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2023-07-09 14:08:26

Whip Up These 3 Delicious Weeknight Pasta Recipes in No Time

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Crispy pan fried salmon with lemon and zucchini , fettuccini , a vibrant green sauce and some rigatoni and chicken with outer chokes and olives .

These three week night dishes are super quick to pull together .

Let's get stuck in .

Alright .

This is a pretty quick one to pull together and everything kind of cooks at once .

So we're gonna start by getting our salmon into the pan .

Cos that's gonna take a while before we assemble the whole dish in the pan after .

So we've got a medium size sauce , spon good amount of olive oil in there , season your skin side of your salmon and then this doesn't need to be ripping hot , but you want some heat in it , especially because this is a stainless steel pan and that'll avoid it sticking away from you .

Salmon goes on just a light press if it starts to bubble up and we'll let that do its thing .

You want it on like a medium , medium high heat cos you want time for the skin to nice and crisp up and it to kind of slowly start cooking the flesh through from the bottom .

So while our salmon's cooking , you should turn that down a bit .

It's gonna get a little bit hot .

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We're gonna cut our zucchini .

Nothing too crazy .

Cut it down the center and then we're just gonna cut it into a little kind of half moon shaped pieces .

I think that you want them about that size .

They can kind of saute nicely without over cooking .

Now , time for the pasta .

So this is some , some dried fettuccini , some egg based pasta .

We're gonna cook in about six minutes in boiling water .

So now that we've got some good color on this , the salmon , it's probably only about six minutes away .

So it's a good time to start cooking the pasta .

So we've got a big pot of boiling water .

Careful steam burns , hurt , gonna season it relatively generously with salt .

And the pastor goes and let that do its thing .

We'll check it after five minutes .

So our salmon's cooking our pasta's cooking and there's not much more we can really do right now .

We've got our baby spinach ready .

We've got a lemon ready .

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We're gonna use a lot of the zest in this which gets like a lot of that real nice lemon oil and fragrance to it .

Basically , once our salmon's finished cooking , we're gonna room it from the pan , we'll saute our veg , add our pasta to it , season it really well with the lemon juice , lemon zest and salt and then we'll plate up after enough salmon on top .

So at this point , you can see the color of the flesh on the side of the salmon is kind of almost reaching the middle of the thought .

That's when you're gonna start thinking about flipping it .

If you want kind of medium rare salmon , medium salmon , which I like to have .

If you want your salmon fully cooked , then you want this , this kind of line and protein to go up even further .

But basically , all we're gonna do is start sealing the other sides .

Now .

So really carefully up on a side , seal that outside .

You want to leave it there for about 20 seconds before you turn it on to the next side , 20 seconds onto the other side .

And then for the last minute , we're gonna put it onto the flash side .

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The other thing you can do is if you really want uh your salmon well done , which a lot of people enjoyed having is uh get a little oven tray , put the uh salmon on the oven tray and pop it through the oven for a bit .

Alright .

At this point , I'm happy with how that salmon's cooked and I'm gonna pull it out , leave that to a side , the pan's still on .

So now we're gonna add in our sliced zucchini carefully .

This oil is very hot .

You shouldn't need to add heaps of salt here .

A lot of the salt from the salmon would have come off , but turn that up to high and just saute those zucchinis now and I haven't added any more oil cos a lot of the oil from the salmon's come out and it's gonna really fragrance those zucchinis .

Let's check the pasta .

Alright .

This is ready to come out , scoop our pasta out .

We don't need to be too particular about how much water's coming with it .

A bit of that starchy water helps to bring the pasta together .

Here's our pasta .

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So we're getting some nice color in our zucchinis , which kind of want a little bit more , to be honest , but we'll start seasoning them .

So lots of black pepper , lemon zest and then we'll add the juice once the pass is back in the pan , you can see these zucchinis are getting nice color on them .

Now they're still hot in their shape .

That's exactly what we want .

And with our baby spinach and our pastor .

Oh , we squeeze of lemon .

All right .

Ready to serve .

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Bow down right piece of salmon on the top .

Finish it with a little bit more olive oil .

And there we go .

Your pasta for two people with a really nice protein and like 12 minutes .

Realistically delicious .

Let's move on to the next one .

Alright .

So the next one , we've got a rigatoni with some silver beet or Charred , a few different names .

We're gonna make a really nice green sauce out of the leaves and then we're gonna dice up the stems uh and we're gonna saute them down to go in with the pasta .

So first things , first is we need to get that ready .

