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2023-07-10 09:18:07

Fried Rice (Vegetable Fried Rice)

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Welcome to Cleo's cooking today .

We're making sure fried rice .

And here I have a pan on the stove which I'm gonna add some boiling water to .

But I'm still gonna allow it to even get more bubbly in the pan before I actually put the rice in .

And then I'm gonna move on to cutting up my vegetables for the rice .

And I'm just gonna show you how I slice the carrots down before cutting them into Julian's pieces or sticks if you wanna see .

And then I gather them in a heap and I chop them fine .

And that's the quickest way to do it by hand growing up .

I had to , to cut , cut up the vegetables for the fried rice and it was a monotonous task .

So I've found a way over the years how to just do it as quickly as possible .

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So now I'm adding my rice to the pan , but I'm not gonna add any salt because we will be using soy sauce later on and that has enough salt in it .

So I'm doing the same thing with the spring onions .

I'm just slicing them down the middle and then I'm gonna gather them into a heap as well and I'm gonna chop them fine and it's gonna be pretty quick .

So I'm continuing with my celery .

So this is a very healthy rice because it has lots of vegetables in it .

So if you're , you're a vegetarian and it's quite nice for you as well .

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So everything is cut into Julianne pieces or match stick pieces if you want to see and just look how I do the , the garlic , slice it down and then chop it finely and that one's done .

So slice it thinly again , gather it all up and chop it thinly .

So I'm now just checking the rice to see how much more cooking it needs .

And I'm back to my sweet peppers , which I'm chopping fine again .

Right ?

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So all our vegetables are ready and our rice , we can see that I'm crushing the greens between my thumb and index finger .

And now we have our pan with our sesame oil and our carrots and we just saw tea in it for a few minutes about about three minutes until they're nice and tender .

And then we're gonna add in the celery stalks and the carrots .

Here we are in the salary stalks that we've chopped up .

Now we're gonna add another garlic .

I'm not sure if I said carrots twice , but we adding our garlic .

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No , I'm just gonna let that sort here again for a couple of minutes until that's a bit tender and then we're gonna add in our peppers .

What we don't want to do is overcook the vegetables because it's not gonna be nice if things are overcooked , we want them to retain some of the color .

Here is some Chinese five spice , just a teaspoon of Chinese five spice that really adds flavor to the dish .

Fried rice is very popular in Trinidad growing up .

We , we had to chop vegetables for it every single Saturday evening or Sunday morning just to prepare for making this rice .

And we served it either with fried chicken , stewed chicken or we had pork or beef roast chicken .

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The options were endless but it almost was a must have within families .

So here I'm adding my chopped spring onion at the very end because I don't want it to go too much .

I'm just gonna mix that in and then we have a little rice here , nicely finished and we can see , still see the vibrant colors .


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