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The Best RICE FUFU RECIPE_Step By Step_How To Make Rice Swallow with White Rice_Nigerian Fufu recipe

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Learn how to make a perfect rice for food , which can be paired with any pepper soup of your choice like goats meat pepper soup to Beto pepa soup , chicken turkey fish or any of those related recipes .

At the same time , this can also go perfectly with granu sauce or granu soup .

The recipes coming out very soon .

You might be so skeptical about this recipe .

That is because you have not tried it before .

But trust me , when paired with these soups I mentioned earlier , you're going to enjoy it .

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Let's my bowl .

Here is um some rice I have soaked overnight .

All I did off camera was to wash this rice very neatly , soak it for somewhere about um 12 hours or eight hours .

You can also soak it with hot water for at least 2 to 4 hours or thereabouts .

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The reason for soaking the rice is just to enable grains to be soft enough to be blending .

Remind you that for this recipe , you can feel free to use any rice of your choice .

Any rice that tickles your fancy go for it .

It doesn't matter whether it's brown rice , white rice , broken rice , any type of rice go for it .

OK .

So because my family size is big , I am making five cups of rice .

So please feel free to reduce the quantity .

What you do is to resolve this water come back to you .

So we start the blending process .

I think it's not ready now , I'll bring my blender here into it .

I'll add some water .

The water is to enable the blending to .

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I'll use my hand wigs and mix and combine everything together because um some of them have settled at the base .

OK .

All right .

So my cooker settings is between zero to number nine .

I'm going to be cooking this for food on number four heats .

You don't want to use high heat to start it .

Otherwise everything is going to burn .

Ok .

Yes , I will keep stirring , stirring , stirring .

That's all we're gonna be doing .

It doesn't matter whether you're going clockwise or anticlockwise .

The most important thing is that keep stirring , it stir , stir stir .

That's when it doesn't get burnt .

At the same time , you don't form lumps .

I know some of you will be wondering what quantity of water you will need to blend the rice .

Yes .

So the rice tends to take it up as fast as possible .

So what you have to do is um add water that will enable the rice to blend smoothly .

OK .

So the consistency I have here .

Yeah .

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So when it starts cooking , you will notice that it will become very , very thick and we might even add water later we need to take up .

So I'm applying more pressure because this stage is very critical and important .

Otherwise it begins to develop lumps .

OK ?

The consistency is becoming like you know , pad or a pad .

OK ?

So I will change to a wooden spoon .

And when you're using the spoon , please be pushing it to the segment of the pot just to prevent any ramps .

You see , you'll be be it towards the port like this .

That way it will be crushing down any logs that will come up .

Oh my goodness guys , my heart .

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So this is the thickness that we are having right now .

Guys .

My shoulder is dead though , please .

If you are making it , make use of smaller quantity of rice .

OK ?

So now we are lump free .

The food has no lumps even if it has lumps .

Don't worry , you have to chew it because it's rice .

I have water on my side here .

I touch the water , I clean the edges .

I found it in .

Well , the water has been helpful .

Some water boiling here .

You can notice the steam up in some liquid .

That's where it's going to help you to steam slowly for at least 10 good minutes .

OK ?

You don't want to eat raw rice over it up and allow you to cook for exactly 10 minutes after 10 minutes .

I will come back to you .

Welcome .

Welcome .

10 minutes later .

Mhm .

That looks so nice now .

So I'm gonna give it a stir .

All right .

So it's very easy to just mix it guys .

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The is now completely ready .

It's now creamy in nature .

It's no longer very , very sparkly white like you know how we began it .

OK .

So everything now is completely ready to transfer now to the and the same .

OK .

My time and wrap every one of them here inside the clay , preserve its moistness until it is time for us to eat it .

You see how beautiful that looks , it looks like yum .

You won't even know it's a rice for food unless you know you are to .


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