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2023-07-10 09:16:21

How to Cook Steak on a Shovel _ The Art of Manliness

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OK .

Now we're gonna do something a little different .

We've done a lot of experimented with a lot of different types of grilling , especially one of the big things going now is primal grilling .

So what is primal grilling ?

Primal grilling is something that is really out of the ordinary or presses the edge of the envelope uh of your grilling and cooking over fire .

So today we are gonna cook on a shovel .

So our friends at cap crafting iron made us a great fire bowl which you're going to see in a bit .

But this could easily be done on your barbecue grill , charcoal grill , whether it's a web or kettle or even a fire pit if you're out camping , uh It's just really a cool way to do it .

A lot of people will probably say why in the world would you cook on a shovel ?

I know what I do with my shovel and the last thing I do with it is cook on it .

Well , we have shovels that are specifically for cooking .

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We go down to Deep Home Depot .

You spend 15 bucks , you get a nice clean shovel , wash it with soap and water sterilize it over the fire and it's going to be perfectly fine .

It's a lot like cooking on a cast iron skillet over a flame .

So , the other question is why do we just cook over a cast iron skillet ?

Well , there's just a really cool factor if you got kids or you're having a party , any time the guest can grab a shovel , put their meat , whether it's fish , steak , chicken , whatever , put it on a shovel and cook it .

It's something that they're going to remember forever .

And you're going to be the coolest grill master ever .

So , what we're gonna cook today are a couple of rib eyes and we're gonna cook them on a shovel .

Now , if you have a shovel at home , we're going to season these up with just a little salt and pepper and we use kosher salt .

It's got a little coarser grain when it hits that fire , it's gonna caramelize and really give a good flavor .

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Now , if you at home don't have a cooking shovel , which I would imagine 99% of the people don't .

And you're a little freaked out by it .

You can really scrub down your shovel with soap and water and , uh , heat it and sterilize it over the fire .

Get it really searing hot , add a little olive oil to it and it would be just fine .

And I know you're thinking , no , it's not .

You don't have any idea what you're talking about , but we've done it .

We've had people do it all the time and , you know , if you're worried about it , trust me , go down the Home Depot , get a shovel for 15 bucks and keep it as your cooking shovel .

It's something you're gonna love for the rest of your life .

So let's get to the fire pit and let's cook on a shovel .

Ok , here's our shovel .

We weren't kidding .

We're really gonna cook over a shovel .

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So these are our shovels and all we ever do on these are cook .

So the first thing we want to do is really get it good and hot and you can turn it over .

You can see our fire pit and a lot of people have fire pits at home , get it good and hot and any germs or anything that's on there .

Trust me , just leave it on there until it gets really hot .

You're going to sterilize that shovel or as we mentioned before , just go get one .

So you want to let it heat up really good .

And we've got Grant here today , Grant is going to help us cooked on a shovel .

And trust me , we've been camping with a bunch of boy scouts a couple weekends ago and they freaked out , they loved it to death .

And so the first thing they do is they run home and they tell their parents , hey mom , dad , I cooked on a shovel .

And so that's great .

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So once you get good and hot , you're , that's what's gonna give you that good sear , gonna caramelize those spices on there and then we're gonna be able to cook it and again , cook it , whatever you want , medium , medium rare , whatever it's gonna work .

So now we're gonna get the meat on .

You got your tongues and you'll hear it when it hits the deal .

Look at that sear and you always want to keep your shovel .

You don't want to put it directly on the flame , but keep it really close .

And again , you can move around your fire pit , your fire bowl .

And again , you could do this on your grill .

We or kettle , we've done it there and you get the same great results .

We're doing ours over wood here .

It could easily be done over charcoal .

If you have a little charcoal chimney , get a couple good flows of that with some wood chips .

It really gives a good smoked flavor .

And again , we've done chicken .

We've done fish , we've done lobster .

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We've done just about everything .

We've done vegetables on a shovel .

Sauteing onions is absolutely fantastic .

You could have a guest that's working on onions while the others are cooking the steaks .

You can fit a couple of steaks on your shovel .

You could do surf and turf , let your imagination just run wild just like on your grill .

A lot of people always ask us , well , I don't know when to turn my steak .

Well , you always want to look for little pools of blood or liquid to form on the top .

And that way , you know that it's time to flip your steak .

So , um , we're going to let this cook just a minute or two and then we'll come back when it's time to turn it .

The steaks have been on about three or four minutes .

We're going to cook them to a medium , medium rare .

So we're ready to turn them .

Look at that perfectly caramelized again .

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You'll put it right back on the fire and we'll cook another three or four minutes and cook it to however you want it done , whether it's media , media , well , whatever , it's your choice , you're in control of your own shovels .

Now , burn your shovel off .

Turn it over the other way , get some good flame going .

There you go .

Ok .

Your guests are ready .

They're at their table , they're ready to eat .

Grant's going to cut into your steak .

Good solid , medium rare .

Oh , yeah , that's good .

Thumbs up .

Thumbs up grill on a shovel .

Everybody try it out .


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