It's pretty simple .

Take the leaves , run your knife down them and we'll keep that part separate from this part .

So we're gonna save these then with the white parts , we're just gonna dice them up .

The stuff's pretty fibrous .

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So it takes a little bit of cooking and it also helps if you dice them relatively small .

So that's about two cups worth .

I think that's all we're gonna need for this amount of pasta .

So for two people with these stuff , wrap them up in a , in a paper towel , damned paper towel .

Chuck them in the fridge and then put them in the next stir fryer or something that you're gonna have .

Alright to cook the whites of our silver beet pan on a medium high heat , decent amount of olive oil .

Got some garlic here .

Four cloves .

This doesn't need to be super fine , just give it a crush and then run your knife through it .

And before that pan gets too hot and with the garlic , you just wanna open those flavors up and really perfect in that oil .

You not really wanna kind of brown the garlic so that you're gonna add as much or little chili flakes as you want and same thing you're just kind of infusing that chili into that oil .

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Time for the silver beet season it with salt and we're just gonna saute that down .

It's gonna take about 10 to 12 minutes while that's sauteing down .

We're gonna cook our pasta and we're gonna blanche our greens , then we'll blend it with some Parmesan to make the really lovely green sauce .

Alright .

So salted boiling water just like all pasta and there for as long as it kind of sit in the packet , usually about 8 to 10 minutes , right .

We've got another pot of water , good season of salt .

To be perfectly honest , this pot's way too big for the job , but that's boiling and our greens go , we're just gonna blanch these for about three minutes .

And it's really important that the water's boiling because what that does is it keeps that sauce nice and green , right ?

This has been cooking for three minutes and it's nice and tender .

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Drain it off but try and save some of that water because we might need it to thin out the sauce .

So I pulled the walter uh silver beet from the colander into a container that we're gonna blend it in .

It's gonna graze in some Parmesan and then we're gonna blend it up .

It's gonna add a good drizzle of olive oil in there too .

Alright .

At this point , our pasta is very close to being ready .

Our silver bit whites are cooked .

I'll be perfectly honest , these probably caught a little bit more than I would have wanted them to , but that's alright .

Then goes our sauce low heat and we'll just get those all nicely together before we add our pass into the equation .

And then we're pretty much ready to serve great time now just to test the sauce .

Hm .

Needs a bit of salt , but it's pretty good .

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Ingredients , fettuccini noodles cooked according to package instructions , mixed seafood or heavy whipping cream , cooking rice wine , onion garlic , salt and ground black pepper , cooking oil .

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And finally a bit of an easier one .

Chicken and then this here it's all from a jar .

There's nothing wrong with this stuff .

It's all delicious .

Get good quality stuff .

I've got some kalamata olives , some artichokes and some roast red peppers .

Now the red peppers are the easiest ones .

You can roast these yourself , but they're really good quality ones and jars .

So this is a super easy one to pull together .

I've got some diced chicken thigh and then some pasta .

So first of all , let's get this chicken cooking into a pan , decent amount of olive oil , a little bit of heat in the pan , add the chicken season it with some salt .

Alright , while our chicken's cooking , let's get the pasta going .

So same as always boiling salt and water .

8 to 10 minutes .

So while the pasta's cooking , we're just gonna continue to brown our chicken and now we're gonna get our veg ready .

Now this couldn't be simpler .

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These little suckers , you can cut them in half like that , but I'm just gonna leave them whole , they kind of break up a little bit anyway and some of the petals will come off .

The only thing that really needs some attention is these roast peppers .

So just run your knife through it .

So you get nice strips .

It couldn't be easier .

Now , this chicken's almost completely cooked and this theft is kind of pretty optional .

If you don't a drinker or you don't want to cook with alcohol , just leave it out or do it with a little bit of water .

But there's lots of really nice chicken fond on the bottom of that pan .

So I'm just gonna give it a little splash of white wine just to get all that flavor off the bottom .

The only other thing I need to get ready is some basil .

I like to keep it pretty chunky .

Just make sure you pick it pretty fresh .

Uh I also like heaps of basil in mine .

These leaves are getting a bit big , just tear them in half .

Alright .

So at this point , our chicken is cooked through uh you can eat that fine as it is .

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First up oil garlic after nothing would decide in cooking rice wine .

Then just start learning then and off for a few minutes for a few minutes after simmering salt and ground black pepper , heavy whipping cream .

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Then I that is a similar lastly mixed seafood squid , no crab , no shrimp , no mussels and then measurements ingredients .


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