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2023-07-08 09:17:11

How to Grill a Killer Steak on the Weber Q... Rib Steak (aka - Bone-in Rib-eye)

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Hey everybody .

Welcome to the channel .

I am the fire escape griller .

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And without further ado today , I'm gonna show you how to grill the perfect rib steak using a Weber Q right here on the fires .

Let's see what I got at the butcher today .

It's a rib steak .

Look at this thing .

I like getting meat so much better at the butcher than I do at the grocery store .

You get better quality meats cut exactly how you like them .

A rib steak is a rib eye with a bone in it .

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Sometimes it's called the bone in rib eye .

Other times it's called the rib steak and it's cut from the prime rib roast and this is a beautiful rib steak .

Got that marbling , beautiful amount of fat .

This thing already looks absolutely delicious .

Like I said , when you go to the butcher , you get it cut exactly the way you like it to season this steak .

I'm gonna keep things just super simple , not even adding oil , just some good sea salt and some fresh ground black pepper .

We're gonna do both sides .

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This is a big piece of beef so you can go pretty heavy with the seasonings and pat those in , get some on the sides and we're gonna let this rib steak sit out for the better part of an hour to come up to room temperature out here on the fire escape .

I've been preheating the Weber cue and I'm gonna oil these grapes with grape seed oil and grape seed oil has a higher burning temperature than olive oil .

And we're gonna add our steak diagonally across the bars , close the lid and grill on high for 2.5 minutes .

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After those 2.5 minutes , we're gonna rotate the steak .

90 degrees .

Get some nice cross hatch grill marks , close the lid again and keep grilling over high heat .

2.5 minutes later , I'm gonna flip the steak and we can see those nice cross hatch marks still grilling over high heat .

You really want to get a good sear on the outside of this steak .

I'm gonna close the lid and keep on grilling .

This is four minutes on the second side .

I'm gonna feel how firm this is and it still feels a little bit soft , close the lid and give it another minute or so .

And here we are now , the steak has been on the grill for five minutes on each side .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I think we're ready to come in after a 10 minute rest .

You can see , I put some butter on a couple of minutes ago .

I didn't do it too early because I wanted to wait for the camera to roll so that you can see that there was butter on it .

Now , let's cut it open and take a look inside .

How does that look ?

Medium rare ?

Maybe a touch on the rare side .

But that's ok .

I'd rather have it a touch on the rare side than a touch on the medium side .

But that's just me grill yours to the doneness that you prefer .

Now let me just cut off a piece and give this a try .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

That is so good .

The butter mixed with the steak juice .

This is just absolutely phenomenal .

Take another , I need another bite and that right there is a delicious piece of beef .

So that's how I make a rib steak using the Weber Q use this video as a template and make the changes that you see fit .

Like if you want to add garlic powder , go ahead and add garlic powder if you want Montreal seasoning for a nice crust .

Go ahead and do that totally up to you .

Just give this recipe a try and let me know what you think in the comments below .

Leave a like , subscribe and of course , keep on grilling .


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