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2023-07-09 14:29:31

How to Shred _ Heavy Metal Guitar

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Shredding techniques .

It's a very broad term .

And there are other videos that I've done for how cast where you can see me talk about speed picking contour sequences and stuff like that and that all applies to shredding .

But what I'd like to do right now is take bits and pieces of that and show you how I might combine that into a shred solo .

Let's pick a key .

Let's say I'm going to be an E minor , right ?

So I have my Pentatonic scale .

I have my seven note natural liner go and I might combine some sequences where I do four notes at a time .

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I might do some hammer ons and pull offs with the Pentatonic .

I might do some mandolin or world music influence picking where I pick .

OK .

So here I'm gonna do a combination of those things .

Yeah .

OK .

So one thing I might do if I need to play in a shredding situation is to take a pattern and do variations on it and move it around .

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If I take the first two strings and I play a four note pattern , maybe I could change one note , then I might let it breathe for a bit and play some bending .

I might throw some sweep picking in there .

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So shredding is really just a combination of whatever licks , you know , pretty much as fast as you can play them without losing control and trying to sneak in some slow melodic parts here and there to let it breathe .

I hope you've enjoyed this lesson on shredding techniques .


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