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2023-07-11 07:03:57

How to play Chessplus

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Chess plus how to play .

The rules are the same as regular chess .

Except for these changes for a refresher of those rules check out this video , each piece except for the king is designed to be able to combine with any other piece to combine pieces on your turn .

For your move , you are allowed to join your own pieces together by moving them onto the same space .

Only two pieces may be combined at a time and you are not allowed to combine your pieces with your opponent's pieces .

A piece may travel any legal distance to combine but a piece may not pass through other pieces .

You are allowed to combine the same types of pieces .

If you want a king may never be combined with another piece .

Combined pieces may move as a single piece with the movement power of either piece .

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For example , if you combine a rook and a bishop , the combined piece can move either like a rook or a bishop .

You are allowed to split pieces by only moving one of the combined pieces away with that piece's normal movement .

Any distance is legal , you may combine a piece from a split in the same move , you are not allowed to split a piece and have it move with the other pieces ability .

When you splitt a bishop , that bishop is confined to whatever color it currently is on , regardless of the color that bishop began .

The game on .

There is no limit to the number of times you can combine or split and you may begin combining on your very first turn , individual pieces , combined pieces and splitting pieces may move to capture any other piece like normal .

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When you capture an opponent's combined piece , both of their joined pieces are removed from the board .

If a combined piece containing a pawn makes it to the far side of the board .

Both joined pieces are removed from the board and promoted to a single queen .

If you split a pawn from a combination to get promoted , only the pawn is removed from the board , you are not allowed to pass on a combined piece that contains a pond .

Unless the joint pieces are both ponds , you are allowed to castle with a combined rook .

So long as that rook hasn't moved yet and you follow all the other normal rules for castling .

If your ponds move to any of your starting pawn spaces , it regains its ability to perform the initial two step .

Move the first player to checkmate their opponent wins .


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