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2023-07-10 08:53:12

Stop Overthinking Fried Rice

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If you've been struggling with fried rice , just follow this foolproof method .

There's no complex water ratios , no jet engine stoves , no leaving plates in the fridge overnight .

By the end of this video , I promise that you'll be able to get from dry uncooked rice to perfect fluffy fried rice in 30 minutes time .

Give or take .

So then to start like always , you should rinse your rice here using 230 g or about one metric cup of jasmine rice .

But any medium grain rice will work .

The purpose of this rinse isn't just to give it a wash , but also get off a bit of that surface starch , which can sometimes cause a bit of Gummi .

Then get a pot of water up to a boil and dump your rice and cooking it like it's pasta .

We're not aiming to completely cook it through here .

What we're doing is par boiling the rice which will make it firmer and less sticky .

So after three minutes of boiling drain and importantly , keep that rice in a fine mesh strainer .

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Then give your pot a quick rinse , add in about two inches of water and get that up to a boil , then take the rice that's in the strainer , spread it even and poke in a couple of holes through that mound with a chopstick like soap .

We're gonna be steaming this for 15 minutes .

So nestle the strainer over your bubbling pot .

Cover that up and wrap the edges with a damp towel .

The towel will sort of seal things , but you don't need to be too paranoid about a little crack here or there .

And you could alternatively just wrap it with foil if that makes more sense for you in your kitchen .

This parboil and steam method is a traditional way of preparing rice in different pockets of China .

And it's also a pretty common approach in restaurant kitchens to prep fried rice .

Although in China , you'd probably see it done in one of these big cool buckets made specifically for the job .

So then as that steaming , it's at this time that you can prepare everything else , meat , vegetable , whatever .

It's your fried rice go nuts for us .

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We're gonna keep things super basic today and just do a simple egg and scallion fried rice just to give you a bit of a base .

But we will have a few more ideas for you down in the description .

Then after that 15 minutes of steaming , just take the rice out , spread it on a plate and this is ready to fry as is no drying in front of a fan .

No waiting 24 hours .

The par Boone steam method does your work for you ?

But I do know that in a lot of corners of the internet , many people breathlessly tell you that this rice then needs to be fried in a wok , needs to be over a high flame , et cetera , et cetera .

Now , we like walks , we like gas stoves , but I promise that they're not mandatory and to prove it , we'll fry this up in a nonstick skillet over this little induction stove that we usually use for hotpot .

So then burner on medium low , go in with a tablespoon of oil .

Here .

We're using lard because lard fried rice is incredible , but really use whatever .

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Then go in with two beaten eggs , which I know is also a matter of great debate .

What we like for our egg here is little bits of grain size egg evenly incorporated within our fried rice .

So to get there , we'll drizzle the egg in while stirring , then continuously kind of smush it to break it up after about 3 to 4 minutes of that motion , you should be looking at something a bit like this , which is called or osmanthus egg in Chinese .

But if you don't care or if you don't feel like it a quick scramble would also be totally OK .

So at this point , just scooch that all to the side and up your heat to medium , then go in with another tablespoon half of larger oil and to that toss in your rice .

Give that a quick fry to coat the rice with the oil , then mix everything together and fry it all for about one minute .

If you like a little soy sauce in your fried rice , go in with two teaspoons , then mix it up and fry that for another minute .

Then season it totally to taste .

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But what we like is a half teaspoon , salt , one teaspoon sugar , a quarter , teaspoon white pepper powder and a quarter teaspoon MS G which is totally Western supermarket available .

By the way under the brand name .

Accent quick mix .

Toss in your chopped scallions .

This was 40 g worth by the way , another quick mix then heat off and just like that .

You've got yourself some egg fried rice , no sweat , no hassle , done top to bottom in a normal for dinner amount of time .

So the fact that steam rice is the best uh for fried rice , it seems to be something that both the North and the south agree on .

But that's kind of a traditional wisdom nowadays because most families , they have rice cookers at home now .

And when you're living with your Chinese family with a rice cooker , you often have some leftover rice in the fridge and it just makes perfect sense to just fry them up to fry rice the next date .

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So if you are making fried rice , no need to make your rice , let it left over for a day and then cook them again the next day , just steam some and fry them up directly .

They will be perfect every time .

So , all right , check out the recipe in the description box .

A big thank you for everyone that's supporting us on and of course , subscribe for more Chinese cooking with them .


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