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2023-07-08 09:17:05

Flame Grilled Rib Eye Steak

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The reason cutting a thick steak is good is because if it's too thin , you can't cook it properly .

It heats all the way through in no time .

And before you know it , your steaks overcooked .

So we'll cut these into good size chunks and we're gonna season them up , but we're not gonna season them up just yet .

We're gonna season them about three quarters of the way through the cook .

So I'll trim this one here off .

This one can go to the dog or the cat .

You can move the grade around if you didn't target it .

Right .

Just like this , slow the grade around a bit .

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Keep the flame on it , flip it , flip them over , flip this one and keep it sizzling .

Yeah , we're not worried about timing or anything because we're gonna cook with a probe thermometer .

And this is your friend .

You want one of these , you don't want to be guessing with , uh , pushing the hand bullshit and the , and the minute timing and all that this tells the truth .

So currently I know internally this steak is 99 F .

Ok .

This one here is 100 it's 99 degrees .

Uh This one here , keep it going .

Don't be afraid of flames can keep checking all the time .

And if you need to give it a break , just take it off over here to the cool zone .

Give it a break .

We're aiming for 100 and 15 F .

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So flip it over .

Move this one to here .

This one here , this one here needs a bit of more heat by the look of it over to here .

Now you can reverse sear as well .

And basically that means exactly what it sounds like as you cook it over here in the cool zone with the lid on first and then finish it over here .

So we're searing first and we're gonna take it off the heat to give it some indirect cooking .

Right .

I think that that's not looking good enough .

So we'll move these over here .

So over here .

Yeah .

Don't worry about trimming the fat , leave the fat on , leave everything on the meat .

Let it cook as is .

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Now , I'm gonna add some of our big Texans rub .

It does contain sugar .

So we don't really want to put that on in the beginning because you'll get the sugars caramelizing it .

It'll look burnt and charred and you don't want that .

So little seasoning here .

Quick flip a little more seasoning on the top and lid on .

We're aiming for a temperature of about 100 and 15 degrees before we take it off and we're gonna wrap it in foil .

We're gonna let it settle calm down .

You don't want to take a steak off the grill at the cook temperature because it will continue to cook as you take it off .

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So we're gonna take advantage of letting it continue to cook with the built in heat and that's gonna be by wrapping it up with foil .

Ok ?

Look at that .

So on here .

Ok ?

If you wanna put ketchup on these , forget about it .

We're gonna make some , it's a Japanese dish .

It's made from sesame oil .

Uh salt and scallion .

You want nice small pieces for this .

So we'll just run through them once , keep them as fine as possible .

And we're gonna add the salt and the sesame oil and we're gonna set them aside for maybe 15 , 20 minutes .

This will keep for up to a day in the refrigerator .

So just chop them up nice and fine .

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This is something you typically find in a Japanese restaurant with charcoal grilled beef on bamboo skewers .

But we're gonna use it on our steaks because it's a fantastic flavor .

And now we're using a light sesame oil .

You can get dark and light .

Look for the light .

You don't want to go for the dark .

It's too bitter .

What the salt is gonna do is it's gonna extract the flavor from the scallion .

It's gonna sweat it out .

So that's about all it takes into the bowl .

Probably about a tablespoon of se of sea salt .

Don't use iodized salt , table salt .

A couple of minutes of the sweating out .

OK .

So the , the scallions uh the salt is extracted the moisture from the scallion .

It's kind of reabsorbed .

You can see it's a little soft .

And next step is just to add a sesame oil barbecues and give it a bit of a stare out and add a little and give it to our food critic on board .

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You got that .

The Lord have mercy .

We go .

You Pit Master privilege there .

I'm gonna try the next bite .

There it goes .

Wow .

Hm .

So the next time you're looking for a way to cook steak at your pit .

Check out barbecue pit boys dot com .


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