that flour out until it's no longer visible .

Now I'm gonna pour in some sherry cooking wine and we're gonna stir it well and allow it to reduce .

You'll be able to tell once it starts to cook down and reduce it takes about two minutes at the most .

Just give it a good stir .

Now we're gonna pour in our beef stock .

You can use beef stock or beef broth .

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It's up to you and off camera , I added in one beef boon cube to jack up that beefy flavor and now I'm just gonna stir it well and bring it to a simmer .

Once it reaches a simmer , then we can add our steak in .

Now that our steak is back in .

We want to make sure that it's priced down into that gravy and cover it and give it a good stir .

Then we want to lower our heat to about a medium low setting .

We're gonna cover this up with a lid and allow it to simmer for about one hour or until that meat is tender .

Just check it while the steaks and gravy are simmering .

I decided to make my mashed potatoes .

I have that recipe and tutorial already on the channel .

Go ahead and click the link in the description box .

The only difference is I used basil instead of rosemary .

And let me tell you they were bombed with this gravy , right ?

So handle that while the meat is simmering .

And after that hour guys look at this , this reminder that God loves us .

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Look at this gravy just so good and perfect .

I tasted it and of course , since we seasoned every component of this dish , all I needed to add was some black pepper .

Now guys , this gravy is perfectly fine just as is .

But I wanted to add sour cream .

Yes , a little bit of sour cream to give it that beef strong enough .

Kind of feel .

It added richness and it was just perfect in this gravy .

Once you stir in the sour cream , you can go ahead and stir this up over those basil mashed potatoes .

The recipe link containing all measurements and ingredients will be linked down there in the description box .

All I did now was just added some green onion on top for a little garnish .

Thank you guys so much for watching .

I hope you enjoyed this .

Until next time I gotta eat .

Be blessed .


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