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2023-07-07 13:48:57

Creamy Mushroom Chicken Pasta _ Pasta Recipes _ Italian Food _ Chicken & Mushroom Pasta by Neelam

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Hello , darling .

Welcome to another episode of Curries and stories .

Today I'm going to make my Friday go to meal before I go out for the weekend , if you know what I mean .

So this is penne pasta cooked in a lovely chicken and mushroom creamy sauce .

Great to lie on your stomach if you've got a weekend of drinking .

So over here , I've got a pan with some water .

I'm gonna get that ready to boil .

Well , it is going to be boiling soon .

So while I'm waiting for my water to boil , I'm going to get on with the sauce .

So hobs on .

I'm gonna put a bit of oil in here , and this is just a regular olive oil .

So into that , I'm gonna put about four or five cloves of garlic .

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Now , really , this dish I only make you know when I've got nothing left in the fridge and I say , Oh , what have I got in there ?

Usually I have some chicken .

I'll have a bit of garlic kicking about and some pasta .

So this is kind of , you know , a quick go to meal before I start my Friday night .

So my water's boiling keep an eye on your garlic , make sure it doesn't burn .

I put a bit of salt in there season that I've got a packet of pa penne pasta , so I'm just gonna put a bit of pasta in there .

About half a packet .

Cook the pasta according to the instructions .

Now my garlic is almost browning .

We don't want to brown too much .

Add in one chopped onion and now cook that all we want to do is we want the onion to soften .

Some onions have softened .

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Now I'm using some dried thyme you can use fresh , but the reason I'm using dry is cos it's got a stronger flavour , and it's a bit more pungent .

And also I'm using some dried mixed Italian herbs .

Put about half a teaspoon in there , or so give that a nice little stir and a bit of black pepper .

Now I like a fiery hit from the pepper , so I'm gonna add a little bit extra season With a little bit of salt , you can always add later and stir .

It's a really simple quick meal to throw together , even if you've got a guest coming , and it's a last minute thing easy to chuck together .

I've got half a kilo of chicken here .

Boneless thigh in that goes .

And now cook the chicken until it's halfway or three quarters .

Way cooked and we should take about seven minutes .

Now it's just a little waiting game .

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Keep an eye on your pasta .

You don't want that to get too overcooked and they turn to mush .

All right , My pasta head is eight minutes , so I'm gonna turn this off and I'm gonna go and quickly drain it , OK ?

Right .

I've drained my pasta , but I've left a little bit of the water that the pasta was cooking in the pan .

It'll just help make some sauce and also prevent the pasta from getting all cloy right .

My chicken is looking amazing .

Now into that , I'm gonna add some mushrooms .

I've got a packet of mushrooms .

I'm just kicking it back in my fridge .

Pop those in .

So it's looking a little dry at the moment .

But don't worry about it , because the mushrooms will release a lot of liquid .

This pasta is a really nice creamy pasta as well .

And my younger brother thinks those things He loves creamy pasta .

So this one's for you , bro .

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You will really like this cos you're always telling me Oh , sis , when you make some creamy pasta here you go you can make it yourself at home .

So I've added some of the pasta water that this is boiling in to my pot here just to prevent it from clogging .

And also that little residual water will go back in there and make a nicer sauce .

When my chicken is done , I've tasted the seasoning .

It's delicious .

But obviously , before you add the cream , check the seasoning Cos then you can adjust now for the cream .

You thought you were gonna get away with fat free ?

Not on this show , darlings .

In we go .

So don't add all the cream at once .

Add it a little bit at a time , because if you pour it all in , you may have too much cream .

And you think , Oh , it's a bit of a creamy mess .

We don't want that now , do we ?

Right , This is done .

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Now , if you find that the cream is getting a little thick , don't worry , don't panic .

Don't go for the cream and add more because it will be a disaster .

Add your pasta .

Remember , the water is there .

We kept a little bit back .

Remember that will help thin this out .

So we are now ready to add my pasta in it goes .

So for you healthy people out there , and I'm sure there are a few .

If you don't want to add any cream , skip that point and just add the pasta straight in .

Once your chicken is done , it'll still be really yummy .

But I think the cream just makes it even better .

Cover and stir , and the secret to good pasta is Do not let it fall out of the pan .

Turn the gas off once the pasta's in and just let it sit there for a couple of minutes so the pasta can go in and just go absorb all that flavour .

A couple of minutes , that's all .

I'm gonna add .

Some parsley , but a green edge .

Just a rough chop .

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Quick stir .

Oh , yummy .

And that's it .

Guys ready to serve .

And there you go , guys .

My quick and easy pasta supper quick for a Friday night before you head out with your mates , if you know what I mean .

Chicken with mushrooms and penne pasta and a little bit of cream Do enjoy .

So guys don't forget to like and share our videos .

Please do subscribe to get the curried .


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