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2023-07-08 09:12:01

How to cook a steak on an induction cooktop by E&S Trading

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Hi , Rob Sinclair for me and trading .

I'm here today to demonstrate induction cooking .

And in particular , the use of a cast iron pan on the induction surface itself just to try and show how the versatility of this medium , the cooking medium can really be handy .

The great thing about the pan we're gonna use today is it's one of the ribbed cast iron pans from the crusade .

So it's terrific for me barbecuing inside and the result we get is a great patter on our meat when we're cooking .

So today we're using a Seamen's Induction hot plate and the middle burner I've got here , I'm putting onto the boost .

It's a very , very powerful burner .

So what we'll notice here is a very , very fast heat up time , which is the beauty of induction .

Normally , with the La Cruce pan , we'll find the heat up time , uh can take quite a bit of time .

But with the induction , we've got a really , really fast medium that's going here .

So the objective is to show the evenness of our cooking .

I've got two beautiful steaks over here which I might just get together and when you're cooking in a pan like this .

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We don't want to put oil in the pan because what that does is actually cause too much smoking .

We actually just wanna oil the steaks directly , which minimizes the amount of smoking that's going on .

So I'll rub that oil on both sides .

And then what we wanna do is just add a little bit of salt on top and we've got the Murray River salt flakes here , which is just a beautiful , uh little bit of flavor to uh add to our meat , both sides , bit of cracked pepper , lovely .

And we'll just start to see this pan emitting a bit of smoke , which is good .

It's just coming to temperature now .

And I think that looks good and we can hear straight away the sizzle of those steaks .

So the great , you know , opportunity for the induction cooking is we've got speed , but also we're gonna see here on this particular pan , the nice even distribution of the heat uh across the whole pan itself .

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So we don't get a hot spot and particularly when we're using a gas burner , we'll notice in the middle that we , we actually find the heat uh concentrated where the actual burner itself is .

So this is a great um medium to be cooking nice , even full covered um cooking in the pan .

So it won't be long before we're turning these again .

And we'll get to see the results uh on the base of these steaks here and how nice the heat has been distributed through the actual pan .

The great thing to show you here as well is even though my pan is super hot , you'll see my hands are really close to the actual um the the cooking area because what induction does it only agitates the iron molecules in this cast iron pan , there's no heat coming out of the actual hot plate itself .

So the only thing that's being hot or it is hot here in this process is the actual pan .

So I'd say these are ready to turn over and that's looking fantastic .

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The actual hot plate I'm cooking on today is a Seamen's uh the Seamen's product comes out of Germany and this particular burner in the middle here is a 4.4 kilowatt burner .

So one of the most powerful on the market .

And certainly , again , when I'm doing a big pot or a big pan , this can be a really um a terrific um uh brand to be working with .

So certainly the results are speaking for themselves here .

I think we'll just give those just a tiny bit more time and they should be absolutely delightful .

See how they've cooked up .

You'll notice here on the bottom again , if I just hold that steak up for you , you know , the finish there is just magnificent .

We've got , you know , terrific patterning on the steak , beautiful evenness of the temperature and the result will be internally a beautiful , a beautiful medium rare steak cooked through on both sides , nice and evenly .

But of course , the longer you cook it , the more to your taste if you prefer medium or well done is totally up to you .

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But the great thing about the induction cooking that we can see here is that we've got a lovely even patterning on the steak .

And the results uh for , for uh for cooking on are , are just terrific .

So there we have today Induction cooking barbecuing inside using the La Cruce cast iron pan , giving me terrific barbecue results uh with no mess .

And the great advantage of this induction cooking today is also gonna be the cleaning .

And what you'll see here is that , that , that traditional spattering because I'm working with the surface and I can wipe right over that at that , that burner .

And you'll notice here , what I'm actually doing is right over the surface of where I've been cooking because the heat's in the pan , the heat's not on the surface .

This will be to uh warm to touch , but the heat has only been generated from the pan itself .

So a very , very easy clean down and , you know , it has to be one of the greatest advantages of the induction cooking is I don't have messy rings that have been burnt on around or all the different , um you know , uh tribes that I need to clean off with gas .

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So there we have it fantastic , easy to use and easy to clean afterwards .

Induction cooking .


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