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2023-07-27 17:54:41

How to Play Pentatonic Scale Pattern #2 _ Guitar Lessons

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So we've learned Pentatonic pattern number one , let's learn pattern number two and then we're gonna put it all together eventually , right ?

So pattern number two , how about we do it at the 12th , Fred ?

Right ?

So it's gonna go 1414131 three .

Here's where it gets tricky 24 and then 14 .

All right .

So let's go over that again .

We have 14 , 14 , 13 , 13 , 24 14 .

And then of course , backwards , we want to do the same thing , but just starting on the higher note , right ?

Four 14231 .

How about we do it at the seventh Fred ?

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

14131 2414 .

Right ?

How about backwards ?

How about at the third prey ?

And then of course , let's try it open .

So again , we have to imagine there's a threat here , but we're gonna do it in a more natural position and it looks like this 03 03 0202 , 13 .

So no open string there , right ?

Just 13 and then 03 for the last one .

And of course backwards is the same .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

There you go .

Pentatonic pattern .

Number two .


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