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Hello , my cookies today , we are going to be making these buttery garlic steak bites .

Let's cook .

Of course , we're gonna need some steak .

I'm using sirloin .

You can use your favorite cut .

Just make sure that it has a lot of nice marbling that will make it extra tender and give us that good flavor here .

I'm cutting it into bite size pieces .

I like to go about a half inch per little chunk , toss them into a bowl and I'm gonna add in some soy sauce , some Worcestershire and some garlic powder and onion powder .

We're also gonna add a little bit of salt .

Keep in mind that soy sauce has salt so not too much and some freshly cracked black pepper .

Now give that all a good sauce to Coke .

Now I'm heating olive oil in my cast iron skillet .

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I have it set on high and I'm going to allow it to heat until it starts to smoke like this .

It will take about a minute .

Then I'm gonna add in my steak bites .

I'm being very careful not to add in any of that seasoning liquid because we want to get a good sear on these guys also don't overcrowd your pan .

If you , I have to do this in batches , do it in batches .

You see how I have space in between each steak bite .

That's what we want .

And we also don't want to move it .

We want to let it sear for one minute .

I'm doing one minute per side that will cook the steak bites to medium .

Well , if you want to go well done , I don't know why y'all are childish and want to overcook the steak , but whatever , do two minutes per side , but just know it won't be as juicy , it'll be a little dry , but that's your business after that first minute .

Now , I can go ahead and start flipping them over and if you see , we have that nice brown sear char looking stuff , that's what we want .

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We did it right when you have that , go ahead and flip the rest over and let it go for one more minute when that minute is up , go ahead and throw in some butter and now you can stir it around a little bit to coat the bites in that butter .

When the butter melts , go ahead , take them out and set it aside .

Ok ?

We don't want to leave all that good flavor in the skillet .

So I'm throwing in some more butter , some crushed or pureed garlic and I'm going to saute for a few seconds .

Don't burn it and the rest of that liquid in the seasoning bowl .

Just gonna pour that in there to deglaze all of that flavor off the bottom of the skillet .

Give it a stir , turn off the heat and then we can pour that buttery garlicky goodness on top of our steak bites and cookies .

That is it .

The recipe link will be down there in the description box .

Thank you guys so much for watching .

If you enjoyed this .

Give me a thumbs up until next time I gotta eat .

Be blessed .


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